tmj face painTMJ disease stands for “temporomandibular joint disease” and is a condition of moderate to extreme pain in the area on either side of the face where the jaw bone connects to the rest of the skull.

The cartilage in this area can become damaged or inflamed by grinding your teeth or by an acute trauma to the TMJ.  Fortunately for most people with this painful condition, TENS treatment for TMJ is available to help ease the pain without the use of drugs or surgery.

How the TENS Unit Works

When it comes to TENS treatment, TMJ disease is a good condition to use it on.  It involves using a special device attached to electrodes.  The electrodes are placed directly over where the area hurts and electrical stimulation is applied to the area.

TENS stands for “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation”; it works by overriding the pain signals coming from the inflamed TMJ area so that the pain is less noticeable.

When you apply the electrodes and turn on the device, it sends electrical impulses to the nerves just beneath the skin of the individual.

While TENS units are used for a variety of pain-related conditions, it is especially helpful on aching joints such as the temporomandibular joint.  The electrical impulses are picked up by the nerves in the TMJ area that cannot relay two different types of sensations at the same time.

Rather than sending pain signals, it sends the gentle electrical signals of the TENS unit to the brain so that the pain signals are blocked.

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Advantages of Using TENS Treatment for TMJ Disease

TENS units for TMJ disease have several advantages over surgery and medications.  Unlike medications for pain, there are no adverse effects from using the TENS unit and the TENS unit is not addictive, unlike many medications used for pain.

The TENS unit can be used for long periods of time without adverse effect.  You simply place the electrodes on the face and dial up an amount of energy that it takes to counteract the pain.

People’s pain thresholds vary so you may need to turn it up higher than the average person to experience pain relief.  The pain relief is immediate, unlike the pain relief you get when taking pills for TMJ disease.

TENS units can be far superior to doing surgery on the temporomandibular joint.  Surgery isn’t always successful in relieving TMJ pain and it often leads to postoperative arthritic changes that are very uncomfortable and are basically untreatable.

Rather than undergo surgery use a TENS unit instead in order to relieve the pain without complicated surgery to the temporomandibular joints.

How Long Does the Pain Relief Last?

Some people only get pain relief when the TENS unit is on while others will feel relief for hours to days after using the TENS unit for just a few hours.  The results you experience will be unique to your condition.

You can use TENS treatment for TMJ pain along with other forms of pain relief such as pain-relieving medications so the combination can keep you pain free and functioning more normally.