The other day I was in contact with the owner of Sensible Decisions, I had seen the jade mask and asked about it. Kindly enough she said – “I’ll send you one to try out”.

I received the reusable face mask a few days ago and have been using it daily since. I’ll share my thoughts on the jade mask in this review.


Reusable 100% Natural Jade Mask Review

Product: Charmed Jade Eye Mask

From: Sensible Decision

Stones Included: 100% natural Jade stone

Size: 11.5” long, 4.5” wide (at the widest part)

Weight: 9.6 ounces

This neat jade mask can be used either cold or warm. No electricity needed.


How to Use the Mask Cold

To get the jade mask cold I left it in the pouch it came with and placed it in the refrigerator. It didn’t take long for the stones to get cold.

When I want to use it I just take it out of the refrigerator and place it on the wanted body area I want to cool. I’ve used it not only on my face but to cool an aching leg or arm as well. It drapes really nicely around your limb.

The mask is made out of many small jade pieces stringed together looking like a facial mask. The beads around the edges give it an extra cute look.


Ease Headache and Sinus Pain?

Today I woke up with a pounding headache, my face was aching from sinus pain and it went all the way back to my ears. Not sure if it’s allergies or I’m getting a cold. It was that first day when you feel really crabby.

I took the jade mask out from the refrigerator and placed it on my face. It’s lightweight and it drapes really nice around the face. It covers a large area of my face, from forehead deep down on my cheeks. I would also slide the mask up covering the top of my head on occasion.

I can’t say that my headache and sinus pain disappeared but it definitely cooled my face and head and made me feel a little better, it was very soothing. It was also relaxing to take a few minutes for myself to lay down and enjoy the cooling jade mask on my face.



Puffy Eyes

All though my headache didn’t disappear I felt the puffiness around my eyes getting a little better. Must say that allergy season is not good for my skin and puffiness around my eyes, but using the cooling mask felt refreshing and it felt like it toned down my bags around my eyes.


“Boo Boo” Fighter

Yesterday, I used the cooling jade mask for a completely different reason. My 8-year-old daughter came running in with big tears rolling down her cheeks. She had got hit by a baseball and it made a big red mark on her thigh.

Usually, I would fill a bag with ice but I thought that I would try the jade mask. It was a hit. It draped nicely around her leg and it was very soothing for her. It was cold when we first got it out so we had to place a piece of fabric in between the mask and leg. Soon those tears were gone.


My Go to “Me Time” Mask

I have also been using this jade mask in combination with natural stone mats. Every week I try to get 3 – 5 occasions with 20 minutes on one of my natural stone mats. It helps m relax, get rid of stress and I just feel better suited to take on the daily tasks and craziness in my life. The mask is a great compliment to the natural stone mats to help my face relax and improve that quality “me time”.


How to Use the Jade Mask Warm

The mask can also be used warm. Place it in a warm cup or bowl of water for about 3 minutes then enjoy the warmth from the mask. It kind of reminded me of the warm towels you get when you fly internationally. It is nice, hot and moist in the beginning but it wears off pretty quickly.

Even though you dry it off when you take the mask out of the water you will still get some in your face, the water probably finds it ways into the small holes in the stones. A good wipe and shake of the mask take most water out but there will still be some moister.

Since this reusable face mask can be used without electricity, it’s easy to bring with you and use on the go. Put it in a cool place to get the cold benefits or in a cup of warm water for the warm benefits.


What’s Included in the Package


  • The facial jade mask
  • A pouch to keep the mask in




  • Why use jade stones?

Jade promotes good health in many ways and emits negative ions.


  • How do you clean the facial mask?

After I use the eye mask I wipe it off with a damp cloth.


  • How long does the jade facial mask stay cold?

I found it to be really cold for about 8 –  10 minutes. After that, it starts to warm up.


  • How long does it stay warm?

Initially, it’s really nice and warm but it wears off pretty quickly. I would say it’s really warm for a few minutes then it starts to cool down.



Customer Support and Warranties

Sensible Decisions stand behind their jade eye mask saying that they will refund the money if you do not love your mask, after returning it in the same condition you received it.

If you have any questions about the mask you can leave a comment below or call 866-506-3090.


Final Thoughts on the Eye Jade Mask

This is a great gift either for yourself or a loved one. I would highly recommend this multi-purpose jade mask. A mask that can be used both cold and warm, cooling and refreshing or warm and nice. Although I personally prefer to use the cold version. With the great guarantee from Sensible decisions, you got nothing to lose give it a go.