The Therasage far infrared heating pad is widely known as one of the most effective remedies for chronic back pain. The reason for this is because most consumers think that it`s by far the most innovative type of heating pad at the moment.

A lot of consumers who have used this heating pad agree that it is truly one of its kind. In this article, we’ll try to find out what`s so special about this pad. We will also outline the bad and try to figure out whether it is worth your money and effort.

Please read through this comprehensive review and find out whether or not the Therasage Heating Pad is right for you. Is it the one that you need for your specific needs?

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Therasage Far Infrared Heating Pad

3 Key Features

  • Temperature controller and digital multi-function
  • Deep penetrating therapeutic heat
  • No exposure to electromagnetic radiation


  • Small 12″ x 18″
  • Medium 21″ x 30″
  • Large 70″ x 24″

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What are the Benefits of a Therasage Far Infrared Heated Healing Pad?

People have been using heating pads to relieve muscular strains, stomach discomfort, back pain and so forth.

However, Therasage heating pads are quite different from standard heating pads. It uses infrared energy to give heat, which is more effective than conventional pads. The benefits of Therasage pad are multifarious. Here are a few of them:

Increased circulation: The heat and warmth generated within the body by infrared energy leads to the expansion of capillaries. As a result, the body will experience a greater circulation of the blood and nutrients. If the flow of blood to certain areas of the body is restricted, the body will become exposed to diseases.

Deep penetration: Far infrared energy is capable of penetrating deeper inside the body than a typical heating pad. The heat can reach up to 2 inches inside the body, allowing the body to be warmed from within. This leads to relief from a host of diseases, including arthritis, hypertension and skin conditions.

Radiant heat: Far infrared heat is a sort of radiant energy, which typically comes from electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic waves may take several forms, from X-Rays to microwaves. This heat can pass between objects without actually burning the object. Energy from the sun is a good example of radiant heat. Far infrared heating pads can be placed on the skin for a long time without causing discomfort and pain.

Far infrared rays are completely safe: They are not the UV rays which have been known for causing skin cancer and sunburn. The pad releases healing rays that heat the nerves, muscles, bones, blood vessels and bones.

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This product will work for any type of pain such as: sports injuries, thigh injuries, knee injuries, calf injuries, leg pain, shoulder injuries, joint stiffness, hamstring tears, muscle spasms, hemorrhoids and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. While a regular pad will only offer 30 minutes of pain relief, Therasage pad offers pain relief for longer periods.

How to Use the Heating Pad

Start out slowly when using your new Therasage infrared Heated Pad. While it is allowed to use the pad for longer periods of time, it is always wise to use them moderately.

Use the heating pad on the aching or injured area to help ease pain. This pad is very effective especially when it comes to dealing with pain located in hard-to-reach areas, such as the elbow and hip.

Place the pad to the affected area. For instance, if you are suffering from back pain, place the pad on your back, precisely where you have pain. As aforementioned, there are no side effects of using far infrared heating pads, so it is safe to use.

How not to use the Heating Pad

The instruction warns against using the pad on a bare skin. Also, the instructions say not to use it on any burned, irritated or damaged skin.

Never use the heating pad for more than 60 minutes nonstop. Though the infrared rays are safe, an excess of anything can be poisonous.

Never use a damaged heating pad, especially with exposed wires of frayed cords.

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The Cover

Therasage Far Infrared Heated Pad comes with a protective cover. This allows you to place a soft piece of cloth between your skin and the pad.

The Controller

This heating pad comes with a temperature controller and digital multi-function time controller, including sleeping mode.

It has arrows to set the heat and time. The heat settings will be set by numbers 1 – 9, you can not set the specific temperature wanted.

You can also set the length, the time, of the treatment.

It turns off automatically once the time selected has elapsed.

Tech Specs

Therasage Small Heat Mat

  • 12″ x 18″ x o.2″
  • 3.6 pounds

Therasage Medium Heating Pad

  • 21″ x 30″ x o.2″
  • 6.9 pounds

Therasage Large Heat Pad

  • 70″ x 24″ x 1″
  • 17.2 pounds

What Does the Heating Pad Do?

Ease pain: The primary function of this pad is to ease pain, such as joint pan, back pain and muscle spasms. The soft pad stimulates sensory receptors in the skin in order to block pain signals from reaching the brain. This simple act will make feel much better and relaxed.

Blood flow: This heating pad can increase blood flow, thereby supplying your body with more nutrition and oxygen.

Reduce inflammation: Therasage Far Infrared will reduce inflammation by speeding up the healing process.

Who should buy Therasage Far Infrared Heated Healing Pad?

  • If you are looking for a pad that can give you an instant pain relief
  • If you are looking for a heavy duty heating pad
  • If you are looking for deep penetrating heat
  • If you are looking for a no electro magnetic radiation treatment

Do not buy if:

  • You want to sleep with your heating pad
  • You want to use your pad on wounded skin

Pros and Cons


  • No exposure to harmful electromagnetic radiation
  • Provides negative ion therapy
  • Safe and long-lasting
  • Affordable


  • Pretty heavy
  • Quite uncomfortable to lie on

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Customer Support & Warranty

The company representing this product is a Florida based company called Therasage. They offer limited warranty for their heat pads, you can read the details here.

If you have any questions or issues regarding their products you can contact them here:

  • Phone – 1.888.416.4441
  • Email –


This heating pad is quite pocket-friendly, although it`s more expensive than an electric heating pad. It will come down to what you need, do you need this kind of heating pad? It might be worth the pain relief that you will get.

Consumer Ratings

Though there are many mixed opinions about the heat pad, there is no denying that over 70% of customers are extremely impressed by it. It cannot be denied that the Therasage Heating Pad enjoys lots of positive reviews and five start ratings from consumers at Amazon and other online retailers.

Final Thoughts

The pad does an excellent job, in terms of addressing a range of chronic health problems. Therasage Heating Pad is a good alternative, the question is… Is it for you?

After this review you should have a pretty clear picture if this is for you or if you should continue you search for the perfect pain relief treatment.

Have you tried this Therasage heat pad? Are you thinking of buying it? We want to hear what you think please leave a comment below,

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