September 2016 Best Seller List for Feel Pain ReliefDealing with pain can be devastating. There are many different kinds of pain and different solutions to ease it. In this post, we talk about different solutions for pain relief.

These solutions are not only effective, they are some of the best offered on the market.  Look out for the savings as well!


September 2017 Best Seller List for Feel Pain Relief


Categories for September 2017 Best Seller List

  • Far infrared heat heating mat
  • Electric heating pad
  • Neck and shoulder heat wrap
  • Massage chair
  • Body pillow
  • TENS unit
  • Homeopathic remedy for pain relief


#1 Far Infrared Heat Mat with Amethyst Crystal 

This far infrared heat mat has many health benefits. Pain relief, an increase of circulation, improves the immune system and relieve stress are just a few benefits.

The infrared heat penetrates deeper into the tissue of the muscle for better healing and relief. This FIR heating mat gives out negative ions, it’s also FDA registered.

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#1 Best Seller Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating Pad

The Sunbeam XpressHeat Heating pad has been a continuous best seller when it comes to electric heating pads. With its fast heat up feature and soft plush cover, it’s a comfortable “winner” for many.

You have a choice of continuous heat or automatic shut off, not all the heating pads will offer both features.

This heating pad is perfect to stay warm and comforatable during the cold winter months, but also great for pain relief and quicker healing if injured.

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Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap

If you have problems with your upper back, neck and shoulder area, using a specific heating pad for that area is your best solution. A neck and shoulder heat wrap can warm up the area and relief your pain.

With its specific form it wraps around your neck for best comfort. If you are looking for a heat wrap and massager take a closer look at this Sunbeam Massaging XI Heat Wrap.

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#1 Massage Chair

Imagine this, you come home from a stressful day. You sit down in your massage chair, and turn on your favorite massage program that massage your whole body. Airbags that massage your arms, legs, back, shoulders and feet.

You feel totally relaxed!

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Our #1 Body Pillow Pick: Sunggle Pedic Memory Foam

Using a full body pillow has many health benefits and not only for pregnant women. Although using a body pillow can really support both your back and stomach while pregnant.

A body pillow can also be useful to line up your spine correctly, so if you are suffering from back pain, using a body pillow might help ease that pain. We all want that great night sleep, using a memory foam body pillow can help with that.

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#1 TENS Unit Best Seller

A tens unit can give you drug-free pain relief on very specific areas of your body. Apply the pads on the body area you want to treat, and you can feel the pain relief.

This tens unit is FDA cleared comes with 8 pads through 4 outputs and 15 different modes. A great tens unit that’s an online best seller.


#1 Pain Relief Homeopathic Remedy

This is a long term best seller on amazon. This patent pending pain relief cream relief all kinds of pain, arthritis, back pain, neck pain, sciatica, sore joints and more.

This product heals and repair, it does not just mask the pain.


This is our top list for September 2017, if you feel that we missed any category or product when it comes to pain relief, feel free to leave a comment with your suggestions below,