In this review, we take a closer look at the Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack, (large 14″x27”) heating pad, from Battle Creek. We also compare this model with the other Thermophore models in the same size category.

In fact, this manufacturere alone sells 4 different heating pads, so make sure you get the one you need.


Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack 14 x 27″ Heating Pad Review

Model: Thermophore Automiatic Moist Heat 055

Also Called Thermophore Classic Large

3 Key Features: 

  • Moist heating pad (draws moisture from the air)
  • Gets very hot
  • Heats up quickly

Size: 14” x 27”

Dry or Moist Heat: Moist Heat (without adding water)

CompanyBattle Creek, Thermophore is owned by Battle Creek


Benefits of the Thermophore Moist Heating Pad 14×27

You will be able to treat and ease your pain with this large heating pad; that quickly heats up and lets the heat penetrate down into your muscles. This heating pad will get hot, up to 176F.

Ease your pain – This heating pad will help your muscles relax and ease the pain. It will also help with arthritis, rheumatic pain, joint pain, muscle spasm and even TMJ.

Heat treatment at home – Thermophore products are hot fomentation products and are classified as medical devices by many medical professionals. They are classified as such because they help your muscles relax and penetrate deep into the tissue.

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How to Use the Classic Heating Pad

The pad comes with a removable flannel case. Place the heating unit into that flannel cover. Keep the heating pad flat inside the case. Insert the plug into your outlet.

Place the heating pad on the area, your back for example, that you want to treat.

Press the lever on the control and hold it down until you reach the desired level of heat. When you got the desired heat, release the switch. When the pad starts to cool down, press the lever to reactivate the heating cycle. Repeat this procedure 4-6 times, as recommended by BattleCreek. When you are finished with your session, remove the plug and store the pad.

How to NOT to Use the Pad

As for most heating pads, this one comes with some restrictions as well.

  • Do not fold the pad
  • Do not use while sleeping
  • Do not lie, sit on or crush pad

Make sure you read the instructions before using the pad.


Features of the Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack

The Cover

The Battle Creek Thermophore padcomes with a flannel outer cover. The cover can easily be taken off if needed. This makes it easy to wash and care for.


The Controller

The controller of this heating pad is a single switch that you hold down to achieve your desired heat level. When you have reached the heat level you want, you let go of the switch.

You can NOT set the switch to a certain heat level. After you let go the heat will drop, to intensify the heat again hold down the switch.

This is a safety function since the heating pad does get really warm.

If you want the same heating pad but with a controller where you can set the heat on high, medium and low, take a look at the Thermophore MaxHeat Pad.

This is pretty much the same pad but with the 3 settings on the controller and an auto switch.


Heat Settings

You can`t set or see the heat settings, this pad uses a switch.

Maximum Temps 80C or 176 F.


Auto On/Off Feature

This pad does not come with an auto-on feature; you will have to use the switch to regulate the heat.

If you are looking for a heating pad that will stay on consistently until you shut it off, then take a look at the Sunbeam Xpress Heat. This pad is slightly smaller 14”x24” but it does have the option of keeping it on as long as you want to.

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Moist Heating Function

The Thermophore Automatic Moist Heating Pad is a moist heating pad, but do NOT add any water to it. The flannel cover will automatically draw moisture from the air and release it when the heat is on and activated.  You don`t need a lot of moisture, just a little is needed to make the heat more efficient and penetrate deeper into the muscle to ease the pain.

When you use the pad your skin should feel slightly damp, but not wet.

If you feel that, after many uses, the cover is no longer producing moisture you have two options:

  1. Wash the outer flannel cover.
  2. Place your pad in a high humidity area, near your shower or washing machine for example, for a few of hours.

Tech Specks

The controller is listed as: 110V, 150 Watts, 60Hz.

Electric/Battery/Microwavable operated: Electric

Cord Length: 10 Feet

Plug-in: Polarized Plug

The heating pad is made in: Mexico


What Does the Moist Heating Pad DO?

Man has pain in the neck and hips on the backStimulates circulation – The more blood flow we have in our body, the more oxygen and nutrients we are giving our body. Using a heating pad will increase the blood circulation by relaxing the blood vessels. This will help ease the pain in the injured area.

Increases flexibility – By using a heating pad you will relax your muscles, reduce stiffness and increase flexibility.

Pain Relief – The heating pad will stimulate the sensory receptors in your skin; this will decrease the pain signals to your brain and you will feel pain relief.

Help Ease Pain: 

  • Arthritis pain
  • Back pain
  • TMJ
  • Rheumatic pain
  • Inflammation of joints
  • Relax muscle spasms


Who Should Buy the Battle Creek Thermophore Moist Heating Pad 14×27?

If you are looking for a heating pad that can help with pain relief, then this Thermophore can help you and it might be the choice for you.

Are you looking for a separate removable cover? If you are, this heating pad comes with it. The flannel cover is easy to take off and put back on. Easy to keep clean and maintain.

If you need a heating pad that gets hot very quickly, then this pad will do that for you.

If you are looking for a heating pad with a moist heat function, the Thermaphore Automatic Moist Pad provides that.

 Click Here for Thermophore Classic Moist Heat 055

Do NOT Buy If… 

You plan to wrap the heating pad around joints or parts of your body. This pad should stay flat.

You plan to lie on the pad or sleep with the pad. The warranty will not cover if it breaks.

If you want to set the heat on a specific heat level and leave it at that for a while, this heating pad will not do that. You have to manually keep the switch down continuously for it to produce heat.


Different Thermophore 14 x 27 Models

There are many different models from Thermophore and Battle Creek in the size 14” x 27” heating pad. I will try to clear up some of the confusion and compare the different models below. But first…

Thermophore or Battle Creek?

Thermophore is owned by Battle Creek. When you do research online it can get confusing if it is a Battle Creek product or Thermophore product, but really Battle Creek owns and represents the Thermophore products.


The 4 heating pad models from Thermophore in the size 14 x 27

  • Model 055 –Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack/Classic – the one we review here on this page.
  • Model 155 – Thermophore MaxHEAT Heat Pack
  • Model 255 – Thermophore Classic Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack
  • Model 355 – Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack


Automatic Moist Heat Pack/Classic 14×27 055 VS.  Thermophore MaxHEAT Automatic Moist Heat Pack 14×27 Model 155

So what`s the difference between the Automatic 055 and MaxHEAT Automatic 155 heating pad?

The switch –The 055 model requires you to apply continuous pressure to activate it. When you release it, it  stops heating. With the MaxHeat 155 model your switch has a high, medium and low setting. You can also keep the heat on for 20 minutes before it shuts off.

Visit our MaxHeat 155 Model Review Here.


Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack 055 VS. Thermophore Classic Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack Model 255

When comparing the 055 model with the 255, the switch is the same, you have to hold it down to get the heat. The difference is that the 255 model, the Classic Plus, comes with a cloth that you wet and put in a pocket of the pad for more moisture. This is good for dryer climates.

Visit our Classic Plus 255 Model Review Here.


Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack 055 vs Thermophore MaxHEAT Plus Automatic Moist Heat Pack 14×27 Model 355

Different switches – the 355 model comes with the same switch as the 155 model. You can set the control to high, medium and low. You also have the alternative to keep the heat consistently on. The 355 model also comes with the cloth that you can wet and put in a pocket for more moisture.

Visit our MaxHeat Plus Model 355 Review Here.


ClassicMaxHEATClassic PlusMaxHEAT Plus
Model / Review55155255355
SwitchHold down manually3 Settings High/Med/LowHold down manually3 Settings High/Med/Low
Automatic Shut OffYES, Stays on 20 minYES, Stays on 20 min
Extra moisture`YESYES


Pros and Cons


  • Gets hot quickly
  • Moist pad
  • Reliable brand that has been around for a long time



  • The switch – The one biggest complaint after my research has been that the switch, has to be continuously held down. Some thought it was a good safety feature so that you don`t burn yourself.


  Click Here for Thermophore Classic Moist Heat 055

Customer Support and Warranty

Battle Creek has great customer support that deliver quick answers. I emailed them with a few questions and they got back with me within an hour. This was during office hours.

You can contact them here with any questions;



Full One Year Warranty

This product has a full one year warranty. They will repair or replace the heating pad if there is any manufacturing defect or if it doesn`t perform accordingly to how the brochures says it will. You have to use it as directed though, which means no lying on it, for example. Make sure you read through the “do`s” and “don`ts” before using it.

They also want you to save your receipt showing the date of purchase.


Consumer Ratings

This Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack 14 x 27″ heating pad gets rave reviews online; it is one of the most liked in this category. There are a lot of health professionals using and recommending this product. What some users don`t like is the switch and that issue could have easily been avoided purchasing the 155 model instead.



The Thermophore heating pad is a quality product and a little bit more expensive then some others. Is it worth it if it eases your pain? That will be up to you to decide. Head over here to see the best price we have found online.

Model 055

Model 155

Model 255

Model 355

Final Thoughts of the Thermophore Moist Heating Pad

You can`t go wrong with the Thermophore heating pads, as they have a great product and good customer support. The question is if you want this Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack 14×27 Model 055 or if you want to take a closer look at the 155 model with the 3 setting control.


With this review I hope you have gotten a clearer picture of what`s offered as far as Thermophore heating pads.