sciaticaSciatic pain is as a result of pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pain comes from the lower back to the legs. This would normally cause distress to the victim. Sciatica pains have also been known to cause problems with movements.

Sciatic pains could be due to herniated disc, spinal stenosis, injury, infection and growth in the spine.

The following could also be signs that a person is suffering from sciatic pains: numbness, slow reflexes, tingling sensation and weakness in the muscles. Sciatic pains can be remedied if a person takes proper rest. There are home remedies for sciatic pains.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

These are the possible home remedies that one can use to do away with sciatic pains. First, it is very important that you drink plenty of water. Water goes a long way in lubricating the vertebral disc. This reduces friction and puts the disc back to its original position.

2. Take lots of Vitamin B

It is also a good idea that a person suffering from sciatic pains get to consume a lot of Vitamin B. This can be found in foods such as unpolished rice, cereals, spinach, bread, beef, pork, beans, pinto beans, bananas, soya beans, green leafy vegetables and fresh red vegetables. Over the ages, Germans have always used raw sauerkraut to remedy any kind of muscular pain.

3. Use Garlic

Garlic can equally be useful. Garlic manages to keep the body warm, aids in blood circulation and relieves the body of aches and pains. It should however be noted that garlic should not be taken by that person taking anti-coagulants or has disorders such as ulcers. It is therefore very important that one gets to seek the opinion of a qualified physician before opting to use garlic as a remedy for sciatic pains.

4. Maximize Herbal Medicines

Herbs can also come in very handy. Make good use of them. For instance, the elderberry is a known muscle relaxant, which can help soothe sciatic nerve pains .It can be taken in form of tea or juice. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory; a freshly grated ginger mixed with water can go a long way in soothing pain. Fresh celery leaves can also work to relieve one of sciatic pains.

5. Sleep Properly

Sleeping position is also very key for those suffering from sciatic pains. One is advised to sleep in a side position with a pillow in between the legs to act as a means of support. Even if one decides to sleep on the back, a pillow should be placed under the knees so as to reduce lower back pressure.

6. Indulge in Light Exercises

Light exercises would also do. It is however advisable that one gets to consult the doctor before deciding to engage in any of these exercises. Yoga can equally be good, but let it be done under the guidance of an instructor.

7. Use Heating Pads

Heat pads are one of the most effective pain relievers out there. Heating pads can help reduce inflammation and pain. In addition to this topical medication may also help, though the effect is very temporary. Massage gently on the affected areas.

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Final Thoughts

It is very possible to treat sciatic pains at home. However, should the pain persist, then it is very advisable that one seeks the advice of a doctor or any other qualified physician.