Back pain, strain, and tension are some of the pain a lot of us have to go through daily. When you have long working hours or live a very active life, most of us will experience back pain at some point in our lives. In fact, four out of five people in the US will at some point experience back pain.

Back pain can occur from many different things a strained ligament or muscle, poor posture, injury from heavy lifting or sudden movement in the wrong direction.

Back pain can also be due to an underlying condition like sciatica, bulging disk, arthritis or scoliosis.

If you are looking for a natural way to ease your back pain and giving your back the support that it needs, your answer could be using a back brace.

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Here are some of the benefits of using a back brace:

  • Keep the joints in place, by limiting movement.
  • It can stabilize the spine.
  • A back brace can take pressure off the back and spine.
  • Improve posture.
  • Provide pain relief.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular back braces on the market so that you can make an informed decision on which one is the best solution for you and your needs.

Here are the,

Top 10 Back Braces for Pain Management

1. Mueller Lumbar Support 64179 Back Brace, With Removable Pad


Company: Mueller   

Model: 64179 Lumbar Support

Size: Comes in two waist sizes, Regular 28″ – 50″ and Plus 50″ – 70″

Material: Polyester, Rubber and Nylon (breathable)


3 Benefits to Use This Mueller Lumbar Support

  • Relieves lower back pain from muscle sprains, spasm and strains.
  • Compression for lower back and stomach.
  • Helps you stay active by supporting your back.


First off you need freedom from pain. The very instant you put on this brace, some relaxation will sweep through your body as your muscles are relieved off the exertion previously experienced.

This back support will prove most useful if you have recently undergone back surgery to help and rehabilitate your back. It will also serve as a back maintenance if you have sprained your spine back in a sports activity. And, if your pain is from fatigue from work or journeys, unwind in it to feel better.

Unique Features of the Mueller Back Brace

The Mueller Lumbar support has a construction from polyester, rubber and nylon. Polyester will come in handy to help you keep the heat your body generates so that with temperature increase, there’s increased blood flow to the area. It also has soft steel which keeps it in the right position on your body.

It comes in two sizes, plus size and regular. The nylon makes it breathable so that you don’t feel too warm on a hot day and you can, therefore, wear it to whichever place you choose.


  • This product significantly reduces pain
  • It is compact and lightweight


  • Your waist size may not always correspond to the brace size


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2. BraceUp Lumbar Stabilizing Support Belt and Lower Back Brace


Company: BraceUp   

Model: Lumbar Stabilizing Support Lower Back Brace

Size: It comes in three different sizes S/M, L/XL and XXL

Material: Breathable mesh material, with a small piece of neoprene.

3 Benefits to Use This BraceUp Lumbar and Lower Back Brace

  • Comfortable support allowing you to have flexible movement.
  • The curved design helps keep the brace in place without it bunching up.
  • Ease back and lumbar pain.


This is a form of back support, meant to trigger the healing process. The reason being that it will help the muscles stretch and relax as it takes on the task of supporting the spine.

If you have extensive arthritis, this back support will come in handy. It does not immobilize the spine so it can help with relieving swelling and stiffness in the lower back. It will also bear some of the body’s weight to ease the pain when moving around.

Functional Properties of this BraceUp Support

It features eight stays responsible for adding the support you get. It comes in three size varieties, so you get the one that conforms to your back the best. The silicone design is crucial to prevent folding when you sit. You will also be pleased by the breathable material it exhibits. This way, you can use it on warm days because it will release the excess heat and sweating.



  • Comfortable support
  • The Velcro straps adjust according to your size


  • It comes in only one color


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3. Copper Compression Lower Back Support Brace


Company: Copper Compression   

Model: Lower Back Lumbar Support Recovery Brace

Size: Two different waist sizes, 28″ – 39″, 39″ – 50″

Material: highest copper content and quality

3 Benefits to Use This Copper Compression Back Support Brace

  • Great for back pain, sciatica, lumbar pain, sore muscles, tendonitis and stiff back muscles.
  • Keep your lower back warm all day long with this copper brace, allowing for better flexibility.
  • Can be washed. It also comes with 100% money back guarantee.


With this brace, you’ll experience instant relief from stiffness and tension associated with everyday activities. You will also feel a wave of relaxation sweep over your joints as the back stretches out.

If you want to rehabilitate your back after surgery, you’ll need this brace. It does not restrict movement, but it helps your muscles increase in strength as you go through the rehabilitation process. When you have sciatica, tendonitis, sore muscles and conditions associated with degeneration of your joints, the compression it affords will play a significant role in reducing your pain.

Features and Design of the Copper Compressed Back Support

This brace has the highest copper content on the market. As such, it will provide ample support to your back by giving a secure fit. The copper infusion is enough to maintain its form on your back so that it won’t slide. The design is ergonomic to keep your back in an upright position.


  • It can be worn all day
  • High copper infusion is best for sufficient back support


  • It does not have the pull strings to tighten the brace


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4. MAC Plus Spine Lumbar Decompression Back Brace


Company: Cybertech Medical   

Model: MAC Plus Spine Lumbar Decompression Back Brace

Size: comes in S, M, L XL and XXL

3 Benefits to Use This MAC Spine and Lumbar Decompression Brace

  • Reduce pressure on your discs
  • Helps with sciatica, bulging disc and recovery after spinal decompression surgery
  • Pull system for easy decompression


The MAC Plus Spine Lumbar Decompression Brace conforms to the nature of your spine, preventing over-exertion of the back by taking off some of the pain.

The first thing you feel after fitting your brace is the release of the tight muscles that actively help with spine support. Relieving off the excess pressure is by decompression of the spine and stretching of the muscles. Your back now takes a natural alignment, and if you had internal inflammation due to a pinched nerve or a condition that affects the nerves, then you will notice that over time you can tell apart the pain you feel.


Features of the MAC Plus Brace

This back support fits in a comfy style on your body with Velcro. It has two side panels that provide compression through the MAC Plus pulley system. When you pull on the strings, the compression can be customized so that you feel comfortable in it. The material is a lightweight, breathable style useful when wearing the brace for long. The back panel also has wide openings to release any excess heat. It comes in different sizes, so that you can get the tight fit that you need.



  • Help with many back and lumbar issues
  • The pulley system is a unique method of customizing your fit


  • Some experience the brace being stiff


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5. ComfyMed Back Brace Premium Quality with Removable Back Pad


Company: ComfyMed   

Model: Premium Quality Back Brace

Size: Two sizes, regular 26″ – 37″ and large 38″ – 50″

3 Benefits to Use This ComfyMed Back Brace

  • Natural treatment to ease back pain.
  • It comes with a removable back pad for extra support.
  • Comfortable support that stays in place.

If you have nerve issues like sciatica, loose ligaments, muscle spasms and more, this brace will help you in the healing process. Other conditions like herniated disks and degenerative disk disease also find comfort when using this belt.

Take care of chronic back pain with this support. It will afford you proper support if your muscles are stiff and inflamed. The compression goes deep into your skin to help the body generate some heat. This way your blood flow can increase, and you feel relief from the discomfort you feel. It can help improve the recovery period when you have a back injury.


Design and Functionality of the ComfyMed Back Brace

The ComfyMed brace is a durable brace that comes in a regular or large size. It features a removable pad that gives you the extra comfort when using it for long hours. It carries an anti-slip and a bunch material to keep the brace in an upright position. It comes with a grip handle to help when setting up on your body.



  • It is washable
  • Lightweight so it can be worn anywhere


  • One needs a larger size for their normal waist because it has a smaller fitting


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6. Neo G Dorsolumbar Lower Back/Mid/Upper Back Support


Company: Neo G    

Model: Dorsolumbar Lower Back/Mid/Upper Back Support

Size: Comes in Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. It also comes in M long,  L long and XL long.

Material:  Breathable material


3 Benefits to Use This Neo G Dorsolumbar Brace

  • This is a support for the whole back lower, mid and upper back.
  • Helps with poor posture
  • Helps with muscle ache in the back


If your pain is due to a bad body posture, this brace will help correct it. It doubles up as a yoga brace and a medical brace to treat other conditions. It plays a vital role in supporting the soft tissues to get relief from muscle spasms and aches associated with joint and tendon degeneration. The comfort it gives goes deep into the muscles and provides the support that begins the body’s self-healing.

Specific Features of the Neo G Full Back Brace

This brace has a construction from breathable material. You will experience a cooling sensation even on a hot day. It also carries comfortable arm straps that come in handy when you wear it for a long time. The pads also play a role in helping with upper shoulder pain. It features adjustable straps to give an exact fit for the wearer.


  • Children can wear it
  • The material is breathable, it can support the back for hours


  • It does not have many colors to choose

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7. Neo-Tech Care Deluxe Adjustable Lumbar Support Brace


Company: Neo-Tech Care   

Model: Deluxe Adjustable Lumbar Brace

Size: Available now in M, L, XL

Material: breathable material

3 Benefits to Use This NeoTech Lumbar Support Brace

  • Wider (than normal) back support
  • Provide best possible compression
  • Straps gives stability and support

This back brace from Neo Tech offers support through compressing the lower back muscles and soft tissues giving relief from the discomfort of poor posture. If you stand all day, you may also experience swelling in the feet as you exert more pressure on the lower body. With this brace, you can eliminate such occurrence by relieving some of the weight and thereby helping your feet.

By wearing this brace, the muscles on your lower back can finally replenish and get the most out of the nutrients in your body. This is because they are relieved of the task of supporting the spine.

Features of the Lumbar Brace

Neo-Tech is a duplex make, meaning it has two layers to fasten. The inner and outer panels both carry Velcro straps to help in the adjustment process. This brace also brings elastic side panels that help mostly to keep it from folding. The material is quite breathable so don’t be afraid to be active when using it.


  • Many different sizes to choose between
  • The material does not fold or pinch the skin


  • Some experience the sizing being a little small

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 8. InfraMat Pro Belt-PA by Healthy Line


Company: Healthy Line   inframat belt

Model: Belt-PA

Size: 54″ x 8″

3 Benefits to Use This InfraMat Pro Belt

  • Amethyst belt that generates Far infrared heat and negative ion
  • Penetrate deep into your muscles for better healing
  • Photon light included

Some of the most efficient products are from Healthy Line, a world renowned manufacturer. First, with amethyst stones in the picture, they penetrate heat deeply into the tissues to allow self-healing of the body. Heat transfer with amethyst also produces far infrared heat and negative ions. This helps with pain relief, relaxation and detoxification of your body. You will experience a state of calm. This belt is not a decompression belt, this is used for the heat function, photon light, FIR heat and negative ions.

Design and Functionality

This back belt weighs 7lbs, and it measures 54”x8”x1.5”. It can fit most people as it comes with fastening straps. This belt works by plugging into 110-120V outlet where the belt heats up to 70 Celcius. This temperature is controlled with a small handheld remote that has a LED display. It comes with a 9-hour shutoff that kicks in the night mode.

Belt-PA InfraMat Pro Review


  • It provides overall body healing
  • Quality product with 45-day money back guarantee


  • Does not come with a compression function


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9. BFST Back Wrap for Treating Back Pain and Strains


Company: BFST   

Model: Back Wrap

Size: one size 22″ – 54″ waist


3 Benefits to Use This BFST Back Wrap

  • Blood flow stimulation
  • Helps speed up the healing process
  • Use EMF


The BFST Back Wrap as its initial says stands for Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy. It works to increase the blood flow to injured areas, thus, bringing instant pain relief.

The main benefits lie in boosting the immune system. It accelerates healing by promoting the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to reach to the affected areas; hence improving the period, one takes to heal. It also aids in cell growth whereby injured parts can heal faster than you would on prescribed drugs.

Features of the BFST Back Wrap

This back wrap works by connecting to a power source where it releases electromagnetic energy (EMF) in the safe levels. These levels are said to be below even those produced by X-rays. The energy is released for a maximum of 20 minutes per session. It does not work like a heating pad but the waves it produces run deep into the tissues without increasing the body temperature to very high levels.


  • Uses EMF in the safe levels
  • Works for a high percent of the population


  • Some feel that it’s more like a heating pad


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10. Ho Physio Thermal Decompression HEAT Belt (Currently unavailable)

Company: Fitto    

Model: Thermal Decompression Heat Belt

Size: 29″ – 49″ waist


3 Benefits to Use This Mueller Lumbar Support

  • USB powered
  • Magnetic therapy
  • Traction and decompression treatment

The Ho Physio is such a brace where the heating pad is part of the entity. As a magnetic back brace, it helps in migration of calcium ions that aid in the healing of the nerves and bones. It helps with acute back pain as a result of conditions like scoliosis, degenerative and bulging discs, exercise pain, spinal tension and insomnia related to depression.


Design and Features

The belt expands vertically while taking the pressure off you back. After the inflation process, the traction process initiates a series of actions on your spine that leads to the spine assuming its natural form. It comes with a hand pump and fits waists from the size of 29 inches to 49 inches. The heating pad can be utilized together with the belt or separately.


  • It combines both magnetic and heat therapy into one
  • Medical practitioners recommend it


  • The results are temporary, so it needs more use to give lasting relief


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Final Words

Back braces help the body heal naturally. Take your time before you embark on making a choice. Remember, the best brace for your friend may not always be your best fit. And, DO NOT overuse a back brace. They are meant to manage pain temporarily not act as plaster casts or crutches.