This product is a mattress pad that heats up the entire bed so that you can sleep more warmly on chilly, winter nights and you can soothe aching and tired muscles as you sleep.

It offers an auto-adjusting Thermofine technology that allows you to have consistent, comfortable heat that lasts the entire night.

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Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad Review

From: Sunbeam

Model: Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad 

3 Key Features:

  1. Auto-adjusting Thermofine technology
  2. 10 hour auto off function
  3. Dual zone control

Size: You can get this heated mattress pad for:

  • Twin Bed
  • Twin XL Bed
  • Full Size Bed
  • Queen Size Bed
  • King Size Bed


The quilted heated mattress pad is made from 100 percent polyester.  It consists of a 145 thread count and is designed to be placed directly on the mattress and underneath the fitted sheet to keep your bed warm.

It has an EasySet Pro Controller that offers you ten different heating settings and a 10 hour auto off function so it shuts off by morning even if you don’t remember to shut it off manually.  The Thermofine technology is able to sense the need for heat and adjust itself in order to deliver a consistent warmth to your aching muscles throughout the night.

Best yet, the product is completely washable in the washing machine and can be dried in a regular drier.  If you purchase this Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad with EasySet Pro Controller, it is guaranteed that you won’t have to crawl into a cold bed ever again, especially if you live in a colder climate and want to save on home heating costs.

Product Description

The Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad with EasySet Pro Controller is completely padded and quilted so it is comfortable to lie on.

It features a dual zone control so you can set your side of the bed to the temperature you want while your sleeping partner can set the temperature that is most comfortable for them.

The ten heat settings allow you a wide range of heating choices to select from and the whole thing shuts off after ten hours.

The skirt fits up to 18 inch thick mattresses.

Product Specifics

The dimensions of the queen sized padded, heated mattress pad are 80 inches by 60 inches by 0.2 inches, which is the perfect size for a queen-sized bed.

To get the dimensions for twin, twin xl, full and king size mattress pads, Click Here.

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Who Should Buy the Mattress?

This is a good product for anyone who lives in a cold climate and wants to sleep in a warm bed every night.  It saves on heating costs because you can lower the thermostat in the rest of your house during the night.

It is also good for anyone who suffers from fibromyalgia or other chronic pain syndrome that results in sore joints or muscles.  The extra heat will allow you to sleep more comfortably in a comfortable, heated environment.

Who Shouldn’t Buy This Product?

You shouldn’t buy this product if you sleep in a room without an electrical outlet or if you tend to overheat anyway during your sleep.

Women with menopausal symptoms that include night sweats might have worsening of their symptoms at night if you add heat to the picture while you are sleeping.

Questions and Answers

Here are some common questions you may have about the Sunbeam Quilted Polyester Heated Mattress Pad with EasySet Pro Controller:

Where are the controls located, at the foot or the head of the bed? Can you switch the controls to be at either end of the bed?

Answer: The controls of the mattress pad are located at the foot of the bed but you can flip the mattress pad around so they are at the head of the bed if you which.  It may be easier to have the controls at the top of the bed because you can then plug it in to an outlet just behind the bed.  The controls can be neatly tucked beneath a pillow.

Can the coils or wires be felt through the sheets?

Answer: No.  The wires cannot be felt through the sheets so all you feel is the padding.

What is the pocket depth?

Answer: The pocket is very stretchy so that it stretches to 18-19 ½ inches.  If you pull it too hard, however, the stitching will give way.

How do you get it to stay warm? It doesn’t feel warm enough.

Answer: You need to make sure that the blanket or comforter you put over the mattress pad is thick enough to hold in the heat. If it is thick enough, you should feel the heat through the blanket or comforter and the heat will be held inside the pocket of air between the pad and the comforter.

What about shipping?

It has a shipping weight of 5.2 pounds and can be shipped within the United States. It can also be shipped to certain foreign countries. The item must be shipped separate from any other items in the order with extra shipping charges not applicable.

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