In this Thermophore Classic Moist Heat Pack review we dig deeper and research the good, the bad and everything in between. Who should buy this heating pad? Who should maybe look for a different option? That and lots more.

The Thermophore Classic Moist Heat Pack heating pad, model 255 has been in the shadow of its more popular sibling models. What is the difference between this model 255 and  055, 155 and 355? We talk about that as.

Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack Model 255 Review


Model: Thermophore Classic Plus 255

3 Key Features: 

  • Moist plus cover for extra moisture in dry areas
  • Hold down switch
  • Gets very hot

Size: 14” x 27”

Dry or Moist Heat: Moist heat

Company: The Company is Battle Creek,  Thermophore is part of Battle Creek.


Benefits of the Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack

Pain relief – Moist heat that penetrates deep down into the muscle tissue will help you with pain relief.

For maximum moist heat in dry areas this heating pad comes with an extra layer of moisture. This will allow you to feel the deep penetrating pain relief even in dry climates.

Increase blood flow – The heat will increase blood flow to the treated area and will help with recovery of damage tissue.

Relax muscles –It will also help with muscle relaxation and reduce stiffness.

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How to Use the Heating Pad

Thermophore_Classic_Plus_Moist_Heat_Pack_Size__Large_255Make sure you place the heating pad flat in the outer fleece cover.

This model comes with an extra moist layer for dry areas. To get the extra moist function, damp the fleece cloth that comes with the product and slide it in the extra pocket.

Plug in the unit and place the heating pad on the desired area to treat.

Hold down the switch, the lever, until you reach desired heat. Let go of the switch and the heat will start to drop. You will manually have to control the heat by pressing down and releasing the switch.

You can NOT set this heating pad to a set temperature.

When you are done with your heat session, unplug the heating pad.

Thermophore recommend a treatment time of maximum 30 minutes with a 60 minute cool down period.


How to NOT to Use the Pad:

  • Should not be used while sleeping
  • Do not crush the pad or sit on the pad
  • Do not use on insensitive skin (to avoid burning)
  • Never use pad without the outer cover
  • Always read the instructions carefully before using the heating pad for the first time


Features of the Thermophore Classic Plus Heating Pad

The Cover

This Thermophore Classic plus heating pad will allow you to add an extra layer of moisture.

The heating pad comes with an outer fleece cover that will use the humidity in the air to naturally create moisture without any added water. It also comes with an extra pocket where you can put a slightly damp fleece cloth for extra moisture. This can come in very handy in dry climates.

This extra moisture function set this heating pad apart from its competitor. This function is also available for the Thermophore MaxHeat Model 355.


The Controller

switch_classicThis heating pad comes with a switch that you need to press down until you reach wanted heat. When you release the switch the heat will start to drop. You will manually have to control the heat with this switch.


Auto On/Off Feature

You do not have the option of continuous heat with this heating pad, when the switch is released the temperature will start to drop.


Tech Specks

The controller is listed as: 110V, 150 Watts, 60Hz.

Electric/Battery/Microwavable operated: Electric

Cord Length: 10 Feet

 Plug-in:  Polarized

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What Does the Heating Pad DO?

The moist heat from the heating pad will penetrate deep down in the muscles. This will make you feel relaxed. The heat will also increase flexibility and reduce stiffness.

The increased heat will stimulate blood flow in the treated area which means that more oxygen and nutrients will flow to the area. This will help with quicker healing.

By stimulating the sensory receptors on your skin, the pain signals to your brain will decrease and you will feel pain relief.

Jogging injury.Help Ease Pain: 

  • Back pain
  • Arthritis pain
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle spasm
  • TMJ
  • Sciatica
  • Bursitus
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Fibromyalgia


Who Should Buy the Battle Creek Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack Model 255?

This is a good heating pad if you are looking for a king size model that will cover a large area, like your back for example.

If you want to be able to add extra moisture in a dry area this heating pad will come with that option.

The Thermophore 255 model comes with a switch that was designed for your safety. When you release the switch the temperature starts to drop.


Reasons to Consider another Heating Pad … 

The Switch – One of the biggest complaints regarding this heating pad is the switch. For some it is not very relaxing to have to control the switch throughout the heat treatment.

No continuous heat – As soon as you let go of the switch the heat will start to drop. There is no choice of continuous heat or even a consistent temperature for a shorter period of time like 20 minutes.


Thermophore or Battle Creek?

Thermophore is owned by Battle Creek. When you do research online it can get confusing if it is a Battle Creek product or Thermophore product, but really Battle Creek owns and represents the Thermophore products.


Different Thermophore 14 x 27 Models

The Thermophore 14×27 large heating pad comes in four different models. The main differences will be the switch/controller and the extra moist pack. We take a closer look and compare them below.

4 heating pad models from Thermophore, size 14 x 27

  • Model 055 –Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack/Classic
  • Model 155 – Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack
  • Model 255 – Thermophore Classic Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack – reviewed product here.
  • Model 355 – Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack


Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack Model 255 VS. Classic 14”×27” Model 055

The switch – Both the 255 and the 055 model comes with the hold down switch, so that will be the same.

Extra moist pack – The big difference is that the 255 model comes with the extra moist pack, that is not included with the classic 055 model.


Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack Model 255 VS. Thermophore MaxHeat Pack Model 155

The switch –  The MaxHeat 155 model comes with the slider switch where you have 3 heat setting options. The Classic plus 255 model comes with the hold down switch.

Extra moist pack – Classic Plus 255 comes with the extra moist pack the 155 maxheat pad does not.


Thermophore Classic Plus Moist Heat Pack Model 255  VS. Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack Model 355

The switch – MaxHeat Plus model 355 comes with the low, medium and high slider switch. The 255 model does not.

Extra moist pack – Both these models come with the extra moist pack.


Automatic/ClassicMaxHEATClassic PlusMaxHEAT Plus
 Battle_Creek_Thermophore_Automatic_Moist_Heat_Pack_14_x_27_055 thermophore_maxheat_heat_pack_model_155 Thermophore_Classic_Plus_Moist_Heat_Pack_Size__Large_255icon Thermophore_MaxHeat_Plus_001
SwitchHold down manually3 Settings High/Med/LowHold down manually3 Settings High/Med/Low
Automatic Shut OffYES, Stays on 20- 25 minYES, Stays on 20- 25 min
Extra moisture`YESYES


Let`s look at the different switches.

Hold Down Switch


3 Setting Switch


The Old Control

There are heating pads out there still with the old control. Don`t purchase one of those, even though they might be cheaper, they might not be under warranty. The switch to NOT get, looks like this:


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Pros and Cons


  • Gets very hot
  • Extra moist pack


  • Manual hold down switch


Customer Support and Warranty

Battle Creek has good customer support. I tried them out by sending them an email and they got back with me within reasonable time.

You can contact them here;

Tel: 888-843-7664


Full One Year Warranty

The heating pad comes with full one year warranty. They will repair or replace the heating pad if there is any manufacturing defect or if it doesn`t perform accordingly to how the brochures says it will. You have to use it as directed though, which means no lying on it, for example. Make sure you read through the “do`s” and “don`ts” before using it.

They also want you to save your receipt showing the date of purchase.



This is a reasonable priced heating pad if you need the extra moisture.

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Final Thoughts

It is nice to have the option of extra moisture if you are in a dry area. The one thing you might want to consider is the switch, if you go with the Thermophore 355 model instead you will get BOTH the extra moisture and the 3 setting control.

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