In this review, we evaluate the ‘ BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat and Long Rail 16’ to help you decide whether this is the chair that matches your needs or not.

Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner BM-EC161 Review

Model: BM-EC161 

Make: from BestMassage

Key Features:

  • 4 Automatic Massage Programs
  • Zero Gravity Function
  • Heat Around Your Waist

Color:  Black


Benefits of the BestMassage BM-EC161 Shiatsu Massage Chair

Improve circulation: This BM-EC161 massage chair offers roller massage which can help to increase the blood flow in your body. This enhances the body’s ability to absorb nutrition and also clears out toxins in the massaged areas.

Increase your endorphin levels: By reducing your muscle pain and anxiety, this Shiatsu Massage chair can increase your endorphin (also known as feel good chemicals) levels.  Increased endorphin levels means that you feel more positive and happier.

Reduce muscle tension and pain: The kneading, rolling and shiatsu hand like motions of this reclining massage chair can reduce muscle fatigue and rejuvenate your whole body and mind. It helps to relax stiff and tense muscles.

Sleep well: Massaging your body mobilizes your muscles and releases the stress that has been built up. This relaxes your body over all leading you to sleep more soundly. It provides you with a therapeutic massage that helps to keep your tension at bay.

Heat treatment:  This Shiatsu massage chair offers heat around the waist area which can not only alleviate backaches but also stomach colds. This is because when muscles are heated up, they are more elastic and more flexible. By providing ample heat to your abdominal area, this massage chair can speed up the process of pain relief.


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How to Use the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair 

Before using this Shiatsu massage chair, make sure to remove any hard items you have on such as hair accessories and watches.

Once you sit on the massage chair and power it on, the OPTO sensor should automatically contour to your body’s shape and your shoulder position to provide you with an effective massage.

Then you can choose one of the preset massage methods: Relax, Extend, Recover or Refresh.

After that, choose a massage function of your preference, the target area, and the intensity level of the massage (Low, Medium and High). Sit back and feel the pain and stress go away.

Massage Functions:

  • Kneading: Can be used primarily to remove knots.
  • Vibrating Shiatsu: Incorporates the Shiatsu massaging technique by vibrating the target areas.
  • Rolling: Creates an up and down movement, like the fixed-point of revolving finger pressing for direct and effective massage effect.


Features of the BestMassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair

Zero Gravity

This zero gravity feature helps your massage chair recline in such a position that you feel near to being weightless. In this position, the chair puts your leg in a level that is a little higher than your heart.

This position helps to take the weight off your upper body by decompressing your spine and is considered the ideal position for an effective massage. The chair reclines quickly and quietly from a vertical position to a horizontal one.

OPTO Sensor Device

This reclining chair uses advanced body scan OPTO technology to find your shoulder’s position so that it can deliver the highest quality of massage for all different body types.

Shiatsu Roller Scraping and Pressure Cups

It also offers roller scraping for the whole foot which can be an amazing way to relax your sore feet after a long day at work. This chair also offers strong pressure cups that wraps around your arm and squeezes it according to your preferred intensity, all the while simulating the human touch.

The massage area has also increased (from the previous models) and now, it covers 60% of your body. It massages all sides of your body and gives it the ultimate relaxing experience.


Remote Control

The remote control is easy to use and doesn’t have any confusing jargons on the buttons. It also has an LED display screen which makes the instructions that you’ve selected easy to read. It is adjustable to targeting certain areas as well.



With built in wheels, this massage chair from BestMassage is easy to transport from one part of your home to another.


L Shape

The L-shape of this shiatsu massage chair allows the rollers to go all the way from the neck to the thigh.

This extensive range of motion allows the roller heads to deliver a pain relieving massage with an ultra-long range massage (neck area, shoulders, upper and lower back, buttocks and thighs) – something that other expensive massage chairs lack as they can only provide massage till the tail bone.

Who should use this BestMassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair?

People who have back problems and muscle aches but cannot afford to go to a physical therapist frequently or do not have time to go to a masseuse on a regular basis should use this massage chair.

This massage chair, being more affordable than other ones in the market, might be the best bang for your buck. It might be especially useful for people who have chronic pain but are searching for a healthier alternative to pain killers with minimal side effects.

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Who shouldn’t use this BestMassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair?

People who are taller than 6″3 feet or shorter than 5″ feet should not use this massage chair as they might not be able to fully make use of the leg airbag and the foot massage. Pregnant women are also advised not to use this massage chair as it might adversely affect the fetus.

This massage chair shouldn’t be used by people who don’t like intense massages.


Customer Support and Warranty

Although this massage chair was built in China, it offers warranty during the first year of ownership (on all parts).


Final Thoughts

The BestMassage BM-EC161 massage chair is a great deal if you are looking for an affordable massage chair with different massaging styles and functions. The zero gravity, automatic programs and heat around your waste are great additional functions to this Shiatsu massage chair. It is the ideal chair if you want a chair that offers intense massage options with an affordable price tag. We are not the only ones to think that, the reviews over at one of the largest retailers, speak for themselves…