Our everyday routines have led us to a place where we at some point most likely will experience back pain.

Is this you, are you suffering from back pain?

Injuries and medical conditions like sciatica can make the pain at times unbearable.

You might have tried to ease the pain with unsatisfactory results. Applying heat to your achy back can ease the pain and help you feel better.

The release of heat from the heating pad increases your body temperature. This increases blood flow which delivers nutrients and oxygen to the ailing parts. Your body now works automatically to heal the strains and injuries. The heating pad is also one of the most effective solutions to loosen stiff and sore muscles.

The good thing with heating pads for back pain is that they are easy to use at the convenience of your home, or on the go.

For you to find the best heating pad, let’s look at the features and performance of the Top 7 that we find the best on the market right now.

Questions for you to answer:

  • What Size of heating pad/mat do you need? One to cover just your back or a full mat to lie on?
  • Do you want a pad including natural stones generating FIR heat and negative ion or a plain electric heating pad?

Choose between heating mats, heating pads, and heating belts. Which one will be the best one for your back pain needs?

Note: Always consult your doctor before using any kind of medical treatment.


Table of Contents

Top 7 Heating Pads for Back Pain


1. TAO-CHAIR InfraMat Pro (PEMF)

This TAO-CHAIR including a blend of amethyst (being the main component), obsidian and tourmaline granules. There’s continued evidence that these stones play a significant role in the healing process of our bodies.

Product: Tao Chair Infra Mat Pro

Brand: HealthyLine

Type of Heat: Heat delivered via amethyst, tourmaline stones, and obsidian.

Negative ion: Yes


FDA Registered: Yes

Benefits of this heated InfraMat TAO-CHAIR

This TAO mat releases Far-Infrared 5-14um and negative ions level of 1500/cc to jumpstart the healing process for torn tissue and stiff muscle. It immediately boosts blood flow throughout your body carrying more nutrients to the ailing parts.

For your back, the heat produces persistent relief and kicks in self-healing by your body. You will feel a wave of relaxation as stiff muscles become relaxed and the pain in your body gently alleviates.

The unique feature of this mat is that it releases 7.8 Hz PEMF. This is a measurement of the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic waves.  It is naturally occurring in our atmosphere and seen to be as useful as all the elements of life like clean water and oxygen.

This range of PEMF is even more helpful for back pain as it influences regeneration of cells to repair bones, nerves and soft tissue.

Features and Performance of this Tao Mat

This is a chair design that can be used with any seat. Personally, I like using it in my office chair. The back part measures 20x18x1.2 inches and 18x18x1.2 for the bottom part of the TAO Chair. You can also stretch it out and lay on it. It has a minimum of 14 layers all woven together to give comfort and healing effects as you lay on it.

It comes with a remote control for setting the temperature up to 70-degrees (Celsius) or 158 Fahrenheit, so it heats up well if you are looking for high heat. With a LED display, you can use it even in low-lit rooms. You’ll love that a session can last up to nine hours where after that it shuts off automatically so if you doze off while using it, the mat will not overheat and burn.

It is very convenient for wherever you want to use it. It comes with a carrying case for easy portability.

Different Sizes

There a few different models in this TAO mat series. For back pain, the full mats would be good options. They even come in full bed size mats of Queen size and King size options.

Other options would be the TAO 6024P and 7224 P InfraMat Pro Mats.

The mat has approval from FDA.

Other Benefits of TAO-CHAIR InfraMat

Apart from relieving back pain, you will benefit from rested nights. The generation of negative ion brings a sense of calm to the body, and you can rest effortlessly.

This effect kicks in the revitalization of the body, and it aids in faster healing. Regular use of this TAO mat will reveal a high immunity as it also prevents the growth of bacteria in our bodies. The health benefits are endless as for your well-being it is as useful for improving your emotional health as it is for your physical health.

Why should you opt for this Heating Pad?

If you are suffering from back pain this could be a great option to use not only in your office chair but to lay on. It can help with pain relief not only in your back but also in your shoulders and neck. The design is durable as it has 14 layers of woven in fabric that will last you for years.

Another great thing about the TAO-CHAIR is that a session can last 9 hours if you are looking for continuous heat. If you want to improve your overall wellness, this might just be the next step towards wellness.

If you want to improve your overall wellness, this might just be the next step towards wellness.

Who may not get to use this mat?

If you want to sleep on your mat, this might not be what you are looking for, a full-size mat might be a better option. If you are pregnant, waiting up after having your baby is the best advice we can give. Heated pads are known to increase chances of a miscarriage. To be safe always ask your doctor before use of a

To be safe always ask your doctor before use of a heating device.


  • Contains TAO tourmaline, amethyst, and obsidian that generates many health benefits.
  • Can be a great tool for pain relief
  • It has a 45-day money back guarantee and a one year warranty
  • It is free of EMF and other toxic materials
  • It adds PEMF 7.8Hz for maximum health benefits


  • It’s best to lay on or place in a chair, it will not form after your body if you lay on your stomach and place the mat on your back.


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2. InfraMat Pro Medium Pad-JT-Mesh

With a construction from the finest tourmaline and jade stones, the MediumPad-JT-Mesh by HealthyLine works great when laying on. Tourmaline stones generate far-infrared rays that deeply penetrate your body to produce healing effects. They initiate the healing process in torn ligaments and aching muscle as they increase blood circulation.

With the jade stones, its FIR waves can help reduce inflammations. The FIR waves combined with the negative ions provide many great health benefits.

Product: Inframat Pro Medium Pad 

Brand: HealthyLine

Type of Heat: Heat delivered via jade and tourmaline stones.

Negative ion: Yes


FDA Registered: Yes

Design and Functionality

This mat is a JT mesh type with a synthetic leather top and waterproof bottom. It does not release any odor when releasing the negative ions, so you’ll find it convenient if odors from other mats affect you.

It measures 32x20x1.2 inches which cover the back for most people. This heating pad from Healthy Line, containing jade and tourmaline also comes in a full-size mat covering most of your body. You can even get it in large sizes, King size and Queen size to cover your whole bed.

It is woven with at least 16 layers of fabric that serve to distribute the heat evenly on your body.

If you want high heat, you can set it at your desired temperature up to 160-degrees (Fahrenheit) and enjoy the healing for a maximum of 12 hours. It comes with a LED lit controller that has large buttons for easy and fast use. It also has an automatic EMF filter that will reverse any effects of radiation from your body.

Other Benefits of the MediumPad-JT-Mesh

If you are looking for wholesome health, this pad proves useful. The tourmaline and jade stones can help manage other pain like persistent headaches and migraines. You can manage allergies and respiratory conditions since the negative ions boost your defense against pollen and other air born particles. The negative ions can also improve your lung health to manage respiratory conditions.

When it comes to fatigue, this mat relaxes muscles and revitalizes your organs. You’ll notice an increased level of energy and a better mood as it helps the body distress giving you a sense of peace. You can now look forward to getting out of bed as the pain relief is not only felt when using the pad but also afterward for many.

Why Is this Heating Pad Unique?

It is a combination of healing stones, 50 of them 2″ each in diameter.

This heating pad for back pain also comes with a warranty and seeing that HealthyLine is out to give you the best service there’s also a 45-day free trial.

This mat has also gone through standardization procedures and is registered with the FDA.

Who should not use this Mat?

With all the benefits that come with this heated mat, some of us will have to seek an alternative for their pain.

If you want a mat that gives heat over 12 hours of continuous heat, this mat will not serve that purpose. If you also use muscle relaxers and blood thinners you may get into more harm if you use this mat. It is critical that you don’t use this mat when you have an open wound or are experiencing a fever. Do not use if you are pregnant.


  • Deliver heat via jade and tourmaline
  • Generate negative ion
  • Small portable heat mat
  • It has a construction from non-toxic materials


  • If you want to cover a large area of your body, you might want to look at the bigger version



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3. Far-Infrared Heat with Amethyst and Tourmaline Mini Mat with Crystal Radiant

To live a happy life, you need to cut or manage pain that holds you back. Charmed FIR Mats, brings you this effective heating pad. It integrates amethyst and tourmaline stones for maximum healing. These precious stones are known to produce Far-Infrared waves of energy and generate negative ions. The two components exhibit ability to reverse ailments as well as helping to manage chronic pain like your constant back pain.

Product: MiniMat Far Infrared Heat with Amethyst and Tourmaline

From: Charmed FIR Mats

Type of heat: Heat delivered via Amethyst and Tourmaline Stone

Negative ion: Yes


FDA Registered: Yes

Benefits of the Heated Amethyst and Tourmaline Mat

The heated FIR waves cause instant relaxation to your back, relieving any discomfort you might have. The sensation it causes also blocks your brain from perceiving too much pain. You stand to feel more calm and peaceful after each use. You will notice how well your sleep improves as relaxing the muscles help your body to rest easy.

The negative ions will aid in improving and clear the air around you. Negative Ions work to drop the disease-causing positive ions that exist naturally in the atmosphere. You are also deemed to receive wholesome healing with this mat. It increases the oxygen delivered to your body.

Design and Features of This FIR Heating Pad for Back Pain

It has a brown cover blended with cotton and polyester over 19×31 inches of its frame. It carries over 16 layers, there are amethyst and tourmaline combinations for added benefits. Each layer is woven in a type of fabric that not only adds comfort but also serves to produce healing effects. It is capable of penetrating heat 6-inches into your skin to help with healing on a deeper level.

This FIR heating pad connects to a 110V power plug with a control system. You can always purchase a converter/adapter to use with different power outlets. To adjust the temperature settings, use the remote for easy control. The setting goes up to 60-degrees Celsius, 140 Fahrenheit, and is indicated clearly on the LCD screen.

This model carries non-toxic material of 6 ½ lbs. of amethyst crystals. The mesh is soft to lie on for long hours, but it also has an auto-shutoff when it reaches maximum use for a session. This mat also has the capability of detecting and filtering magnetic waves in its field of use. It is lightweight and comes with a carrying case for easy transport.


Other Benefits of the Amethyst Crystals Heated Mat

Users have expressed confidence and satisfaction after using this mat. It has shown that shoulder and neck pain is also relieved using this mat. The benefits do not stop there, as relief is expressed for arthritis and chronic joint pain. All the muscle stiffness you dread after a long day will now be a thing of the past.

Who may not use this mat?

As much as the benefits are endless, some of us may not be in a position to use this mat. This includes pregnant women and persons with heart pacemakers. The heat supply to the body may be fatal to early fetal development stages in pregnancy. While the pacemaker and this mat function differently. They will interfere with each other’s functionality. Also, if you have serious illnesses or has had an organ transplant, it is imperative to check in with your doctor first. Always consult a doctor before using a heat device.


  • Contains tourmaline and amethyst that generates many health benefits.
  • Generate negative ions.
  • Can be a great pain relief source.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Some users state it could be wider.

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4. Sunbeam King Size XpressHeat Heating Pad

If you always struggle to ease back pain and other pain from your body, and you are looking for an easy to use electric heating pad then this Sunbeam Heating Pad is a great option. It proves effective in providing relief to chronic pain on muscles and joints. It is the perfect addition for your back pain relief sessions.

This Sunbeam heating pad is flexible, you can not only use it on your back but also wrap it around joints. You can use it on your sore knees or aching neck and shoulders.

Product: XpressHeat Heating Pad  

From: Sunbeam

Type of Heat: Electric

Negative ion: No


FDA Registered: N/A


Features and Functionality

This pad is a nice size, as it measures 12×24 inches. It can wrap nicely over any part you want since it conforms to the shape of your body. You can use it for the whole back from shoulders to lumbar or you can fold it over your tummy and lower back. If you have the tendency to get cold feet, place your feet on it and the rest of the material will cover them. It proves just how versatile it is.

The fabric is comfy and gentle on your skin. See that it is not heavy and will not add unwanted kilos or pounds on aching parts. It uses nontoxic material that does not cause any allergic reactions to the skin. You will love how warm it feels on a cold day.

It comes with an easy to use control system, with six temperature settings. These settings are adjustable to your liking and shown on a bright LCD. It also has a 2-hour auto-shut off function which you can also change to fit your preference. Another unique feature with this pad is that it has a moist heat choice. This will turn your ordinary heating session to a spa-like feeling.

Other Benefits of the Sunbeam Heating Pad

If you get cramping during mensuration, this pad will improve your pain and cause you relief. It also proves useful to helping you heal faster since it increases blood circulation to injured areas.

Why does the Sunbeam Heating Pad make a better buying choice?

It’s affordable as compared to other models in its class. The working is user-friendly as it comes with a long cord on the control. Now you can use it when lying on the couch or in bed away from the power socket.  The cover is embedded in the pad such that it does not slip or come off when using it.

Who may not get to use this Heating Pad?

If you have a serious diabetic condition, this pad may cause more harm than good. This is because diabetic conditions may cause loss of feeling such that one may not feel how hot the heating pad is. It is best to sacrifice going without the heated pad if you are pregnant. It is also wise to consult a doctor if you have an artificial pacemaker.

Also, if you want a heating pad to sleep on through the night, that is not recommended with this heating pad.


  • It heats up within seconds
  • It’s machine washable
  • Very affordable
  • Offers alternative for auto-shutoff or continuous use
  • Great to wrap on your back since it’s soft and forms after your body


  • Not recommended to lay on

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5. Natural Jade Stones HealthyLine Negative Ions, Heat& Energy Healing Belt

This heated jade stones belt is one that delivers wholesome healing to the lower back. When heated, it emits Far-Infrared rays that deeply penetrate the body. These waves soften stiff muscle providing a soothing sensation. This belt will work extremely well if you deal with lower back pain. It will wrap around your waist and provide the heat and healing where needed.

Product: Natural Jade Stone Belt

Brand: HealthyLine

Type of Heat: Heat delivered via Jade stones

Negative ions: Yes


FDA Registered: Yes

This belt does not only help with back and lumbar pain, it also helps with other health issues.

Features and Performance

When you receive this belt, you’ll notice it quite long, it measures 54×10 inches. The width fits snugly around most peoples’ backs and fastens in the front with velcro. This belt has a lightweight design that when evenly distributed on your body, you will feel it sits well.

It features several layers of jade stones which cause the healing effect. They naturally generate negative ions and Far-Infrared rays. Each has a function including filtering radiation and magnetic influences in its path. This aspect makes it super-effective when compared to other models on the market.

You’ll like the control system on this one as it has a bright LCD that clearly shows the temperature you set it. You can customize your sessions by choosing the temperature level of your liking. It also integrates a safety auto-off function.

Other Benefits of the Jade Heating Belt for Back and Lumbar Pain

When it comes to back pain, using natural stones like jade can be highly beneficial and help your muscles heal naturally. FIR energy helps your body detoxify and heal inflamed skin. You’ll love how energetic you feel after several uses.

What makes this Model Unique?

The fact that it generates both negative ions and FIR rays make it a great device. But the fact that it’s a belt and can be applied to your lower back for treatment is the best part of this heating device.

The FIR help naturally boosts your immunity and helps your body heal itself faster. Everything about this jade heating belt screams dependable and efficient.

Why should you seek an Alternative to this type of Back Pain Relief Method?

If you need back pain relief but have serious health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure, this mat is not for you. If you also have heat sensitive conditions, well, it is crucial to consult a doctor before attempting to walk this path. Do not use if you are pregnant. If you are unsure if you should use this jade belt consult your doctor.


  • Include jade
  • Negative ions benefits
  • Has a wealth of health benefits to offer
  • It has a construction from non-toxic materials
  • It is on the high-end of the market which makes it all the more quality oriented


  • There have been isolated complain of the belt producing some odor during the first weeks of use but diminishes with time.

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6. Body Shaped Sunbeam Heating Pad with Cold and Heat Pack

Chronic back pain may be one of the reasons why you pick this heating pad. It is easy to see why this particular heating pad by Sunbeam is loveable. The design is user-friendly as it conforms to everyone’s body shape. The benefits accrued from it can be seen in how effective it is in relieving lower back pain. We are prone to experiencing this kind of pain due to injuries and lifestyle choices. However, it is not supposed to hold you down when you can take control of the situation.

Product: Body Shaped Heating Pad  

Brand: Sunbeam

Type of Heat: Electric

Negative ion: No

FDA Registered: N/A

You get to use this pad when it’s hot or cold. This makes it possible to use on the go when you need to relieve pain from long journeys. When you use it on heated mode, it serves to loosen up stiff muscles. This pad increases blood circulation so that more nutrients can reach torn ligaments. As a result, your body heals itself. It is also convenient when it comes to protecting your body from further injuries.

Attributes and working of the Sunbeam Heating Pad

This heating pad reveals various distinct features. It comes with adjustable Velcro straps that you fasten on your lower back for a snug fit. This way, you can sit and also continue normal duties. This pad comes with a long cord, 9-inches long to allow you the flexibility to move away from the plug and use it at a comfortable position.

It is also lightweight, weighing only 1 pound. It will never wear you down when your body is all achy and sore. You’ll find that you can also use this pad on your shoulder and thigh to relieve pain caused by sprains. You get to choose from five temperature settings on an easy to use remote. It comes with an auto shut off for two hours in every session. This security measure is quite important for when you doze off when still using it.

With this heating pad, you can use it either dry or moist. For moist heat, you just wet one area of the pad, and the moisture provides you with a sauna-like effect for your back. You also get to soothe achy muscles on the road, as it comes with a detachable hot and cold gel pack.

Other Benefits of the Sunbeam Heating Pad

Getting accustomed to the continuous use of this pad produces certain long-term benefits. This includes; a decrease in stress levels as your body get to relax. This relaxation helps you sleep better and as a result of this improve your overall health. You will like how energized you always feel as the heat releases tension and anxiety that may hold you down.

Why should you go for this heating pad?

The distinguishing factor about this heating pad is that it specifically targets the lower back muscles. If you experience constant back tension or lumbar ache the healing protects you from further injury. It is very affordable, and you can use it at your home, office, or on the go.

Who should not use this pad?

If you plan on using this pad for sleeping on, it is not made for that. Also if you have any serious illnesses concerning heat sensitivity, it is good to check with your doctor.


  • Conforms to your frame
  • Long working cord
  • Machine washable
  • Has a 2-year warranty


  • Some users prefer continuous use without the auto-shut off
  • Users have mentioned that it loses heat fast when used without a cord

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7. BodyMed Electric Moist Digital Therapeutic Heating Pad

If you are on the look-out for an instant way to alleviating muscle soreness and stiffness, the BodyMed heating pad is for you. It is a quick way to block pain and offer temporary relief. When used with other pain medications, the relaxation it brings can have long-lasting results.

It helps your muscles relax and causing your mind to distress. It gives a sense of calm and peace to help you sleep better. You’ll love the uniqueness of this pad since it uses the humidity in the air to create warm moisture for therapy.

Product: Electric Moist Heating Pad  

From: BodyMed

Kind of Heat: Electric

Negative ion: No

FDA Registered: N/A

How the Heating Pad Works for Back Pain

It is large with the size 14×27 inches where you can place it on your back when lying on your stomach or any other place you need relief. It works by plugging into the power outlet and turns on via a remote control. You then choose the temperature you want to customize your session.

The time for every session is a default 15-20 minutes, but you can add up this time in one-minute increments. It heats up to its optimum and then gives an indication through an alarm for you to shut it off and use it at that temperature. The digitalized aspect of this pad is that the control stores memory for the temperature you first set. You can use it the next time without making more adjustments.

It also features a lockout ability that ensures your session is not interrupted through tampering. This is possible by pressing the button that functions to lock other operations when it’s in use. The control is uncomplicated since the buttons are clearly labeled to avoid confusion.

Other Benefits of this Pad

Apart from providing pain relief, it also helps the body relax through calming the nerves that cause anxiety and depression. It also increases blood flow; hence it helps your body recover fast from injuries. It also aids in protecting your body from being sore and stiff, since it makes your skin more elastic.

Why is this Heating Pad Unique?

First, it is a swift solution to pain and inflammation. It gets working in minutes and can be set up to an hour for a session working on your backache. Secondly, it does not need any moisture to create warm vapor. It automatically draws from the air humidity to get working.

Why Should You Seek an Alternative?

If you need a heating pad that goes for hours on end without shutting off, this pad does not provide that function. It is also not suitable for persons with intense heat sensitive conditions. If you are in doubt whether this heating pad is for you, consulting your doctor may help address any questions you have.


  • Does not need adding moisture to work
  • It has many uses
  • It is durable


  • Some users state they’d prefer longer timed sessions
  • The cord is also short so you can’t use it far from the plug


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In conclusion:

If back pain is keeping you from doing the things you love, choose one of the heating pads above. They all offer various benefits, and you stand to gain from each one. It is best that you know what works for you before embarking on a search. The best life free from pain awaits you. All you have to do is decide which path will lead you there.

Top 7 Heating Pads for Back Pain, which one will be your choice?