If you’ve been searching for a more efficient way to treat your neck and shoulder pain, you should look into the UTK neck and shoulder heating pad. This pad comes with natural stone benefits that can be used to manage different types of acute or chronic pain. This heat pad differs from standard and traditional heat pads in many ways as we outline below.

This pad uses infrared rays, which allows them to penetrate the skin and provide a deeper level of healing.  If you’re looking for infrared heating pad reviews before you make a buying decision, we got you covered.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with helpful information about the UTK  heating pad for Neck and Shoulders a Far Infrared wrap with Jade and Tourmaline, so you can make a decision if this neck and shoulder wrap is for you or not.

UTK Neck and Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad Review

From: UTK  

Model: Neck and shoulder wrap

Stones included: Jade and tourmaline

Size: 23.5″ x 21.5″

Weight: 5.51 pounds

Why consider this heat wrap:

  • Includes jade and tourmaline
  • Emit infrared rays and negative ions
  •  Form fitted for your neck and shoulder area

Benefits of Using the UTK Neck and Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Neck and Shoulder Far Infrared heating pad is one of the better ones in the natural health and wellness category, but most people are still not aware of the superior benefits of this product. Below are some of the essential benefits of this Infrared heating pad.

  1. Neck pain relief – if your neck and shoulder area is stiff, sore and achy a neck and shoulder wrap can be a good solution. The provided heat helps relax the muscles and loosen those stiff areas. It also improves blood circulation that can help with healing.
  2. Aids better sleep: The gentle warmth of this infrared heating pad helps you to have a restful sleep. The heating wrap can be used right before sleep to help you relax and calm down after a long busy day.
  3. Boost immune system: This infrared heating pad emits negative ions that help remove stress and boost your mental energy, which in turn helps improve the immune system of the body.  Negative ions also help with clearing and cleaning the air around us.
  4. Eliminate toxins: The infrared heating pad increases blood circulation, which brings more oxygen-rich blood. This helps in detoxifying the entire body. When you start sweating after the infrared treatment, you release potentially carcinogenic heavy metals, and dead skin of your body falls off.
  5. Pain relief: The neck and shoulder infrared heating pad is a natural, safe and effective pain relief device. Physical trainers, chiropractors, and athletes have suggested this kind of treatment to deal with injuries.

How Does the Heat Wrap Work?

The heating wrap will warm up using electricity. The heat is delivered via the jade and tourmaline stones. These stones have many health benefits.

Jade is known as a healing stone and it emits far infrared  heat that penetrates into your body and alleviates pain, reduces tension and improves blood circulation.

Tourmaline is a great stone for negative ions. Negative ions will naturally clean the air around you. Think of the calm after a storm that’s the negative ions working. Negative ions are beneficial not only to the air we breathe but to the human body. It helps clear the airborne allergens around us.

When these stones are warmed up they emit larger amounts of far-infrared rays and negative ions, which are beneficial to our health.

Place the wrap on your shoulders and let it drape up around your neck and down over your upper back.

After you plug it in you can start controlling your heat wrap with the easy to use LED controller.

LED Controller – The LED control has an on/off button, a screen to show the temperatures, increase and decrease buttons, a memory function, and time controller. When you want to use it, just press the switch, and the temperature will appear on the screen.

Heat setting – You can now set the precise wanted heat setting, from 103 F to 159 F. Start out low and work yourself up to a comfortable heat level. Gradually increase the temperature to test your tolerance. Always drink lots of water during the process to prevent dehydration.

Time duration – You can also set the wanted time duration you want to keep the UTK neck wrap on. You can have it set up to 4 hours with an automatic shut-off.

Product Specification:

  • Precise Heat Settings
  • Precise TIME Settings
  • 4-Hour Auto Shut-Off
  • 10-Foot Extra-Long Cord, this comes in very handy. It allows you for more flexibility.


Who Is This UTK Neck Wrap for?

If you suffer from neck and shoulder pain then this could be the solution for you. It can help you relieve pain, reduces stress, improves blood circulation and improve flexibility in your neck and shoulder area.

The heating pad can be wrapped comfortably around the neck, shoulders and upper part of your back for instant relief. The heat wrap can also be used for other areas of the body or even be wrapped around a joint.

It provides heat via jade and tourmaline stone and produces negative ions that can help improve the immune system.

The results depend on the severity of your pain, the cause of your pain and how often you use the neck wrap. Some people feel instant relief while others may need more time to see results.



  • Passed the FDA audit
  • Includes tourmaline and jade
  • Emit negative ion and far infrared rays
  • Allows specific temperature settings
  • The digital controller is easy to operate



  • It does contain natural stone so it might feel heavy
  • It is not machine-washable


UTK Options

UTK offers many different heating pad options. We have the neck and shoulder wrap with jade and tourmaline we review here. They also offer a small heating pad, medium and large version. They offer heating pads with the combination of jade and tourmaline or just the jade or tourmaline option.

You can see more of the UTK options here.



Final Words

If you are looking for a natural stone heating pad for your shoulder, neck, or upper back pain, this might be the solution you have been looking for.

Having the best heating pad within reach is essential for quick pain relief, and we hope you’ve found this UTK neck and shoulder heating pad review helpful. This product is sturdily constructed, features the latest technology, contain quality materials, and are user-friendly. That in combination with the one year warranty makes this a great neck and shoulder wrap option.

We would love to hear what you have to say about this heating wrap. Feel free to leave your comments below.