There are many different reasons for using a TENS Unit.  For example, for TENS treatment, tendonitis can be pain free, as long as you use the TENS unit correctly.

The TENS unit can be purchase online or prescribed by your doctor to be picked up at a medical supply store.  TENS units are the latest way to treat your tendonitis pain without having to rely on drugs that may be addictive or have other side effects.

TENS Treatment Tendonitis

Proper Use of the TENS Unit

The TENS unit is a small electrical device that is battery powered so you can take it anywhere.  In many situations, it has a small clip on the box-shaped device that clips to your pants or to your belt.  It is also small enough to carry about with your hands.

The TENS unit comes with several electrodes that are affixed to the area of your body. For example with TENS unit treatment for tendonitis, the electrodes are attached to the areas along the tendon that are painful.  You can use it for a deep tendon or a superficial tendon.

Then the device is simply turned on and dialed up to the proper level.  The electrodes will emit a buzzing, which is the electrical signals that come from the device to counter the painful signals coming from the inflamed tendon.

At first it just feels like buzzing and you will still feel the pain.  As you dial up the device, however, the buzzing takes over and it makes the pain perception considerably less.  You then make note of the setting for future reference and wear the device or hold it, as described above.

You can move around with the device attached to your body.  You can even use the tendon if it hasn’t been limited in its use by stiffness or by the electrodes.  Ideally, you should rest the tendon so it has a chance to heal while the TENS unit controls the pain.  The TENS unit can be worn for as long as you like and usually will keep the pain away the whole time.  If you are using the tendon and the pain increases, you can dial up the TENS unit to a higher level.

Other uses for a TENS Unit

Besides using the TENS treatment for tendonitis, you can use your TENS unit for just about any type of pain relief you may need.  If you have a bad back, for example, you can put the TENS unit electrodes on your lower back so that the electrical signals can override the pain signals coming from the muscles or tendons in the low back.

If you have arthritis, you can put the electrodes on whatever arthritic joints you have in order to control your arthritis pain.  You can put the electrodes on just one painful joint or you can put it anywhere where arthritis is a problem.  The electrodes are attached via long wires so that more than one joint can be treated with the same TENS device.

The TENS unit can be used anywhere you have pain, even for surgical pain.  Keep the TENS unit just like you would keep a bottle of acetaminophen in order to be taken out for the treatment of whatever pain you happen to have.

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