Shoulder painShoulder pain can be caused by several different things.  You can injure your shoulder as a result of direct trauma to the shoulder during contact sports.

You can also injure your shoulder by lifting heavy things over and over again, using your shoulders to carry the object.

People who throw balls in sports, such as pitchers, can suffer from shoulder injuries.  You can also injure your shoulder in a fall that dislocates the shoulder and causes a dislocation of the shoulder.

Fortunately, a shoulder heating pad can be used to decrease pain and relieve the muscle spasm of the shoulder.

Muscles that can become involved in shoulder injuries include the rotator cuff muscles, which support the joint itself and can become torn or inflamed after a dislocation.  There is also the large trapezius muscle that starts in the neck, moves down to the middle of the back and across the entirety of the shoulder to insert in one of the bones of the shoulder.

Fortunately, there are several shoulder heating pads you can make use of to ease the soreness of the muscles and muscle spasm.  These include the following:

Shoulder Heating Pad – 3 Kinds to Consider

1. Regular Heating Pad

You can buy a regular heating pad online from about $30 USD. They plug into the wall and can be adjusted to low, medium, or high heat.  You should avoid high heat unless there is some type of padding, such as a towel or cloth to protect your skin from burning.

The advantage of this type of shoulder heating pad is that it is inexpensive to purchase.  The disadvantage is that it doesn’t form-fit to your shoulder and may be difficult to keep snuggly around your shoulder muscles.

2. Form Fitting Heating Pad

You can buy a form fitting heating pad for the shoulder on the Internet.  They come in small, medium, and large sizes for varying types of people.  They cost a bit more than a pharmacy heating pad for the shoulder but provide you with a snug application of the heating pad onto both shoulders.

You basically wear it like a cape and it crosses from shoulder to shoulder, also providing heat relief to your neck.  They usually come padded so the heating pad doesn’t burn the skin.

Some of them have just small, medium, and high settings, while others allow you to set the temperature to the exact temperature you want.  You can wear this pad for 30 minutes at a time before shutting it off and allowing the shoulders to heal.

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3. Jade Heating Pad

For deep heat relief, try buying a jade heating pad on the Internet.  They cost about $100 USD but allow you to get to the deeper tissues of the shoulder.

These jade heating pads work by putting far infrared ray heat or “FIR heat” into jade discs imbedded into the mesh of the pad.  FIR heat goes deeper into the tissues than a regular heating pad, allowing for heating of the muscles at 2-3 inches deep to the skin.

They make a great neck jade heating pad for those who have chronic shoulder pain and often need relief.

Hope you enjoyed this article, Shoulder Heating Pad – 3 Kinds to Consider. How do you ease your shoulder pain feel free to share below.