foot massageThere are many benefits of Reflexology Foot Massage. It’s a relaxation and massage technique on the foot that uses finger pressure to relieve any form of illness. Each area of the foot is believed to be connected to a certain organ of the body and once correct pressure is applied, some believe, that many illnesses will be cured.

Reflexologists are usually trained for a certain period of time to be able to practice reflexology. Although this profession is very controversial since there is no known scientific evidence of the study, it remains to be a very popular way of relaxing oneself.

One of the most common explanation for this theory is that when appropriate pressure is applied to the area of the feet that is connected to a certain organ, it sends signals to the nervous system to release the chemical endorphin which is known to relieve stress. Although the medical world has rejected this theory. Many people still believe in reflexology, in the claim to find relief after medical treatment.

Today, reflexology is classified under alternative medicine due to its widespread acceptance. It’s believed that this practice already existed in the history of China and Egypt, to relieve many types of illnesses, especially pain.

Another reason why foot reflexology is popular is because of its ability to combat stress, which a lot of us are experiencing on a daily basis. Applying pressure on the tip of your toes could relieve stress as they claim.

A foot massage chart serves as a guide for foot reflexology. On the chart all the organs of your body is identified in a certain area of the foot. Once you apply pressure to this area, it’s believed to be gradual recovery of any illness or lessen the incidence of its progression.


When you are suffering from insomnia, reflexology also claims to play an important role for its relief. Massaging the area near the phalanges proved to be very beneficial for some individuals.

A great foot massage experience may be achieved by using lotions or oils as some feet may have calluses that can be difficult to manipulate. A warm towel after each massage can also help soothe tired feet. Circulation can also be enhanced with this technique, having good blood circulation is good for your body.

Whether you want to go to a reflexologist or not still remains to be your decision. If faced with serious medical conditions, it’s best to see a doctor and get expert advice.

Reflexology is an alternative and may also be classified as a preventive treatment for some illnesses.

In a world of advancing technology, traditional medicine and alternative medicine is advancing as well and many studies are being conducted for its progression. It will be up to you to choose whether you want to try out its efficacy, however, reflexology foot massage remains a good option.