Investing in a premium robotic massage chair such as the Human Touch ijoy 2580 Massage Chair could be one of your best decisions. It delivers similar effects as those you would get from a professional massage therapist or masseuse.

The only difference will be the long term savings you will reap from having your own massage chair at home.


Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair Review

Model: iJoy-2580 

Company: Human Touch

3 Key Features:

  • 4 massage techniques
  • Massage rollers
  • Power recline

Colors: Black and Espresso


Benefits of Using the iJoy 2580 Robotic Chair

  • For those who normally experience neck and shoulder pain after a long day working, you will get relieve within fifteen minutes of invigorating massage in this chair.
  • Eliminates aches and pain on the lower back. A 15-minute lower back massage with this healer massage chair will eliminate pain and ache on your back.
  • An excellent massage chair for the entire back. With its auto-massage program you enjoy complete comfort and rejuvenation within 15 minutes.
  • Through its compression massage technique, it applies a rocking motion that helps loosen the spinal joints which helps enhance your posture and mobility. It also induces blood flow to specific areas of the body hence boosting blood circulation in the body.
  • With the percussion massage technique you will ultimately boost the muscle strength and get more toned muscles.
  • It relieves tension and soreness on the neck, problems common with those who work on computers the all day.

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How to Use the iJoy Massage Chair

Follow the simple steps as laid down in the user manual;

  1. Unpack the box then insert the cup holder and its lid.
  2. Attach the headrest.
  3. Secure the headrest by pushing it down so as to secure it firmly.
  4. Make the necessary adjustments to the head rest until you get a comfortable position.
  5. Plug the power cord into the grounded power and ensure the child safety lock is set to unlock.
  6. Turn the power on.
  7. Get seated.
  8. Locate the onboard controller and get comfortable. You can now take full control of the massage chair. Try all the massage techniques available.

Human Touch iJoy 2580 Features

  • Power Recline-this allows the user to choose an angle that suits them best. As you go backwards the intensity increases therefore you should make slow angle adjustments until you get the perfect spot.
  • Massage types-delivers 4 massage techniques; rolling, percussion, kneading, and compression.
  • A Removable Massage Softening Pad-this helps regulate the intensity of the massage. With this feature you can either choose a deep penetrating massage or simply a light invigorating one.
  • External Power Outlet-it features an auxiliary power outlet that provides additional convenience.
  • Cup Holder-enjoy complete relaxation as you enjoy your favorite drink thanks to its cup holder. It represents true luxury and comfort at its best.
  • Built-in Control Panel-you can control its 3 invigorating auto-massage programs using the built-in control panel. This offers exceptional convenience since there is no need to stand or alter your comfortable position when you want to make some adjustments.
  • Massage rollers and the vibration feature-has massage rollers and is built with a vibration feature.
  • Leather Upholstery Material-it is made with a strong leather upholstery material.
  • Fire resistant-it is resistant to fire and its stainless steel hardware material is non-toxic.

Product Dimensions-it measures 44X35X40 inches and weighs about 88 pounds. Its shipping weight is approximately 106 pounds.

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What the Massage Chair Helps With

The Human Touch ijoy 2580 Massage Chair helps with the following;

  • Relief stress on the lower back and entire back.
  • Eliminates pain, fatigue and tension that build up all through the day. You eliminate all these with the push of a button.
  • Helps in boosting blood circulation and flow of lymph fluids which ultimately improves your overall wellbeing. You will feel stronger and younger and get a youthful glow.
  • It imitates the four massage techniques used by professional massage therapists, namely; percussion, rolling, compression, and kneading. This targets the muscle groups and sensitive pain areas effectively hence eliminates stress and brings relief. Therefore, you can enjoy an amazing massage experience at home.
  • A high-end massage chair may be effective but it should never be treated as a substitute for a professional masseuse. It should only be included as part of your pain management and back health strategy.

Who Is This Massage Chair For?

  • Those who suffer with chronic pain.
  • People who are active.
  • Back pain sufferers.
  • Sports hobbyists or enthusiasts.
  • Those who work on computers while seated whole day.
  • Small and compact in design hence ideal for women.

Who Should Not Buy It?

This massage chair is not ideal for the following;

  • Not spacious enough for bigger men.
  • Lacks the footrest and therefore if you are looking for a massage chair which allows you to relax your feet as you lean back then this is not for you.
  • It is hard for people with knee trouble to get up from the chair since it lacks legs and feet.

Customer Support and Warranty

The product is covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty when you buy at Amazon.  The manufacturer has provided a direct link to its reliable customer support team who can be contacted through 800.355.2762.

They can also be emailed via You can submit your concerns and queries about warranty, tips, and any other inquiries to these contacts as well.

Good to know…

Shipment-at the time of the review the product could be shipped within U.S only.

Assembly required-it should be assembled and it does not need any tools to assemble. It does not also require additional parts.

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Final Thought on the Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair

With great ratings at the time of this review, Human Touch ijoy 2580 Massage Chair delivers a wealth of health benefits to the user. It is a small and compact unisex massage chair that comes at an affordable price.

Enjoy the four massage techniques that are used by professional massage therapists (percussion, rolling, compression, and kneading) at the comfort of your home.

You can control the chair by a simple press of a button and enjoy all these thanks to its built-in control panel. You can also attach a lamp or laptop to its auxiliary power outlet. Some of the additional features that come with the chair include; an automatic shut off, massage rollers, 3 pre-programmed massages, and a removable massage softening pad.

The Robotic Human Touch iJoy 2580 Massage Chair still remains as the favorite massage chair to most buyers. In fact, many give it raving reviews on one of the largest online retailers…


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