The Sunbeam 938-511 King Size Heating Pad with LED Controller is just one member of Sunbeam’s line of heating pads.  Sunbeam has established itself as a reputable manufacturer of small appliances.

This review covers the 938-511 model only.  Since there is such a variety of heating pads made my Sunbeam, please check to make sure that this is the model you are currently interested in.

Sunbeam 938-511 King Size Heating Pad Review

From: Sunbeam

Model: 938-511 heating pad

3 Key Features: 

  1. Moist or dry heat heating pad
  2. One side is microplush for comfort, one side is soft touch for heat
  3. 4 different heat settings

Size: 12″ x 24″

Color: Blue Green


Benefits of the Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush King Size Heating Pad with LED Controller

Relive Joit and Muscle PainThe Sunbeam 938-511 helps relieve joint and muscle pain by providing consistent heat to the affected area.

Increase Circulation – The Sunbeam 938-511 increases circulation to the affected area, thereby providing more oxygen and nutrients to sore muscles and joints, and increased elimination of toxins.

Soothing Effect  – Many users also report a soothing, comforting effect from using the Sunbeam 938-511.


How to Use the Heating Pad

The cord with the controller plugs into the plastic part connected to the blue pad.

The cord connector part has 2 arrow shaped prongs which must be pushed in all the way so there is no space seen. This is a tight connection!

If you want to wash the heating pad, you will need to remove the pad connector.  To do this, you must push both prongs toward each other to release the cord.

Place the heating pad on the desired area, choose your desired heat setting, and then press the power button.

When the automatic shut-off deploys, a red LED light will activate, letting you know that the heating pad has shut off.

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How NOT to Use the Heating Pad

The instructions state not to use the heating pad while sleeping, not to lie in the heating pad, and to speak with your healthcare provider before using if you have any circulatory or neuropathy issues.

The Sunbeam 938-511 is not constructed to withstand the full weight of an adult.  If you lie on it, you will void the replacement warranty.

Those with circulatory (blood flow) issues or impaired nerve endings may not be able to sense when the pad is becoming too hot, thereby sustaining burns.

Heating pads are meant to increase blood flow for optimal muscle and joint health, not as a solution to a systemic disorder.

Features of the Sunbeam 938-511 Heating Pad

  • Four heat settings.
  • A two-hour automatic shut-off switch.
  • It is soft, pliable, and flexible, and can be comfortably wrapped around body parts.  It can    be easily used in circumstances that stiffer heating pads cannot.
  • It provides consistent heat.
  • It provides both wet and dry heat.


The Cover

Sunbeam states that this heating pad has two types of fabric on the cover.  The microplush side is designed for comfort, and the SoftTouch side is designed for better heat delivery.

The 938-511 Heating Pad’s cover is two sided, and not removable.  I was unable to determine the exact fiber content of either Microplush or SoftTouch.  This is important, as the SoftTouch side has a sleeve to be used for moist heat.

Additionally, some users may have sensitivities to certain man-made fibers and may have to use a cotton pillowcase or T-shirt as an additional, removable, washable cover.

The cover may be hand-washed or machine-washed on “delicate” setting.


The Controller

The Controller has four heat settings:

  • Warm
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

A red LED light goes on to show the auto-off feature has been activated. The heating pad cools off totally after about 15 minutes.

Heat Settings:  4 heat levels provide consistent, soothing heat.  Most users report they use it at a level 2 and only use level 3 when they have increased pain.  Most individuals agree that level 4 is extremely hot-hot enough to actually be uncomfortable to some users.

Auto off Feature: The 938-511 Heating Pad shuts off automatically after two hours.  Some users complained about the short cut-off time.  Keep in mind that this heating pad is not meant to be slept on.  There is also no way to disable the automatic shut-off feature.

Dry or Moist Heating

The 938-511 Heating Pad has the capability to deliver both moist and dry heat.  It has a fabric sleeve to hold a moistened cloth, and a sponge is included with the heating pad.  The heating pad can also be lightly sprayed or misted with water.

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Tech Specks:

  • Measurements-12 X 24 X .5”
  • 9-foot electrical cord
  • 70 watts 110 volts
  • Manufactured in China


What Does the Heating Pad DO?

It provides consistent heat, both moist and dry, with an auto-shut off of 2 hours.  It’s very soft and flexible, so it can be used on many smaller body areas and joints.

Who Should Buy the Sunbeam Microplush Heating Pad?

If you need a heating pad with adjustable heat settings that is extremely flexible and comfortable, then the 938-511 may be the correct choice for you.

Do NOT Buy If… you have allergies or sensitivities to certain man-made fabrics or additives, if you will be flipping the pad a lot, or if you can’t wait for a replacement from Sunbeam.


Pros and Cons


  • The entire pad is machine washable
  • It is extremely soft and flexible
  • It has 4 heat settings.


  • Many users complain that the heating pad stops working correctly due to the 9-foot cord becoming easily kinked if the pad is flipped too often.  Some users have solved the problem by untwisting the cord before each use.
  • It is also a common occurrence for the controller to malfunction.  This is covered by the warranty, but is it worth the time to wait for replacements?

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Customer Support and Warranty

The 938-511 is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.  Sunbeam states that they will replace the heating pad if it is not free from defects.  If no replacement is available, it may be replaced with a product of equal or greater value.

The warranty will not cover the heating pad if you attempt to repair it yourself, have used it incorrectly, or acts of God.

IF you do need to return your heating pad for a replacement, you must contact Sunbeam directly for instructions.  Do not return the heating pad to the place of purchase.

Consumer Ratings

Most users gave it between 4 and five stars.  It is important to note that users who were unhappy with it stated that it broke too easily, and only lasted for a year.


This heating pad is very reasonable priced in this large heating pad category.


Final Thoughts

The Sunbeam 938-511 Microplush Heating Pad with LED Controller generally does what it claims to do.

If I were to use it, I would cover the heating pad with a washable cotton pillowcase of T-shirt.  Even the cleanest, driest skin contains oils, sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells.  With frequent use, these will build up, especially when using moist heat.

I’m a little disappointed that users expect their Sunbeam 938-511 to wear out after a year, and that malfunctioning controllers seem to be extremely common.

IT is nice to know that there is a heating pad that is effective AND comfortably flexible, and that has four levels of heat available.  This heating pad has many loyal users who swear by it-they say that they buy two at a time so that they`ll always have one available in case they have to return one, or when one wears out.

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