The TENS Unite Muscle Stimulator is a device designed to help with pain of all sorts by overriding pain signals which stem from pain nerve fibers in your body.

It is an addiction-free way of dealing with pain, particularly chronic pain that would lead to medication addiction or medication side effects if you needed to use them for long periods of time.

Professional TENS 7000 Unit Muscle Stimulator Review

Key Features: 

  • Ease acute or chronic pain
  • 5 Different modes
  • Time and record settings

Electrodes Included: 4

Model: TENS 7000

The TENS unit stands for “Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation” and has been in use for decades for the treatment of surgical pain, musculoskeletal pain, and nerve pain.

It consists of a small electrical unit that has four individual electrodes that are attached to the skin in the area where you most feel the pain.

For example, if you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, you attach the electrodes in the area of the low back where the pain is the worst.

The TENS unit operates off of a 9-volt battery so it is completely portable and lasts a long time when using it.   Be sure to buy extra batteries in case you need to keep the device on for a long period of time.  It comes with a carrying case to make it extra-portable.

The device being reviewed is a professional TENS 7000 Unit.  It is flexible with adjustable settings that allow you to turn up the device until the pain is relieved.

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5 Different Modes of Operation

It comes with five different modes of operation, including burst mode, normal mode, modulation mode, strength duration 1 mode and strength duration 2 mode.

Read the manual in order to decide which mode of operation is best for you and don’t be afraid to experiment with the different modes to find out which relieves your pain the most.

The device can be used for acute electrical muscle stimulation in acute injuries or as part of a rehabilitation program for your back or other affected body area.  It automatically times and records sessions with a recording time of more than 900 hours.

Who Can Use the Professional TENS 7000 Unit?

Anyone with acute or chronic pain can use the TENS 7000 Unit Stimulator. The pain can be anywhere you can attach an electrode to.

It has been used in facial pain, neck pain, back pain, and extremity pain without difficulty.  It has even been used in cases of diabetic neuropathy in which the nerves of the diabetic has degenerated nerves in the feet that are painful.

Because the product involves the taking of no drugs whatsoever, it is safe for use in pregnancy and has been used successfully in postoperative pain relief for women who have had Cesarean sections.

If you have any doubt about using it in pregnancy, always talk to your obstetrician about their opinion of its use during your pregnancy.

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Who Shouldn’t Use the TENS 7000 Unit Muscle Stimulator?

The TENS Unit is safe for any types of pain as long as the electrodes are securely attached to the skin.  If the area of pain has a great deal of hair on it so that it doesn’t attach well to the skin, the TENS unit may not be effective as the electrical impulse does not get to the skin where the nerves are located.

You may shave areas on your back or chest that are painful in order to have a good attachment of the unit’s electrodes on your skin.  Shave only those areas that have hair that is too long to allow for secure attachment of the electrodes.

Product Details

The TENS Unit Stimulator is made in China and has an item weight of 12.8 ounces.  This means that it is small enough to fit into a pocket or clip to your belt.

It has a digital screen that tells you the mode the device is in and it has two channels.  The readout also lists the number of Hertz of energy being put out by the machine and the time the machine is on the body.

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Product Reviews

This product has been reviewed many times all over the internet.  Some excellent reviews include the following:

  • One customer indicated that the TENS Unit Stimulator felt exactly like the TENS unit they used at their chiropractors office and afforded them pain relief at home that avoided the hassle of going the chiropractor’s office They used the unit for thirty minutes and got excellent pain relief, trying all different kinds of modes. They preferred the burst mode and the normal mode, used for back pain relief.  It provided instant relief of their pain; the unit was also used successfully along with a pain relief roll-on gel.  The idea was that the gel increased the blood flow to the area after TENS unit application, making the pain relief last longer.
  • Another use used the pain relief device for about two weeks on areas such as the fingers, elbows. Shoulders, knees and hands. While it didn’t relieve the pain completely, it made a big dent in the overall pain relief.  They used it for an hour on their knees with near resolution of the pain.  The pain returned after two days of not using it but reusing after that period of time or every other day resulted in pain relief.  They noted that the TENS unit was extremely powerful so that they couldn’t go much higher than a 3 on the device although, when another family member used it for pain, they were able to set the device as high as seven. The consensus was that turning the device onto a level of 3-4 was adequate for most types of pain.
  • Another reviewer was unhappy about the length of time it took for the battery wore out so they invested in rechargeable 9 volt batteries so they could have sustained pain relief.
  • Another reviewer loved the device and enjoyed the traveling case, which organized the various aspects of the device for when the reviewer traveled. They recommended bringing along at least one other battery so they could use the TENS unit device whenever the first battery wore out.
  • The next reviewer loved the device and felt that the instructions were very easy to understand. They liked the fact that it came with a case for traveling.  They felt that the electrodes were extremely durable, especially if you are the only one using the device.  They recommended cleaning the area that the electrodes are to be applied on with rubbing alcohol so that the electrodes stuck on better and lasted longer. They recommended getting  more backup electrodes in case the electrodes wear out and also using rechargeable 9 volt batteries.  They were using it for low back pain with a great deal of success.
  • Another reviewer used the TENS electrical muscle stimulator for extremely bad chronic ankle pain. They used the device about three times weekly with resolution of the pain by 80 percent.  They felt that it worked as well as opioid pain relievers without the side effects.
  • There was a reviewer who used it successfully during pregnancy. They had borrowed another person’s TENS unit and decided to invest in one of their own. The noted that the dials are hidden behind a case so that you can’t actually inadvertently turn up the device without opening the case.  They, like others, found the instructions easy to understand. They are very happy to be pain free from using the device.
  • A final reviewer also felt that the device was successful for their pain as well. They had had another device before this one and noted that this device was much more effective.  The device beeps to remind the individual to turn the device completely off so that battery power isn’t wasted.  They liked the metal clip on the device that held the device onto a part of the clothing.

The device is a steal… At this price, it is worth purchasing it for all sorts of pain relieving uses.

Have you tried a TENS electrical muscle stimulator? We would love to hear your thoughts on it, feel free to share with us below in the comment section.


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