valentines day giftValentine`s day is around the corner, a perfect opportunity to tell a loved one that you think of them and care for them. Valentine`s gifts does not have to be chocolate and roses. How about a gift that says, I care…

If your loved one is in some kind of pain, it can be temporary from an injury or it can be cronical health issues.What better way to say I care for you and I love you, than to acknoledge that pain and try to ease it.

In this maybe unusual Valentine`s Day gift list, we suggest items that can ease pain. Pains are different, so this is just general suggestions, they may or may not apply to your loved one.


5 Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for a Loved One in Pain

1. Heating Pad

Heating pads comes in all different shapes and sizes. You can get a large heating pad to put on the back or rap around a body part. You can also get a neck and shoulder heating pad that wraps around the neck.

Heating pads are not only warm and comforting on a chilly day, they also have great health benefits. By applying heat to a body area the muscles relax. The heat dilates the blood vessels of the muscles and increase the nutrients and oxygen flow which helps with healing.

What kind of pain can a heating pad help with?

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Joint pain
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Artherites
  •  Just to mention a few…

We review the top heating pads in a few different categories:

This is a Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for a Loved One in Pain


2. Ice Pack – Hot and Cold Treatment

Is your loved one tired of using a bag of peas when needing to ice something? If you are on the look out for a ice pack then getting one that can wrap around a joint might be a good solution for your loved one. It can easily be attached to a shoulder, lower back or knee.

Ice are often used to reduce swelling and ease pain after an injury. If you want to know more about when to apply cold and when to apply heat, please read hot or cold treatment article.

3. Body Pillow

To not get enough sleep can in the long run be harmful to your body. Using a body pillow can help with better sleep. A body pillow is a large pillow that replace the many small pillows that might be filling your bed up. The body pillow supports your neck, back and it can be tucked in between the knees. The support of the pillow helps line up the spine, if sleeping on your side.

A body pillow can help with back pain and neck pain. It`s also a great solution for pregnant women supporting both back and stomach.

A body pillow is a thoughtful Valentine Gifts for a Loved One in Pain.


4. Inversion Table

This hang up side down device, help stretch out your back and spine. This might not be for everybody but if your loved one struggles with back pain, you might want to look into it.

An inversion table can help stimulate circulation and help reduce back stress. It relieves pressure on the vertebrae discs and ligaments.



Using a TENS unit can be another way to ease pain. The ”job” of the TENS unit is to override the pain signals so that the user feel less pain.

The unit has electrodes that attache to the skin of the painful area. The unit operates in different modes to best suit the needs of the user.


The TENS unit can help with back pain, surgical pain, nerve pain and musculature pain, to mention a few.

These are all natural, addiction free ways to ease pain. All Thoughtful Valentine Gifts for a Loved One in Pain.

What`s your take on this, would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below,