Don’t let that ankle sprain or twist stop you from playing your sport! Although your ankle may be causing you pain and discomfort, you can take measures to help relieve that pain. An ankle brace may be what you need in order to re-instill you with confidence to keep you participating in your sport and daily activities.

With great online reviews, this brace has been liked by many. Let’s see what makes this brace so great and a possible healing/recovery mechanism for you.


Liomor Breathable Ankle Brace Review

Model: Liomor Breathable Ankle Brace   

Company: Digger Inc.

3 Key Features:

  1. Crisscross Strap System
  2. Highly Elastic
  3. Open Heel Design

Sizes: One Size Fits Most.

Color: Black


Benefits of the Liomor Ankle Brace

  • Support: This ankle brace provides strong support with the crisscross Velcro straps. The straps are elastic so that you can easily adjust the fit to your liking.
  • Injury Prevention & Active Recovery: This brace is ideal for helping those with acute injuries, such as tendonitis, arthritis, and sprains. It aims to minimize the risk of reinjury during high impact and rigorous activities.
  • Alignment: The Liomor brace keeps your ankle aligned with its strap system. However, you still have flexibility with this brace, as it does not feature lateral plastic stays.
  • Comfortable Fit: This brace comes in one size that fits most. It should fit both the left and right foot of either man or woman and up to 11.8” in feet arch circumference. Also, the brace is slim and the straps should not loosen up even after much use and activity. They are designed to support your ankle tendons and joints while providing flexibility with the open heel feature. Also, this brace easily fits into a shoe.
  • Suitable for High Impact Activities: This ankle brace is great for those playing basketball, soccer, running, and more rigorous activities.
  • Pain Relief: The Liomor braceshould provide pain relief and support.
  • Anti-Odor & Anti-Itch: This brace is made of high-quality material. It is highly elastic and has moisture wicking material to prevent your brace from collecting sweat and allowing bacteria to develop. The oxygen circulation will also keep your foot feeling dry and comfortable.


How to Use the Liomor Ankle Support Brace

This brace actually looks like it is quite fun to use! When first looking at the brace with all the straps undone, you may think it looks a bit odd and confusing. Luckily, there is step by step instructions to help you wear the brace correctly.

After looking at this, you may actually think that it is fun to strap around your ankle! It only requires a quick and easy application.

However, be sure to also read the package for extra information once receiving your brace. But, it should be pretty self-explanatory overall, which is great! Although Amazon features the brace on a barefoot, I personally like to wear a sock underneath my brace in order to avoid any chafing. Also, I just feel it is more comfortable that way, but it is up to you!  I just think it may be easier to put on your soccer sock before wearing the brace, for example. That way, you can adjust it while playing if need be, instead of taking off your sock to fix the brace.

How Not to Use the Liomor Ankle Support Brace:

This brace is not made to be used during water activities, such as swimming. Also, be careful not to overly tighten the brace or even keep it too loose, as it will not provide you with the best support if not worn correctly.


Features of the Liomor Ankle Support Brace

Crisscross Strap System: The velcro strap system helps support your ankle tendons and joints in order to keep your ankle feeling secured and aligned during activities. Consequently, the brace will also provide you with pain relief.

Highly Elastic: The brace has highly elastic material which allows it to fit comfortably for almost any foot size. You can easily adjust the straps to either tighten or loosen the support.

Open Heel Design: This design allows for more flexibility, unlike other braces with lateral stays and closed heel support that provides more structure and firmness.


  • Crisscross Strap System
  • Lightweight Material
  • Highly Elastic
  • Open Heel Design
  • Moisture Wicking Material
  • Odor Free Material


What Does the Liomor Ankle Support Brace Do?

The Liomor ankle brace provides support for minor injuries with its flexible crisscross strap system. It aims to create support that will help relieve pain and re-instill you with confidence!

These are some of the benefits you can gain from using this brace:

  • Pain Relief
  • Support
  • Alignment (Although for Minor Injuries)
  • Comfortable Slim Fit

Who is the Liomor Ankle Support Brace for?

This brace is for those with minor injuries and discomforts, such as twisted ankles, sprains, arthritis, and tendonitis. It is ideal if you would like to have some extra comfort, support, and structure while maintaining ankle flexibility. You can regain your confidence by using an ankle brace!

So, if this sounds like you, then I would recommend that you try this brace! Not only does it have many positive reviews, but it is also reasonably priced.

Who Should Not Buy It:

I would not recommend this brace to someone with more severe injuries that requires stronger support and structure. If you need more stability, then you should look into purchasing a brace with lateral stays, a lace-up structure, and figure-8 strap.



Product Pros

  • Crisscross Straps
  • Highly Elastic Material
  • Lightweight Material
  • Open Heel Design for Flexibility
  • Slim Fit
  • Washable (I would recommend washing this by hand or on a very gentle cycle.)

Product Cons

  • Only Available in Black
  • Lacks Lateral Stays for Added Support


Customer Support and Warranty

According to customer reviews, this product can be easily returned. However, it is returned via Amazon, and not the actual company that creates the brace. In fact, I believe it is best to purchase through Amazon in order to have this return option if needed.

The company website is non-existent, or just difficult to find, which personally I do not like. However, people have purchased and returned the product with ease.

Consumer Ratings

Consumers like this product and have given it a high ranking. However, some reviews do complain that the brace does not feel tight and supportive enough. I think this depends on the injury you have as well. If it is moderate to severe, I would recommend a more supportive and structured brace.


Final Thoughts of the Liomor Ankle Brace

I would recommend this Liomor ankle brace to those of you with minor injuries that are simply looking for some more support, comfort, and confidence while playing your sport or going about your daily activities. Its slim fit can easily be worn with shoes and the straps are easy to apply.

However, if you require more stability and alignment, you should look into a more structured brace with lateral stays.

We hope your ankle is feeling better soon and that this article helped you decide whether or not this may be a good option for you!