Recuperating from a shoulder-related injury? Maybe you played sports and hurt yourself or maybe you are in pain from tendonitis or arthritis in your shoulder? Your solution could be a shoulder brace!

Voelux Shoulder Brace is a shoulder support which has been enjoyed by many. Do you have doubts concerning the usefulness of this shoulder brace? This article should provide all the necessary insight on the Voelux Shoulder Brace.


Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace Review

Product: Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace 

From: Voelux

Material: Soft neoprene

Color: Black


Benefits of the Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace

The Voelux isn’t the only shoulder support accessory available so what makes it special? For your convenience, its benefits to your recovering shoulder have been enumerated below:

  • With the Voelux shoulder brace, you get sufficient support for your shoulder which is important during the recuperating period.
  • Stability is another benefit provided by this shoulder brace, and this prevents you from experiencing any painful sensation when carrying out your daily routine.
  • With the compression provided by this shoulder brace pain relief and recovery of the injured shoulder wouldn’t seem like a mirage.
  • The Voelux shoulder compression sleeve is made from quality soft neoprene materials which could account for the durability of this shoulder support.
  • This shoulder brace represents value especially when you consider what you get relative to its cost.
  • You can don this shoulder brace on either your left or right shoulder depending on which shoulder needs the support.
  • Donning the Voelux Shoulder Support is convenient thanks to the neoprene material of the brace. It also ensures the ventilation of the skin of your shoulder.
  • The Voelux seems to have been manufactured to survive the throes of everyday use which means you don’t have to worry about this shoulder brace suffering any damage easily.
  • At about 5.6 ounces, the Voelux is lightweight which translates to less stress associated with a heavier shoulder support.


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What Does the Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace Help With?

The Voelux Shoulder brace should provide your recuperating shoulder with the necessary compression which enhances blood flow. An increase in blood flow results in a faster healing process. Damaged your rotator cuff muscles? You don’t need to worry. The Voelux pays special attention to the rotator cuff group of muscles.

How to Use the Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace

The structure of this shoulder brace makes donning this shoulder support uncomplicated. If you encounter problems donning the brace you can follow the outlined steps below:

  • Unpack the shoulder brace
  • Insert your recuperating upper limb into the sleeve segment of the shoulder brace
  • Ensure the apex of the sleeve coincides with the top of your shoulder
  • Wrap the Velcro strap around your mid-rib region
  • Adjust the strap accordingly for the necessary stability and support to your shoulder

Noteworthy Information  

In some cases, you might need the assistance of a third party in donning this shoulder support. Also, there have been reports of problems associated with size so you might want to take that into consideration when purchasing this brace.

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Features of the Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace

The shoulder brace can be considered a definition of an uncomplicated shoulder brace. Its simple appearance translates to a trim of features considered irrelevant. However, it has a few features responsible for the functionality of the brace. Some of these features are listed below:

  • It has a single strap which when wrapped around your chest region could provide the necessary support and stability to your recuperating shoulder. The strap is also adjustable so you can make changes to the strap to fit your need.
  • The sleeve of the Voelux Shoulder Brace provides sufficient compression to your shoulder which increases the heat around the pectoral girdle. This leads to a faster recuperating phase for your shoulder.
  • The neoprene material of the Voelux Shoulder Support allows the skin of your recovering shoulder breath which prevents any pathogen buildup.
  • It’s washable and can be used on either right or left shoulder.

Who is the Voelux Shoulder Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace for?

If you or loved one is recovering from an injury to the shoulder, the Voelux brace would be a great accessory to help with support. This brace caters for different shoulder injuries though Voelux seems to have paid special attention to injuries to the rotator cuff group of muscles.

So, if you’re recovering from a badly damaged rotator cuff, this Voelux Shoulder Brace might be worth considering. Athletes would find the Voelux Shoulder Support of immense help towards preventing injuries to their upper limb.

Who should not buy this brace?

Anyone with the exception of athletes enjoying the complete mobility of their pectoral girdle wouldn’t find this shoulder support a worthwhile investment.

Customer Support and Warranty

It might appear as a shock, but Voelux doesn’t seem to have a website. You can get answers to any question you have regarding their products on the e-commerce website such products are sold. If you encounter any problem with the use of their brace you are limited to speaking to the customer support of the e-commerce website where you purchase the product.

Voelux seems to have gone beyond the norm with a lifetime return policy. However, the feasibility of such a return policy appears like a marketing trick since Voelux lacks a website where you can seek redress and most e-commerce websites have caps on their return policy to prevent misuse.

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Final Thoughts

The shoulder is a significant segment of the upper limb. Any injury to this part of the body can have grave consequences on your routine, and that’s beside the level of discomfort that comes with such a misfortune. Surgery wouldn’t get the injured shoulder to its previous state, and that’s why it’s imperative to use a shoulder brace.

The Voelux Compression Sleeve and Rotator Cuff Brace is a great brace and considering the price it represents immense value. Customers seem to really like it. However, there have been several reports of size related issues. One of such reports has shown that women seem to find the shoulder brace a bit larger than their frame which diminishes the support and stability provided by the brace. This is worth considering before you purchase this shoulder brace.