Are you suffering from pain? We should not allow our bodies to function at lesser capacity due to distress caused by physical pain.

It is in our ability to control how we feel about the direction our lives take. Pain should not be a feeling we choose to suffer from; instead, we should seek out the ways to live painless lives.

Here, we explore microwavable heating pads that can seriously help us manage if not eliminate everyday distress. We look at their benefits plus their performance and what makes them stand out from the rest of the pads on the market.


Top 5 Microwavable Heating Pads 2018

1. Sunny Bay Large Navy Blue, Lower Back, Heat Wrap

This incredible wrap by Sunny Bay doubles up for use on the shoulders and the lower back. You’ll agree that lower back pain is a culprit for ruining our evenings after work. Sometimes it’s so severe that sitting upright becomes more complicated. Luckily, you can manage that pain from the comfort of your home with the Sunny Bay heat wrap. It gives one a soothing effect that alleviates the pain caused by achy muscles.

With this wrap, you can achieve 100% satisfaction since it delivers on all its claims. You’ll find that the heat transferred to the back and shoulders will stretch out the stiff muscles. You can always use it after a hectic day to console yourself and achieve comfort while using it. It will help restore the energy lost through letting you unwind in peace such that you revitalize after every session.

From: Sunny Bay  

Use: Lower back and shoulders, multi purpose

Filling: All natural flax seeds

Heat: Stays warm up to 30 minutes


Features and Performance of this Microwavable Heating Pad

First, this microwavable heating pad uses flax seeds that keep it hot for half an hour before it starts cooling down. It is all natural, so it won’t irritate your body or produce any strange smells. You’ll like the stitching as it is done in compartments in a rather rugged way that keeps the filling in close contact without it shifting when in use. This construction also makes it steady against the body.

Secondly, it is super-long. It can stretch over 58 inches long, meaning it is for use even by large persons. You tie it across your shoulders at the front when you are using it for the shoulder and neck area. It also goes around the back to the stomach when using it for the lower back. With a construction of cotton and fleece, the cotton keeps the heat going while the fleece protects you from burns.

When heating this product, it is recommended you do so for 90 seconds. Remember to check the microwave setting to avoid overheating which could lead to burns.

Other Benefits of the Sunny Bay Heating Pad

You have so much to gain from this wrap. It releases some moisture when it’s just out of the microwave that helps with the skin elasticity. It proves useful for helping with blood circulation to boost your immunity. Constant use will reveal a disease resistant individual full of energy and life. It proves it can be relied upon to produce wholesome healing since the results are not temporary. Your body develops its fighting mechanism due to naturally triggering the healing process.

Why Should You Consider This Microwavable Heating Pad?

This Sunny Bay microwavable heating padmakes for a safe pad that does not burn easily. The fleece serves to protect you and give you comfort as it is soft to the touch. It can withstand heavy usage without losing its consistent capability. It can also be frozen for use as a cold wrap, making it flexible for all seasons use.

Why go for another Heating Back Pack?

Since this backpack does not use electricity, the heat received from the microwave drains fast. So if you want constant high heat, this is not the wrap for you. When you want to take your heated pad on the go, it does not have that ability, since its heating mechanism cannot be achieved in the car.


  • It is free of toxic materials
  • Sizable enough to cover most parts of the back
  • Stimulates the body’s self-defense mechanism
  • Made in the USA


  • It is not washable
  • Some users prefer a Velcro strap over a tie method of fastening

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2. My Heating Pad – Soothing Heat Therapy- Neck and Shoulder Wrap

When constant pain plagues your daily tasks, you will need a reliable means of managing it. My Heating Pad has just the right proportions of alleviating it and soothing all type of strains in muscles. If you have a stiff neck or your shoulders isn’t giving you peace, use this heated pad for immediate relief.

From: My Heating Pad  

Use: Best for neck, shoulder and back area

Filling: Rice

Heat: Stays warm for about 15 – 20 minutes

Benefits of My Heating Pad Microwavable Neck and Shoulder Wrap

It helps increase blood circulation, boosting detoxification of the body such that your skin feels and looks better. It enhances the flexibility of those aching muscles, and now you can use your back better if you have recurring pains. It works to produce sedation effects to very sensitive areas since the sensation it brings cuts the flow of pain energy to the brain. You will feel relaxed as the heat passes through your body, stretching every part of you.

My Heating pad neck and shoulder wrap is reliable for numerous uses including for use in the winter nights where you need all the warmth you can get.  It holds in heat for over twenty minutes, just enough time to get you sleepy on a restless cold night. Also, you can quickly warm your bed with it, and as the heat settles; drown in the warmth. Chilly nights will no longer be gloomy as you can now find comfort in this heating pad.

Design and working

With a touch by a chiropractor, this pad targets the upper body to trigger automatic healing. It weighs around three pounds and gives the muscles the squeeze they need to make them stretch and relax. The heat it produces spreads over the back, neck, and shoulders as it has a rugged design that allows it to sit squarely without slipping. You can still go about your tasks when wearing this pad.

You can use it for both cold or heat functions to produce the same effect. The cold lasts about half an hour while the heat lasts around twenty minutes. Its best use is for aches accrued due to long days. The rice filling produces a tiny smell so anyone can use it. With the fleece and cotton blend, it holds on to as much heat as possible for the maximum healing time.

The making of this pad conforms to anybody’s frame, allowing it to sit comfortably on the shoulders. If you tend to get allergies from varying elements that make up a product, this one bears non-toxic materials. It exhibits 100% natural make to everyone’s liking.

Other Gains from this Neck and Shoulder Microwavable Pad

Apart from extending instant relief to achy muscles, it makes for a great product in de-stressing the body. You can relieve off anxiety through the comfort that this pad brings. With warmth spreading through your body, a sense of tranquility is achieved. The brain lets go of negative energy, and you can restore restful nights again.

Why Should You Choose this Microwavable Heating Pad?

The microwavable heating padis relatively affordable for the capabilities it exhibits. The working is simple; you just heat it in the microwave, and it’s ready to go. Unlike other electronic pads, it does not pose a danger in causing burns. It proves it is safe to use as long as you do not overheat it. It can also be used when cold, adding to the versatility. You get value and satisfaction from this buy.

Why seek a substitute for this type of Heating Pad?

If you need constant high heat, you may opt for a different kind of heating pad. The reason is that with this pad, you get high heat that diminishes within a short time; say twenty minutes. If you also need a pad that uses another filling like flax seeds or corn, you may feel like this pad is not for you. This heating pad does not relieve severe pain from dislocations. Its primary purpose is to manage aches and mild pain from everyday activities.


  • Has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Durable design
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use
  • All natural


  • It does not have a variety of colors to choose
  • It is in only one size


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3. My Heating Pad – Natural Heat Therapy Blue Multi-Purpose Wrap

This reasonably priced microwavable wrap boasts pain relief effects for aching neck, shoulders and anywhere else on your body. If you have a constant pain that refuses to cease, using this pad on warm or hot mode will provide the comfort you seek. The heated fabric gives instant relief through blocking the brain’s activity that perceives pain. It assists in reducing swelling and muscle tension associated with long sitting hours and poor posture.

From: My Heating Pad   

Use: Multi purpose

Filling: Rice

Heat: Stays warm for about 15 minutes then cools down

Benefits of this Microwavable Heating Pad

Simply microwave the heating pad for heat, apply to sore area of your body and feel the heat do it’s work.

With an increased body temperature your body triggers more blood circulation to the aching areas, initiating the healing process. This is because the heat adds on to the energy required to transport the nutrients to the ailing parts. Your body can now heal faster if you were experiencing any intrusions. It also makes your skin more elastic and less prone to injuries.

You’ll notice a calming sensation as the heat waves make your muscles soft such that they now relax and you brain starts to rest easy. As the tissues become smooth, they stretch, and now any pain knot loosens. The sensory system now distributes the pain over a large area, and the effect is pain relief. If you are using it on the neck, the stiff muscles de-stress giving you quick results, and if you had trouble moving your head, it becomes much easier.

Another good thing about this My heating pad wrap is that it produces relaxation effects to the whole body. You will experience better sleep and fully rested nights. It improves sleep patterns by de-stressing your brain so that you quickly fall asleep and when you do, the sleep is revitalizing; you wake up more energized. We can say it adds to the remedy for insomnia in most people.


Working and Design of this Wrap

This heating pad is a homemade blend of cotton and fleece. The reason for choosing these materials is because the fleece is bulky and it doesn’t heat fast so that you hold on to it, rather than the cotton’s side which is much lighter and gets really hot. It also has side handles which you use to place on different parts of the body.

For this wrap, the filling is rice. It contains moisture that allows it to take up the heat for a maximum of three minutes. You’ll like that it does not give a foul smell since rice has a slightly sweet smell. This filling also allows it to maintain the heat for a few more minutes than other ingredients. It adds to the compression ability of this wrap since it weighs 2.6 pounds. This aspect allows it to be used on very stiff muscles as the added weight triggers the muscles to stretch to accommodate it.

It has approval in the USA because it has a construction from non-toxic materials. It does not produce allergic effects on the skin of the user. It is also durable as it can withstand numerous abuses from every use. If you want a comfortable pad that lives up to its claim, this is what you want to consider.

Other Benefits

If you are having a cold night, you can quickly warm yourself or the beddings before you get in. It provides instant heat that affords comfort at the end of a stressful day. You can always come to it when you want to meditate and clear out any stressful thoughts you may have. This way, you heal both mentally and emotionally. This microwavable heating wrap has proved to offer comfort to severe arthritis, joint pain, backaches and other persistent pain conditions.

Who may seek an alternative heating pad?

If you are in search for a heating pad that stays hot for long hours, this pad is not for you. You might be interested in an electric heating pad instead. If you need a pad you can lie on or use for sleeping; it is also not for you. It provides heat for only a short while for instant relief over a temporary period.


  • It is reliable in relieving tension in stiff muscles
  • It is reasonably priced
  • 100% natural
  • It has a 30-day warranty


  • It is available in only two colors
  • Users indicate the seams may start busting after several uses, but stitching them back will restore its good condition


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4. Sacksy Thyme, Microwavable All Natural, Aromatherapy Heating Pads with Certified Organic Herbs, Cherry Pit Filler & Organic Flaxseed

When it comes to pain management, everyone needs the ability to make a choice. This sack from Sacksy Thyme is a perfect way to alleviate aches from any part of the body. It produces therapeutic heat through its organic ingredients for curing stiff muscles to make them soft and relaxed again. It’s perfect on the back, shoulders, neck, with menstrual cramps and many others.

You get the experience of using aroma to relax your mind and body so that it can de-stress and fill with energy. If your days are always hectic, you can use this sack to produce a peaceful environment when you unwind in the evening. It is the best combination for both healing and relieving off stress. If you tend to worry so much, you’ll find that this sack helps draw your mind to positivity since your brains shifts to a relaxed mode.

From: Sacksy Thyme   

Use: Multipurpose

Filling: Organic flax seed and cherry pit filler

Heat: 20 minutes then it starts losing heat

Design and Functionality

This heating sack is easy and fast to use. You microwave it for a few seconds up to two minutes and enjoy the heat that emanates from it. The fabric that makes it is 100% cotton, meaning that it retains heat for quite some time. You’ll enjoy the warmth for about 20 minutes before it starts losing the heat. It can conform to the body so that you can use it on different body parts with ease.

It generates slightly sweet aroma when heated. The filling is all organic and is embellished with a lovely and soft fabric. It is great on skin since it does not produce any allergic effects. The weight of this one is only 2-pounds which serve to reduce inflammations. The size is also perfect for use with most frames without losing its form when compressed against large body parts like the entire back.

Other Benefits of this Heating Sack

The gains from this sack are endless. It can be used to relax muscles before exercising to help eliminate the chances of accidents due to stiff muscles. The slackening muscles contribute to the overall wellbeing of the user since it unknots pain in the system allowing you to get relief for extended periods of time.

Why is this heating Sack Unique?

With an all-cotton construction, it can keep the heat up for over two hours. This ability makes it a superior quality over the others in the market. You’ll find that the smell it generates is calming to help with your emotions. If you want to experience a high level of moist heat wetting one side of it produces that effect.

Who should seek an alternative?

If you want a wrap to use for extended periods of time, this is not for you. The maximum working for this wrap ranges from 1-2 hours. You may find that if you want to gain a sauna effect, this may not be the best choice.


  • Has the choice of either scented or unscented sack
  • It emits relaxing aroma
  • It has an attractive design


  • It cannot withstand microwave heat for long
  • It may be a bit price which complements its superior quality

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5. Home Comfort Blue Plaid Microwavable Heating Pad

Now and then the stress of daily routines catches up with us. We may spend long days without sleep such that our bodies begin depreciating in energy levels. We experience all kinds of aches from our backs to our shoulders and even necks. With the Home Comfort microwavable pad, you can get back the energy levels you deserve.  Through the heat, it spreads relaxation to your body to relieve you general tiredness and fatigue.

From: Home Comfort   

Use: Multipurpose

Filling: Rice


You can use it for all the aching parts of your body since it is flexible and will adjust according to the shape of your body part. If you experience persistent headaches, it time you get rid of them using this pad. Maximize its benefits by leaning on it for migraines, and you’ll see a change in the way you feel.

It acts as a minor sedative to the nervous system where it makes the brain lose sensation to strong pain. You will get to enjoy the release from tight muscles if you travel a lot and if you have arthritis, it helps manage the discomfort. You can look forward to better days with this heating pad.

Features and Functionality

If you are keen on color and style, this pad covers that area pretty well. It is plaid blue/red which makes for an attractive set to include your sessions. It has rice filling, sewn in divisions to ensure it maintains its form when in use. The rice produces insignificant odor and is, therefore, suitable for people who prefer unscented pads.

You can freeze it for use when cold to pass away swelling, and inflammations brought about by injuries. It works fast through heating in the microwave for not more than 3minutes. The heat remains constant for long so if you want to get the most out of it, you will heal most of the aching parts.

It also has a sturdy design that makes it sit properly on parts like shoulders. The stitching has been properly done, and the rice remains intact. To maintain its form, though, it is crucial not to wash it.

Other Benefits of this Pad

It has shown to be even more useful for performing first aids associated with inflammations and swelling. When used as a cold pack, it produces instant relief for sore knees and also swollen ankles. It also makes for an essential item during the winter months for providing the warmth that gets you to sleep.

Why Should You Go for This Microwavable Heating Pad?

Its versatility makes it a better choice because you can use on any part of the body. This is unlike others which restrict usage to specific problems. It is flexible too, for use with every type of body pain and also deals with fatigue effectively.

Why should you pass on this pad?

If you do not like even the mildest smell of hot rice, you may want to look elsewhere. Rice is the basic filling for this pad. When you want a fully heated and consistent pad, this one does not allow overheating, and so it is not an excellent choice for the serious pain that requires high heat.


  • It has an elegant design
  • It is flexible for accomplishing many purposes
  • It doubles up as an ice pack


  • It’s only available in two colors
  • It does not stay cold for long
Microwavable Heating Pad (Blue Plaid)
List Price:$35.00
You Save:$10.01
Price Disclaimer

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When there are easy and affordable ways to manage pain and fatigue, it is important that you do not let them weigh you down. Make a choice from the above microwavable heating pads which are not only effective but also very safe. Remember to do your research concerning what you want so that you can get the product you hope. There’s always a pad designed for your kind of pain, and it’s up to you to identify it and start taking control of your body’s health.