gift for familyFinding the perfect Christmas Gifts for the family can be hard. You want it to be something special that the whole family can enjoy.

If your family values health and relaxation, they will love these Christmas gifts solutions.

Let’s dive right in…


Top 7 Healthy and Relaxing Christmas Gifts for the Family 2017


1. Massage Chair

Although you have to take turns, this can be a real hit for Christmas if you have older kids. Who does not love a massage? You come home after a stressful day, sit down relax and the massage begins, right there in your own living room.

Enjoy it for as long as you want, no massage therapist telling you, ”time is up” after 30 or 60 minutes.

A massage chair does not only relax your whole body, it also increase blood flow, work on sour muscles and help you relieve stress.

A massage chair can truly be a great christmas gift for the family to enjoy for years to come.

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2. Weekend Trip

If you are a family that enjoys creating memories on the go, taking a weekend trip with a specific event in mind can be a great gift for you all.

If you want to relax find a resort with a spa. If you enjoy sport, either go watch a game or join in if possible. If you enjoy staying active find a ski resort or a place to hike. If you enjoy a good meal, find a great restaurant in a area you always wanted to visit.

The possibilities are endless with a fun family weekend trip.


3. Home Gym

Exercising is a great way to stay healthy and fit. To be able to do that from your home, is a treat. Get a home gym that the whole family can enjoy. A fun way to stay active together!

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4. Jade Mat

Does your family put health first? Using a jade heating pad has many health benefits. This can be a great Chrstmas gift for the whole family. With a jade mat you can enjoy far infrared heat and negative ions, which provides many health benefits. Improved circulation, pain relief, stress relief, clear the air of allergenes, get rid of bacteria and viruses and improve well being, are just a few of the benefits.

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5. Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you were eyeing the massage chair but might think it’s too big and heavy or maybe too pricy, then going with a foot massager might be a better option. Who does not love a great foot rub? It will help not only your feet but your whole body relax. A Shiatsu foot massager will use trigger points on your feet to create well being for different parts throughout your body.


6. Family Membership at the Local Fitness Club

If you are a family that enjoys working out, get a family membership at your local fitness club. A great christmas gift that will last throughout the year. Promoting health is important and to show your kids that you value that, is a great gift.


7. Family Night In or Out

Spoil your family with a special night in or out. Take them to a fun event a consert, basketball game or football game and treat them to a good dinner after.

If you enjoy staying home, get a few family board games and a few movies. Order some great food and have fun!

There’s no better gift then quality time together as a family!


Top 7 Healthy and Relaxing Christmas Gifts for the Family 2017, what will be your pick?