Tennis Elbow Pain ReliefTennis elbow generally doesn’t lead to serious health problems.  If the condition gets worse and isn’t treated, on the other hand, you can develop loss of function and loss of motion around the elbow.  This is why you need to follow these simple steps. This can start the healing process and can help you feel better.

Home Remedies for Tennis Elbow Pain

Here are some steps you can follow at home to help with tennis elbow pain relief:

  • Try to rest your wrist, forearm muscles, and fingers to help the tendon heal better. You need to quit doing any activity that you think will result in an increase in your elbow pain.  Depending on how severe your tendon damage is, you may need to avoid any activity that increases your pain for several months.
  • As soon as you recognize the pain, use cold packs or ice for ten to fifteen minutes at a time, several times daily. Keep doing this a long as it continues to relieve your elbow pain.  Try using a warm towel or take a hot bath, if that seems to help.  Do whatever works for you.
  • Wear a brace during activities that require twisting arm movements. The brace is designed to be worn around your forearm just beneath your elbow.  The brace can apply pressure throughout the arm instead of putting it just on the tendon.  Such a brace isn’t good for doing rehabilitation exercises.
  • Try keeping your elbow up to reduce the swelling in your forearm or wrist. This will help relieve the pain of tennis elbow.
  • Try taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) to lessen the inflammation and pain. NSAIDs come in a cream and in pills.  You can rub the cream directly over the area that is painful.  Acetaminophen can also decrease the pain.

Medications for Tennis Elbow

You can have steroids injected into the area of inflammation.  Although these injections are completely safe, they are usually limited to 1-3 times per year.  Even though they are safe, because of side effects, most doctors try to decrease the frequency of injectable medications like steroids.  These types of injections can weaken the tendon in your elbow and can make it more likely that the tendon will rupture.  If it doesn’t work the first time, you shouldn’t have any other injections.

A newer therapy for tennis elbow involves injecting several milliliters of your own blood into the area that is inflamed.  This is also called an autologous blood injection.  It has been found to help the tendon heal faster; however, its usefulness is still under investigation.

Surgery for Tennis Elbow

Surgery for tennis elbow is usually done as a last resort but is helpful in taking care of the pain in most individuals.  The surgery for tennis elbow involves using a small cut over the elbow in order to trim the tendon or to release it and then put the tendon back into the bony tissue.  It can be done as an outpatient procedure; however, it does take several hours to perform.

Tennis elbow pain relief, what rout are you going?

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