In this review we take a closer look at the Therapeutic TENS unit, model RXL Ultra. This TENS Unit Electronic Massager is a handheld electronic device that can provide instant pain relief, caused in the muscles, or joints.

Living with pain is difficult, treating it in the specific area where it’s caused can be the key to relief. If you suffer from a lot of pain this massager might be your solution to ease that pain.

With this review, we want to give you the information needed for you to make an informed decision whether this is the product for you or not.


Therapeutic TENS Unit Electronic Massager RXL Ultra Review

Therapeutic TENS Unit Electronic Massager RXL Ultra 

Key Features: 

  • Each electrode port has individual intensity
  • Adjustable timer to use the massager
  • 24 different modes

Electrodes Included: 2 small massage pads and 2 medium massage pads

FDA Approved: Yes


Benefits of Using the Therapeutix TENS Unit Electronic Massager

Quick Pain Relief: Both you and I know that living and dealing with pain, is difficult. To be able to get quick pain relief when needed is important. Although many tend to use this unit on a regular basis for best result, many experience pain relief after the first use.

Ease Muscle, Nerve and Joint Pain: This electronic massager offers the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) massage to quickly get rid of muscle, nerve and joint pain. It also helps with muscle stiffness.

Treat the Pain Area: With the help of the electrodes that is included in the packet, after the exact area of pain is located, the electrodes can be placed on that specific area. To be able to treat the specific muscle, joint or nerve where the pain is caused is the key here. The intensity of electrical stimulation can also be varied, for best treatment and comfort.

Use on the Go: The electronic massager is no bigger than a large phone, and fits in most pockets. This makes it easy to bring with you. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery. Charge up and you can enjoy treatment on the go.

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How to Use the Therapeutic TENS Unit

The device has to be turned on with the help of the ON/OFF switch at the base of the unit.

Once the screen is visible, as per your preference you have to attach one or two electrodes to the outputs at the base of the device and then at the end of the electrodes you have to snap on the electrode pads.

Then place the electrodes on the area of the skin which you would like to treat.

Press “T” to set the desired amount of time and press “M” to select the desired mode of operation.

Modes like Kneading, Swedish, Cupping, Scrapping, Reflexology and Thai-Chi can be set.

Use the “+” and “-” buttons to set the desired intensity where the stimulation is strong but comfortable.

Use the unit for about 15 – 20 minutes at the time.

Think About the Following:

Never apply the pads on the skin with the device powered ON, as this might provide you with an electric shock.  If you need to change the place of application, turn the device OFF first before placing the massage pads at a different location.


What Can the TENS Unit Help With?

If muscle, nerve and joint pain are dominating and dictating your life, then the Therapeutic TENS Unit Electronic Massager RXL Ultra can help you get relief.

Ease both upper and lower back pain. Ease knee pain or other joint pain.

The massage unit comes with electrodes and massage pads in two sizes which means that you can attack the exact area where the pain is occurring, be it large or small.

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Features of the Unit

  • A large display with LED backlight, this makes it easy to view the screen in the dark.
  • Intensity control with each electrode port can be set and controlled.
  • Total of 24 modes.
  • A fully charged unit will last about 20 hours using the rechargeable lithium battery.


What’s Included in the Package?

  • One controller
  • Two output electrode cables
  • One charger
  • Two small and two medium massage pads
  • A pad and cord saver
  • An acupressure point guide
  • Two pairs of electrodes
  • One USB cable
  • One user’s manual


Who Should Get This Therapeutic TENS Unit Electronic Massager RXL Ultra 

If you are suffering from muscle, nerve and joint pain then you can benefit from this electronic massager.

If you suffer from back pain a TENS unitlike this one has great result in easing that pain.

Athletes or people who regularly workout with pain are good candidates for this electronic massager.

If you are someone who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors, then you can charge up this device and carry it in your backpack for a quick relief from muscle, nerve or joint pain that you might encounter from long hikes.


Who Should Not Get This TENS Unit

Do not use the TENS Unit Electrode near main arteries around the neck, over the neck or mouth, in the heart area, over swollen, inflamed or infected areas or skin eruptions, near cancerous lesions or when the unit is charging.

If you have heart problems, epilepsy or are pregnant, do not use the device. If you experience skin irritation or hypersensitivity due to electrical stimulation, then avoid using this massager.


Customer Support and Warranty

If your device breaks down or is not functioning properly, you can contact the customer support at Therapeutic, the manufacturer of the device, via email at:

Elizabeth Michaels is always at hand to take care of your problems.

This massager comes with a lifetime no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

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Final Thoughts of the Therapeutic TENS Unit Electronic Massager RXL Ultra

This is a B01A6F5NEG, with many different settings to best suit each individual needs.

If you are suffering from aches and pains related to nerve, muscle and joints, this is a good choice to help ease that pain.

The fact that this unit is small enough to fit in the pocket and comes with a rechargeable lithium ion batteries, makes it very useful TENS unit. 

Don’t just take our word for this being a great option, read the many positive reviews there is! To see more user experiences and more customer reviews, click here!