If you come home from work with aches and pains that stretch over your whole body, what would be better than a full body shiatsu massage? Since most of us cannot afford their own masseuse to massage us whenever we feel like it, why not invest in an electric full body shiatsu massage chair?

Such chairs do exist and one in particular is available online, the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair. In this review we take a closer look at this Shiatsu Massage Chair so that you can make an informed decision, is this massage chair for you or not?

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair, EC-06C Review

Model: Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest 06C

3 Key Features:

  • More than 30 airbags
  • Built in heat system
  • Fully reclines

Weight: 300 pounds

This chair is black and made of real leather. It consists of power rollers within the confines of the chair that are used to relax stress in the muscles. It can also rejuvenate the mind, lessen fatigue, and relax the body.

It makes use of both percussion and compression to relax the muscles, including those of the back, arms, and legs. A turn at the shiatsu full body massage chair can improve flexibility, extremity mobility, and overall posture.

The chair was voted the number 1 Best Professional Massage Chair in 2015.


Product Details

The chair fully reclines, with more than 30 airbags for best massage.

The chair weighs 185 pounds and has a shipping weight of about 300 pounds. It is manufactured in China.

It comes with a one year limited warranty that includes parts and labor.

The buyer does not have to send the chair back, they do have to send the defective part back to the manufacturer for repair. The company will send the item back when the repair has been completed.


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Who Should Buy This Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair?

This chair can be used by those who have chronic problems with lower back, arm, and leg pain that can be relieved through massage.

It can be used daily for the relief of pain and to increase the flexibility of the muscles of the body.

If you enjoy massage and would like to have it conveniently in your own home, this Full Body Shiatsu Massage chair is a good choice.


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Who Should Not Buy This Chair?

If you have only occasional pain or muscle spasm, the cost of the chair might be prohibitive. In addition, the chair is fairly large so you need to have enough room in the living room or family room to be able to store the chair when it is not in use.

It is also a very heavy chair so if it needs to be moved from place to place in the house, it should be done by someone who can maneuver a 300 pound electric chair.

The Company Behind the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

The one problem I have with this, is not the chair, the chair seems great, but rather the company behind it. There’s very little information about them and they seem hard to get hold of.

If your chair is working as it should, then I don’t see a problem. The problem is if there is ever any issues, it will be hard to get help.

Questions and Answers about the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair

Question: Does the chair massage both the arms and legs?
Answer: The chair massages the entire body, including the forearms and calves at the same time. It comes with two air bags on the armrest that presses down on the forearm muscles.

Question: Will the chair massage the trapezoid muscles or the back of the neck?
Answer: The chair will massage the back of the neck but doesn’t reach up to the back of the head. It will massage the trapezoid muscles.

Question: The chair seems large. Will it fit through a 31 inch door frame?
Answer: The chair does not come preassembled so that it can fit through just about any door frame.

Question: Does the chair operate with normal electricity?
Answer: The chair plugs into a standard 110V electrical socket so it can be used anywhere in a home that has adequate electricity.

Customer Reviews:


Positive feedback: I have owned this chair for more than a year and it has shown no signs of any kind of wear and tear. It is really worth the money I spent on it.

Not so positive feedback: I had the chair for less than a year before it broke down on me.

Heavy Chair but It Does Make Me Feel Better: 

You need to be prepared that this is a very heavy chair that will require at least two strong men to get it into your house and put it where you want it placed. It is, however, made from a soft real leather and there wasn’t too much to assemble. I had to assemble the air bags on the arm rest but this was relatively easy. The control pad needed to be screwed onto the arm rest as well. I suffer from longstanding back pain and the chair really does make me feel better when I use it. I have had other massage chairs but this is by far the most superior chair I have owned. It doesn’t have a vibratory feature, which I would have enjoyed.

Great for Massage but It’s Not Your TV Chair:

I have been really impressed by the shiatsu chair I bought. It came with real leather and took only a week to be delivered to me. It comes with a heating feature that warms the muscles as the device massages my whole body. There are features on the chair that massage not only your back, butt, and upper back, but also massages the legs and arms as well. It is definitely a massage chair and would be uncomfortable to sit in if you simply used it to watch television or read in.

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Great for Back Massage:

The chair comes in brown or black and I purchased the black version of the chair. It is extremely heavy and it took two people to get it up the stairs to my bedroom. Once in the chair, however, my worries melted away and it worked wonders on all of my muscles. I was especially entranced by the way it worked on my lower back muscles, which are usually stiff all of the time. I don’t have problems with my legs or arms but the chair comes with features that massages the arms and legs. Even so, it’s a nice feature.

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