If you are looking for a large heating pad, size 14” x 24”, you have a lot of options. On this page we take a closer look at the Theratherm large digital heating pad. Is that your best option? Does it stand out from the rest?

We have found this heating pad doing its job, but it does not stick out from the crowd. Read our honest review below to find out more.


Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad

Model: Large Digital Moist Heat Pad

3 Key Features:  

  • Moist heating pad, without adding water.
  • Conventional switch.
  • Set time control up to 60 minutes.

Size: 14” x 27”

Colors: Beige

Dry or Moist Heat: Moist

CompanyDJO Global with their brand, Chattanooga represent Theratherm.


Benefits of the Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad Heating Pad

Pain Relief – This heating pad will help with pain relief. For example, back pain caused by muscle spasm from tension and strain. Arthritic and muscle skeletal conditions can be temporary relieved by using a heating pad.

Faster Healing – The use of a heating pad like the Theratherm large digital moist heat pad will increase blood flow in the treated area which will help with faster healing.

Relaxation – The heat from the moist heating pad will help you and your muscles relax.

Flexibility – When your muscles relax, you will feel more flexible and stiffness will be reduced.

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How to Use The Heating Pad

You can set treatment sessions up to 60 minutes on wanted heat up to 166F.

  1. Place the Theratherm Digital Moist heat heating pad in the flannel outer cover.
  2. Plug in the cord to any 90 – 130 Volt electric outlet.
  3. Place the heating pad on the area that you want treated.
  4. Press the on/off button for about 2 seconds to turn the pad on.
  5. The LCD display will turn on and the display will show default settings. Default settings are 126 F for30 minutes.

When you have used the heating pad your previous settings will show.

  1. Press the select button to display your temperature and treatment time options.
  2. Use the + / – to increase and decrease the temperature and time.
  3. You can now lock the settings by pressing the select button for about 2 seconds.
  4. After the treatment the heating pad will automatically shut off.


How to NOT Use the Pad

According to the instructions you should NOT…

  • Sleep with your heating pad
  • Sit on the heating pad
  • Lie on the heating pad
  • Treatment time should not exceed 30 minutes (this is a odd one since you can set the timer on 60 minutes)

This is not unusual “warnings”, most heating pads have extensive cautions and warnings due to liability. Make sure you read through the instructions before use.



Features of the Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad

Size of the Heating Pad

This heating pad is classified as a large heating pad size 14” x 27” (36 cm x 68 cm). It has the order number 1032 and is also described as the Thermatherm standard pad.

The same Thermatherm pad also comes in the following sizes:

1030       Theratherm Digital Moist Heating Pad – Small – 7″ x 15″

1031        Theratherm Digital moist heating pad – Medium 14” x 14”

1033        Theratherm digital moist heating pad – Shoulder/Neck     23” x 20”


How Long to Feel the Heat

This pad is not one of the quick heat up pads, it takes a few minutes to reach wanted heat.


The Cover

Removable flannel cover for moisture retention. 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester.

The removable cover makes it easy to keep clean, you can machine wash or dry clean.


The Controller

This heating pad comes with a digital controller to program temperature and time. It has a lock out mode, to make sure the temperature stays the same during treatment.

The controll does not light up, so if you use it in a dark room while doing treatment you have to turn on the light to use the controller.

Setup Time: 1 -60 minutes

Setup Temperature: 86 – 166 F

The LCD display will display:

  • Heating on / off
  • Real time / set up temperature
  • Real time / set up time
  • Temperature unit C or F
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Lock / unlock
  • Malfuncion


Button functions:

  • Power On – Off
  • Increase Value +
  • Decrease Value –
  • Select Key for lock out mode, select setup for time or temperature


Auto Shut Off 

You can set the time, 1 – 60 minutes. It will shut off automatically after the set time is up. You do not have the option of continues heat.

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Dry or Moist Heating

The Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad, use the humidity in the air to create a moist heat pad. You don`t have to add any water, the outer flannel cover will take care of it. The benefit of using a moist pad is that the heat will penetrate deeper down in the tissue of your muscle. Only a small amount of moist is needed.

Heat temperatures range from 113° to 166°F (45° to 74°C)

Tech Specks

UL: UL and cUL classified

Power Supply: AC 90–130V 40–70Hz

Electric/Battery/Microwavable operated: Electric

Cord Length: 5-6 feet long

Circuit: Digital processor


What Does the Heating Pad DO?

Man has pain in the neck and hips on the backPain relief – If you use a heating pad to heat a specific area on your body, the body response to moist heat by dilating the blood vessels. By dilating the blood vessels you get an increase blood flow and bringing in fresh blood cells to the treatment area. This will help with pain relief and recovery.

Makes you feel relaxed – The heat from the pad will also relax and loosen up the muscles making you feel more flexible and less stiff in the treated area.

Feel good feeling – By using a heating pad you will stimulate the sensors in your skin and decrease the pain signals to your brain. This will make you feel better and feel pain relief.

Some areas where a heat pad can be beneficial are:

  • Back
  • Knee and Elbows
  • Shoulder and Neck
  • Joints
  • Artheritic
  • Menstrual cramps



Who Should Buy the Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heating Pad?

Pain relief – The main purpose of a heating pad, for most people, is to feel pain relief of some sort. This digital moist heating pad can help you with that. If you have back pain, joint pain or other discomfort or pain this heating pad will do the job to heat up the wanted area for pain relief.

Removable cover – The Theratherm heating pads comes with a removable cover, which makes it easy to maintain and keep clean.

Moist heat function – The fleece cover will draw the moisture from the air and create that moist heating pad that will penetrate deeper into the tissue for faster relief.


Do NOT Buy If…

You want continues heat. This item will allow you to set it up to 60 minutes. If you want a heating pad that stays on continuously then take a look at the Sunbeam heating pad.

You want the pad heat up within 30 seconds. This heating pad will take a little longer to heat up, the Sunbeam heating pad will heat up very quickly.

You plan on using this for your neck, there are better neck / shoulder pads available for that use.

You plan to sleep on your pad, getting a heated mattress pad might be a better option for you.


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Pros and Cons


  • Ease your pain – The heating pad gets hot with moist heat and will ease the pain in wanted area.
  • Removable cover –The pad comes with a removable fleece cover.


  • Company confusion – It is a little confusing that the Theratherm is represented of DJO global and Chattanooga. Some products have been sent out from DJO global or Chattanooga which can be confusing when you think you buy a Theratherm product.
  • Short life – Some have experience that the pad does not last long.


Customer Support and Warranty

The company or companies behind the product TheraTherm, are DJO Global which is an international company. Their brand, Chattanooga, represent TheraTherm.

So if you would run into any problems with this TheraTherm moist heating pad you would contact Chattanooga.

1 Year Warranty

If this Product fails to function during the one year warranty period due to a defect in material or workmanship, Company or the selling dealer will repair or replace this Product without charge..

Chattanooga Group

4717 Adams Road P.O. Box 489 Hixson,

TN 37343 USA

Telephone: 423-870-2281 Outside USA: +1-423-870-7200

To be able to use the warranty you have to return the heating pad to Chattanooga, with a copy of the purchase receipt.


Consumer Ratings

Most people love their Theratherm large digital moist heating pad, it has great reviews. This is what some of them have to say; great heating pad, wonderful size, best heating pad I have ever had…

There are a few people that has gotten disappointed though and some of the complaints are; too stiff to provide heat effectively, poor service, did not meet my expectations…

You can read more reviews here.



If we compare this Theratherm pad to other heating pads in the large size category, how does it hold up price wise?

It is one of the more expensive pads in this category, looking at the Thermophore or the BodyMed pads, they are both a little bit cheaper.

Theratherm vs. Thermophore

Thermophore offers a similar product. The advantage Theratherm has is the controller. Like I mentioned in this review you can set the heat on a wanted temperature.

With the Thermophore product you only have 3 options, high, medium and low and you don`t have the LCD control screen that you do with the Theratherm.

Theratherm vs. BodyMed ZZHP

These two heat pads are very similar. The one thing that BodyMed has is velcro bands so that you can wrap and fasten the pad around a joint. This is not something that Theratherm offers.

The BodyMed pad is heavy duty where the Theratherm is a more light weight pad.

It really comes down to what your NEEDS are.

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Final Thoughts

After reading this review you should have a pretty clear picture, if this heating pad is the one for you. It often comes down to personal preferences, your personal NEED. What you want the heating pad to do for you.

I would love to hear what you think about this, Theratherm Large Digital Moist Heat Pad. Have you used this pad yourself, feel free to leave a comment below.