The TheraTherm shoulder and neck heating pads are increasingly becoming popular and has continued to enjoy positive reviews from consumers. Customers found that the best-selling TheraTherm Shoulder Neck Heating pad provides relief for neck and shoulder related pains.

In this review we take a closer look at this type of heating pad. We will compare it with other models. We look at the pros and cons and why you might or you might not want to consider this model.

If you are planning to purchase this product and want to know whether or not it is for you then you have definitely come to the right place. So let’s get down to the basics.

TheraTherm Shoulder Neck Heating Pad Review

Model Number: TheraTherm Shoulder Neck Heat Pad 1033

Key Features:

  • Automatic time control
  • Hand-held digital controller
  • Temperature settings from 88-166 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Ideal for use over shoulders and fit around the neck

Size: 23″ x 20″ outside

Weight: 2 pounds


Benefits of TheraTherm Shoulder Neck Heating Pad

Promote Healing – TheraTherm provides moist heat as opposed to dry heating pads. Water typically conducts heat much better than dry air. This is because moist heat penetrates more deeply in the skin than dry heat.

Your neck is able to withstand higher levels of temperature with moist heat, than dry heat. When wet heat is applied to the shoulder tissue and sore neck, the circulatory vessels widen. As a result, blood flow will increase to the aching areas, thereby promoting healing.

Reduce Inflammation – An increased blood circulation can help reduce inflammation, transport nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and rid the body of waste products. The heating pad is designed to break a prolonged cycle of neck and shoulder pain, which provides stress relief and increased mobility.

Ease Pain – The pad may be used to ease pain related to poorly healed neck and shoulder injuries. The pad is U-shaped and can be wrapped around the neck.

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How to Use the Neck and Shoulder Wrap

To turn the display on you have to hold the on/off button for a few seconds. You will have to repeat the same thing when you want to turn the display off. It is important to read the instructions before turning it on.

After you have turned the display on, you can set the time and temperature that suits your needs.

At the end of the treatment the device will automatically switch off, max setting is 60 minutes. You should unplug the device and keep it in a safe place.

The pad is very easy to use. Simply wrap around your neck or shoulder. After turning it on, you will start to feel the calming heat. You can adjust the time and temperate based on your needs.


How not to use the Heating Pad

Never apply ointments, gels or creams to the affected area when using a heat wrap. These products can cause a freezing sensation and you may not be able to feel how hot the heat actually is on your shoulder or neck.

Never overuse the pad to the point that your skin burns. The longer you wrap the pad on your neck the higher the chance of burn to your skin. The heat application should ideally be limited to duration of no less than 15 minutes and no more than 30 minutes. If there is a lot of redness in the skin, the treatment should be stopped for a while.

It should not be used over open wounds or infected areas.

You should never sleep on the pad or use metal fasteners.

The Cover

The cover is 100% cotton.

The Controller

This heating pad comes with a digital hand control. This allows you to monitor treatment time and treatment temperature. The pad will automatically shut off.

Auto Feature

Yes, the system can shut off automatically. There`s an automatic shut off after depending on the time that you’ve set.

Dry or Moist Heating

The most unique feature of the TheraTherm Shoulder Neck Heating Padis that it draws moisture directly from the air. You will not be required to add any water as moisture is dawn automatically from the humidity in the air.

As opposed to dry air, moist air penetrates more deeply, hence increasing blood flow and facilitating quick healing.

Tech Specs

Size: 3.5 x 11.5 x 15.5 inches

Size outer dimensions: 23″ x 20″

Weight: 2 pounds

The product is made in China

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What Does the TheraTherm Neck and Shoulder Pad Do?

Pain Relief: The Theratherm shoulder and neck heating pad gives you a strong but soothing moist heat therapy. It will relieve the pain in less than no time.

Relieve stiffness: By using this moist heating pad, you will have your neck and shoulder muscles relaxed. It will get rid of the muscle stiffness.


Who Should Buy the Theratherm Shoulder and Neck Wrap?

  • If you are looking for pain relief in the neck and shoulder area
  • If you have a stiff neck
  • If you are looking for a heating pad with Digital LCD controller
  • If you are looking for an adjustable auto-off feature

Do not buy if:

You are planning to use the pad on places other than the shoulder or neck area. It is not designed for your back or leg.

You want to use it on swollen or cancerous skin

Pros and Cons of the Neck/Shoulder Wrap


  • The pad is large enough for your neck and shoulder
  • It is well made and the moist heat works well
  • Automatic time control
  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes it feels too hot

Customer Support

The company behind TheraTherm, is DJO Global.  Their brand, Chattanooga, based in TN, represent TheraTherm in the US. You can reach them here;

  • Telephone: 423-870-2281
  • Outside USA: +1-423-870-7200


This neck and shoulder wrap does a good job. Is it worth the cost? That will be upto you to decide. It is a little bit pricier than the Sunbeam version for example. But for real pain relief this item seem to do a better job. Theretherm pads gets hot and get the job done, where others might just make you feel comfortable.

Final Thoughts

You will find the Theratherm shoulder and neck heating pad to be different than other models. It uses moist heat in order to provide deep penetration. It is capable of penetrating below the skin surface, thus reaching areas that other heating pads cannot. It is also safer because it does not use dry heat that can potentially cause irritation on the skin. It offers a comfortable feeling of warmth.

It may not stand out from the rest but you cannot go wrong with the TheraTherm Shoulder and Neck heating pad. So buying this heating pad is worth it.

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