A heating pad is a piece of equipment which is used to control muscle spasms, relax tight muscle and ease pain. People also use heating pads to enhance the flow of blood to the affected area, or just to increase their comfort during cold weather.

Placing a heat pad on the skin also stimulates thermo-receptors. Thermo-receptors are basically the body’s temperature responders and their main task is to prevent pain transmitters from reaching the brain.

A wide variety of heating pads are available on the market, including jade infrared heating pads and electric heating pads.

The Difference Between Jade Infrared Heating Pad and an Electric Heating Pad

Jade Infrared Heating Pad vs. Electric Heating Pad

Jade infrared pads are the most recent technological heating pad additions in the market. Infrared pads as the name suggests use infrared energy to produce heat. This heat is not direct from the pad.

The heat felt from an infrared pad is the same as the infrared rays from the sun. Those rays that come from the pad are capable of penetrating your skin and go deep into your body.

Such heat waves can help heal the body from the back to front. Traditional heating pads are only designed to heat from the outside and can hardly penetrate the skin by even half an inch.

Why Use a Jade Infrared Heating Pad?

The benefits of using jade infrared pads are multifarious. Jade is capable of delivering a tender and steady pulse of healing energy. The pad is also believed to strengthen the body’s cleansing and filtration system, thereby helping to eliminate toxins from the body.

Jade can also help improve the following: heart, lungs, immunity, kidneys and thymus. In addition to this, it can be used to burn calories, clear cellulite, reduce stress, promote sleep and reduce high blood pressure.

Electric Heating Pads

Electric heating pads are mainly used to relieve any pains or aches that you feel in your body. An electric heating pad comes with several elements which heat up when the pad is switched on.

The heat can be adjusted thanks to the thermostat.  It should be noted that electric pads, used as directed are safe, because they are made from insulating material.

Why use Electric Heating Pads

Electric Heating pads are as popular as jade pads. These pads are made of strong material that covers the inner coil that heats up once the device is switched on. The fabric cover is not only removable but also washable.

The main benefit of an electric pad is the fact that it is able to produce an even amount of heat all over the pad. They come in all different sizes and shapes to make sure you can find one that suits your needs.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are buying a jade heating pad or electric heating pad, make sure you go for only approved pads. Choose a type of equipment that will ease your pain, and make you feel better.

I hope you found this article helpful – The Difference Between Jade Infrared Heating Pad and an Electric Heating Pad. I want to hear what you think, are you using a jade pad or electric heating pad?