Capsaicin .025% cream by Rugby is a generic equivalent to Zostrix pain relieving cream.

It is a topical analgesic cream to be used for pain caused by muscles and joints, such as simple backache, arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and cramps.


How Does the Rugby Capsaicin 0.025% Cream Work?

Capsaicin is the active ingredient in this cream.  Capsaicin is the ingredient in Chile peppers that causes them to be “hot”.  It has been shown to be an effective analgesic; it relieves pain by temporarily disabling the pain receptors in nerve endings.

Although most individuals experience relief after the first application, capsaicin has a cumulative affect.  Maximum pain relief is experienced after several weeks of continuous use.  Some users need to build up a tolerance to capsaicin, as well.

Extended use will allow users to increase their dose/frequency of use.  The instructions advise users to apply the cream 3 to 4 times a day.

The inactive ingredients are: acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, cetyl acetate, methylparaben, PPG-20 methyl glucose ether distearate, propylene glycol, propylparaben, stearate-100, stearic acid, stearyl alcohol, triethanolamine, and water. It is for external use only, and should not be used on open wounds, broken skin, or near mucous membranes.


This cream is packaged in a tube, so it is easy to apply.  The instructions state that it should be stored at room temperature, so it’s easy to keep in your purse, desk, locker, or bag.  This cream is contains a significantly lower percentage of capsaicin, as compared to other capsaicin-containing products.

Users who are not able to tolerate a 1% cream may be able to use this formulation.  Users report relief after the first application, and this cream does not have the side effects of oral pain relievers.  It can be used for chronic conditions, and its pain-reliving properties increase with use.



As with any capsaicin-containing product, all forms of direct heat should be avoided while using this cream.  A thorough hand-washing is required after each use; some people may find this inconvenient or impractical.

The instructions state to test a small amount before use, to determine sensitivity and to insure than you don’t experience an adverse reaction.  This takes time, and many people want pain relief as soon as possible.


Who Should Use the Rugby Capsaicin Cream?

You should use this cream if you want to experiment with capsaicin as a form of topical pain relief.  This product is also a good choice if you are not allergic or sensitive to capsaicin or hot peppers, need an easy-to-apply topical cream, and want to avoid oral medications.  You also need to be willing and able to rigorously follow the instructions.

Who Should Not Use It?

Don’t use this cream if you are allergic to capsaicin or chili peppers, are using heat therapy, or your injury has an open wound or is close to mucous membranes.  Capsaicin-containing products should not be used on children under the age of 18 without a doctor’s instruction.

If you are not able to thoroughly was your hands with soap immediately after applying the cream, you should not use it or wear gloves while applying it.  If you choose to wear gloves, dispose of them properly so that they don’t come into direct contact with your skin or any surface that comes into contact with skin (countertops, phones, keyboards, etc).

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