This is one of the cheaper large heating pads from Sunbeam, will it still function and do it`s job?

We look into that, we also research who this heating pad is for and who should choose another alternative. Find out if this heating pad is for you, or if you should look at another heating pad.

Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad Review

From: Sunbeam

Model: 732 – 500

3 Key Features: 

  • 3 Temperature Settings
  • Added sponge for moist heat
  • Continuous heat

Size: 12”x24”

Colors: Blue


Benefits of the Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad

Pain relief – with this Sunbeam heating pad you can use both dry and moist heat for wanted result. It will loosen the muscles and ease the pain in a specific area.

Increased blood flow – the heating pad will increase blood flow in a specific area. With increased blood flow, you can experience faster healing and faster recovery time.

Relaxation and comfort – this Sunbeam heating pad will help you relax, it will remove stiffness in muscles. The heat will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

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How to Use The Heating Pad

To use this heating pad you place it on wanted area you want to treat. You plug it in and set the wanted heat with the slider control. That`s it, this heating pad is very easy to use.

How NOT to Use the Pad

As many other heating pads it say to not sit or lay on it.

Always read the instructions before using a heating pad.

Features of the Sunbeam 732-500 Pad

How Long to Feel the Heat

This heating pad heats up pretty quickly but it`s not like the XpressHeat pad that heats in 30 seconds.

The Cover

The outer flannel cover is removable, easy to clean and maintain.

The heating pad itself is in a plastic case.

The Controller

The controller comes with 3 heat settings, low, medium and high.

Auto off Feature

This heating pad does not come with a auto shut off feature. It stays on until you turn it off.


Dry or Moist Heating 

This Sunbeam 732-500 heating pad can be used as both. It comes with a blue think sponge that you dampen and put inside the heating pad cover.


Tech Specks

The controller is listed as: 120 V, 50W

Cord: about 9 feet long

Electric/Battery/Microwavable operated: Electric

Made in: China


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Who Should Buy the Sunbeam 732-500 Heating Pad?

Pain relief, this heating pad can help with;

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain

Help you keep a specific body area warm

If you are looking for a heating pad that you can keep on continuously than this heating pad will do that for you.


Do NOT Buy If…

You are looking for a sturdy heating pad.

If you are looking for a heating pad to wrap around a joint, this is stiff and will not be comfortable wrapping.

If you are looking for a heating pad with auto shut off.


Pros and Cons


  • The main reason why people purchase this heating pad is the no autoshut off, it stays on until you shut it off.


  • Some experience that this model “bunch up” and that it does not stay flat, that it`s not very comfortable.
  • Some have experienced that the heating pad does not get hot enough.
  • Some have experienced a strong smell of plastic / vinyl.
  • No option of automatic shut off.

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Customer Support and Warranty

If you need any help from Sunbeam you can reach them here

  • In the U.S.A. –  call 1-800-435-1250
  • In Canada – call 1-800-667-8623

This heating pad comes with a 5 year limited warranty.


Consumer Ratings

Although, thisSunbeam 732-500 heating pad, get good reviews online, the cons outweigh the pros in this case. The most important part is to figure out what YOU need and then go with a heating pad that can do that for you.

Feel free to head over and read the reviews; make sure you read both the good and the bad ones…



This is one of the cheaper models and like in most cases you get what you pay for.


Final Thoughts of the Sunbeam 732-500 King Size Heating Pad

This is a cheaper model and if you are looking for a heating pad with continuous heat I would recommend the next model up, Sunbeam XpressHeat heating pad. It is comfortable, does not wrinkle up and heats very quickly. You can read the full Sunbeam XpressHeat heating pad review here.

top 10 heating padsThere are too many cons for me to be able to recommend this product, the smell, the wrinkled up pad… the list goes on.

I believe there are better options, I therefore suggest you taking a closer look at one of our other top 10 large heating pads, to get a product you can enjoy.


I would love to hear what you think of this heating pad, please leave a comment below.