With a ton of online reviews, the WinZone Knee Brace has been rewarded a high ranking, making it a product worth considering. Despite all the positive reviews, it is important to really determine if this brace provides the support you require.

I hope that after reading this thorough review, you will have a better understanding as to whether or not this brace is a good fit for you and your needs. This is our…


WinZone Knee Brace Review

Model: Knee Brace  

From: Winzone

3 Key Features:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Velcro straps
  3. Non-bulky

Sizes: One Size (fits 12.4”-21.7” knee circumferences)

Color: Black


Benefits of the Winzone Knee Brace

  • Pain Relief – Do the things you enjoy doing, stay active with this knee support brace it can be possible.
  • Injury Prevention: In order to prevent further injury or surgery, you should consider wearing this knee brace on a daily basis or during activities which involve walking or standing.
  • Non-intrusive Healing Option: When given the option to partake in non-intrusive healing options, versus intrusive ones such as surgery, I think it is always best to first attempt the non-intrusive option. Not only is it cheaper, but it may also be less painful, require a smaller amount of healing time, and is generally safer.
  • Comfortable Fit: The fabric and velcro straps allow for a comfortably snug fit. The knee brace itself is quite compact as well, as it solely wraps around your knee rather than thigh and calf. Thus, due to its compactness and material, this is a great brace to wear on a daily basis.
  • Support: The straps can be tightly adjusted around your knee to keep it supported and aligned.
  • Suitable for low impact activities: This brace is great for low impact activities such as walking, standing, and sitting.
  • Good for those with arthritis: This brace can be worn on a daily basis, as its non-bulky structure provides flexibility.

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How to Use the WinZone Knee Brace:

Can’t wait to get moving comfortably again with the security and support of the WinZone Knee Brace? Before you do, take a few minutes to make sure you are using it correctly, so that you can get the most out of it.

Firstly, be sure to to read the directions and information provided within the package.

Next, align the brace with your knee and apply the velcro straps. The slim fit and quality materials make this an easy task, so I am sure you will not have a problem putting it on, which is great!

Once the brace is safely on, be sure to adjust the tightness of the straps to your preferred fit.


How Not to Use the WinZone Knee Brace:

  • Do not over-tighten the brace.
  • Do not use this for sports that are conducted in the water, such as swimming.


Features of the WinZone Knee Brace:

Snug Fit:The WinZone knee brace offers tight support and comfort simultaneously. Adjustable velcro tabs allow you to tighten the brace easily to meet your desired fit.

High Quality Material: This brace is durable and machine washable.


  • Velcro straps
  • Neoprene
  • Machine washable material

What Does the WinZone Knee Brace Help With?

The WinZone knee brace provides support for arthritis, ACL, meniscus tears, and sports.

Its ultimate purpose is to relieve your knee pain.

These are some of the benefits you can gain from using this brace:

  • Support for arthritis, ACL, and meniscus tears
  • Open patella protector wrap
  • Pain relief

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Who Is the WinZone Knee Brace For?

The WinZone Knee Brace is for those that are looking for pain relief in their knee that may have been caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • ACL tear
  • Meniscus tear

Although this brace is suitable for those suffering with such issues, it is important to consider the types of activities in which you would use this brace before making your purchasing decision.

The WinZone Knee Brace claims that it can be used for both low and high impact activities. However, while the brace can be used as support for both types of activities, it may not be the best option for those of you looking to participate in physically demanding sports because it lacks bilateral hinges and a longer frame which would provide better alignment and support.

Therefore, I would recommend this type of brace to those of you searching for support in low impact activities.

It’s great for walkers, runners, hikers and light athlete activities.


Who Should Not Buy It:

I would not necessarily recommend this product to the highly active person. For example, if you want a brace for playing competetive sports, you should consider a product with more structure. I would look for one with bilateral hinges and a longer frame that will provide more stability and alignment. If this sounds like you, then a more high tech brace might be what you are looking for.


Pros and Cons

Product Pros

  • Durable
  • Non-bulky
  • Good for daily knee support
  • Good for injury healing and prevention
  • Ideal for those participating in low impact activities
  • Adjustable with velcro straps
  • Comfortable fit
  • Machine washable


Product Cons

  • Lacks bilateral hinges that provide optimal support and alignment
  • Only available in black


Customer Support and Warranty

Purchase this Winzone knee brace at one of the largest online retailers and they guarantee 100% satisfaction or you will get your money back.

Heath Winzone stands behind his product.

Consumer Ratings

Consumers seem incredibly pleased with this knee brace. You can read customer reviews here.

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Final Thoughts on the Winzone Knee Brace

The WinZone Knee Brace provides support for the common person suffering from knee pain caused by issues such as, ACL tears, meniscus tears, and/or arthritis.

The brace is easy to use and compact, which allows for an aesthetic, non-bulky appearance.

Overall, this is a great brace to keep you going with your daily activities while minimizing your knee pain! What’s your thoughts on this knee brace, please share with us in the comment section below,