Are you looking for a memory foam full body pillow? Maybe you need extra support for your back? Maybe you suffer from sleep issues? You might be pregnant… A full body pillow can do the trick and allow you to get better sleep at night, feel rested when you wake up and have more energy through out the day.

In this review we take a closer look at the…


Snuggle-Pedic’s Memory Foam Full Body Pillow – Bamboo Memory Foam with Kool Flow Cover

: Snuggle medic memory foam body pillow  

Length: 54” just as long as my 7 year old daughter

3 Key Features:

  • Very comfortable memory foam body pillow
  • Made of eco friendly foam, in the US
  • Kool flow cover

Guarantee: Yes, 90 day sleep trial


Personally I’ve been looking at the full body pillows for a while, I knew I wanted one to support my back while I sleep but couldn’t decide which one was the best option. Sitting in front of the computer all day really wares on the back.

When I got the offer from snuggle pedic to try their memory foam body pillow, I got excited. But must say I was a little skeptical, a memory foam body pillow, would that really work? Since I do the body pillow reviews here, they were nice to send me one so I could try it out.

When I first received the box it was pretty small. How could they even fit a full body pillow in there? Turns out all the air was sucked out from it and it was rolled up in plastic. An environmental friendly way to ship it.

memory foam body pillow rolled up

When I got the plastic off, the pillow “grew” and got surprisingly big. It was pretty heavy too.

My first impression was that the body pillow is very soft, the kool-flow cover has a nice feel to it. The memory foam gives a very comfortable feel when you push down on it or put your head on it.

snuggle medic memory foam body pillow

memory foam full body pillow


First impression was good, but the questions are…

  1. What are the Benefits of the Body Pillow?
  2. Is the Body Pillow Comfortable to Sleep With?
  3. What Is the Pillow Made Of?
  4. Will the Body Pillow Hold Up?
  5. What Can the Body Pillow Help With?
  6. Pros and Cons
  7. The Company Behind the Product?
  8. Warranty

Now I’ve been using the Snuggle pedic body pillow for about a week, and this is my experience…


What Are the Benefits of the Memory Foam Body Pillow?

better sleep

Better sleep – The memory foam, really adds a great feature to this body pillow, that alone made for better sleep. It is firm but very comfortable and it shapes after your body.

I’m a side sleeper, so I put the pillow under my head, tuck it between my knees and I still have plenty of pillow left… I’m not very tall, but even if you are you will have plenty of pillow since it’s about 54” long. With this body pillow I sleep like a baby.

Ease pain – I must say it took a couple of days but my back does feel a lot better. The support from the pillow has made a big difference. I feel like my spine is lined up in a straight line much better then with just sleeping with a pillow under my head and another one between my knees. I see that others have gotten relief from neck, hip, leg and knee pain as well.

Pillow mountain… gone… – Before I used to have a mountain of pillows in the bed, to my husband’s delight that is no longer the case. I’m happy with just one pillow now. Although that’s a big full body pillow, it’s a lot easier to keep track of.

Family time – not sure about you but me and the kids enjoy cuddling up watching movies together, this is the perfect family pillow, all three of us can use it at the same time when we tuck it behind our backs. Husband still wants his space.

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Is the Snuggle Pedic Body Pillow Comfortable to Sleep With?

This pillow is very comfortable to sleep with. The memory foam keeps the pillow firm and I have not (yet at least) experienced that it has gone flat. I saw a tip though if the pillow does go flat you can put it in the dryer, so that it regains it’s firmness.


What Is the Pillow Made of?

It’s made out of Biogreen memory foam  and CertiPur-U.S. certified foam. This is a proprietary mix of foams and that makes the pillow keep it’s form.

The Cover

The cover is a kool flow bamboo cover made out of visose of bamboo, polyester and percenta lycra. The kool flow is for cool sleep. Right now it’s spring and I must say that the pillow keeps cool. I will give you an update when summer is here and it’s hot outside, that’s when the kool flow will get a “real” test.

The cover is very soft and comfortable. All though the pillow is washable, you can’t take the cover off. It doesn’t come with an extra cover but this is something that you can purchase with the pillow.

Getting a separate pillowcase for your snuggle medic body pillow will help keep it clean. You can get one here.

If you purchase the body pillow and the body pillowcase at the same time you will receive an additional 25% off the pillow case.

Will the Memory Foam Body Pillow Hold Up, Hold It’s Firmness?

I have only used the body pillow for about a week, but so far it keeps its firmness. Since it’s so long, and I tuck it between my knees I have to fluff it in the middle ones in a while.

If it does loose it’s firmness, you can put it in the dryer. It will help if the pillow starts getting lumpy or saggy as well.


What Can the Snuggle Pedic Body Pillow Help With?

Here are a few things that a body pillow can help with:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Hip pain
  • Joint pain
  • Leg pain
  • Pregnancy aches
  • Better sleep

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Pros and Cons


  • Very comfortable
  • Can help ease back pain and other pain issues
  • Will help with spine alignment
  • Stays cool
  • Allergy friendly
  • Washable
  • Made in the US



  • Does not come with an extra cover (you can now purchase one though)
  • It’s big and take up some room in your bed


What About the Company Behind the Product?

The company behind the Snuggle Pedic memory foam pillow is Relief Mart, a US based company out of CA. They are a BBB, A+ accredited business.
If you have any questions you can reach them at tel: 18006671969



What Happens if I Don’t Like the Pillow? 

If you don’t like the snuggle pedic body pillow you have a 90 day sleep trial guarantee, you can return it and get your money back. Even better they will customize the pillow for you…

This is the response I got from Rick, from Relief Mart:

Since we actually make the pillows with all U.S.A. made materials in our Southern California plant, if someone does not like the firmness, overall feel or support, they can not only return the pillow within the 90-day period, but we will actually customize the pillow to suit their exact requirements at no cost whatsoever (we even pay the shipping back and forth)!

Guarantee does not get better than that!

What Happens if the Body Pillow Break?

If it would break or you have any issues with it down the road, you have a 20 year limited warranty. Contact Snuggle Pedic directly for more information and what the limited warranty cover.

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Final Thoughts of the Snuggle-Pedic’s Memory Foam Full Body Pillow

This is great body pillow, the biggest problem I have is that I don’t get to keep it to myself. My kids love it 🙂

With the 90 day sleep trial you have nothing to lose. If you are looking for a body pillow, give this one a try…

I’m not alone thinking this. After a ton of reviews, the Snuggle medic body pillow gets raving ratings over at the number one online retailer.

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