Have you been living in uncomfortable pain?  Do back and body aches keep you from being able to fully relax and enjoy yourself?  Unfortunately this seems to be the case for many, many people.  The Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-motor massage standard mat with heat could potentially be your saving grace.

This product may be the answer to your discomfort.  With its heat and massage capabilities, you will be provided with cozy pain relief that will help soothe those tired, aching muscles that for so long have been the source of your soreness and unpleasant pain.


Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-Motor Massage Standard Mat with Heat Review

From: Relaxzen

Model: 60-2907P04

Kind of Massage: Vibration

Pre programmed modes: 5

Massage zones: 4

Benefits of the Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-Motor Massage Standard Mat with Heat

Stress Relief and Relaxation – This massaging mat with heat will provide you the warmth and comfort needed to induce stress relief and relaxation.  Whether just wanting to enjoy the satisfaction and contented bliss generated by the vibration and heat or needing a way to decompress, relax, and relive stress, this mat may serve to be quite useful.

Pain Relief – This particular product is great for treating body aches, muscle tension, joint pain, pain associated with arthritis, muscle cramps, and so on.  Its full length is able to easily aid your aching body by providing therapy to any or all parts of the body.  The cushioned pad is able to provide the heat and massage therapy that you would normally be forced to pay for in the comfort of your own home.  And with its length and flexibility, you can use it on a chair or laying down flat and still achieve considerable levels of comfort and contentment.

Although not providing a shiatsu-like massage, the five massage modes that work in four difference massage zones is able to assist you in managing your pain.  And if not in pain, is able to simply create a gratifying experience that will loosen your muscles and give you your own tranquil moment in time.

The four zones will target all areas of the body for increased and higher levels of relief and enjoyment.  Along with the mollifying vibration, the heat provided will serve to make almost disappear all of the stress and tension that has been plaguing and tightening your muscles.

Well being – All of the anxiety from the day will simply melt away with the relaxation that the heat and massage therapy is able to provide.  This mat promotes general and increasing well-being by both relieving pain and providing warmth, serenity, and relaxation to create in you a feeling of being more content and comfortable.

How to use the Relaxzen 60-2907P04

This mat from Relaxzen can be used while laying down or sitting on any chair or couch.  In whichever way will be most comfortable for you, simply position your body on top of the mat.  The pad utilizes 10 motors to provide you with optimal satisfaction.

Using the handheld LED remote control, you may choose which areas to focus on and adjust the intensity levels to whichever is most appropriate to your specified area.  If you wish to enlist all areas of massage, you may do that too, allowing for use of all four massage zones at once for full-body treatment.  After using, the pad folds for uncomplicated storage and transport.


Features of the Relaxzen Massage Mat with Heat

  • With 4 massage zones and 5 massage modes you are ensured comfort that will suit all of your specific needs.
  • 3 intensity levels allow you to control the level of focus on targeted body parts.
  • The vibration motors may focus on targeted areas or be used all at once for full-body treatment.
  • Heat therapy can be provided in the lumbar area for added comfort.
  • The mat is versatile-being able to be used by lying flat or on a couch or chair.
  • The cover is made of soft material.  This, along with the foam padding, creates a comfortable surface on which to sit or lay.
  • An AC adapter is included.
  • The LED handheld remote control allows for the user to control the targeted areas and intensity.
  • The mat easily folds for storage and transport.
  • The dimensions are 66.9 X 1.4 X 22.4 inches.
  • The mat weighs 5 pounds, with a shipping weight of 4.9 pounds.
  • The mat is available in 3 colors: gray, beige, and leopard.
  • There are 3 product options: standard, plush, or plush and washable.  The standard has included vibration massage, lumbar heat, controller, and standard foam.  The plush mat has included vibration massage, lumbar heat, controller, and plush foam.  The plush and washable has included vibration massage, lumbar heat, controller, plush foam, washable cover, and removeable pillow.

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What Does this Massage Mat Help With?

This mat helps relive minor aches and pains, muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness, and arthritis related pain.  The heat and vibrating massage modes also help to reduce and alleviate stress and promote relaxation and general well-being.


Who is This Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-Motor Massage Standard Mat with Heat for?

This Relaxzen Massage Mat is intended for use by those experiencing any type of pain or discomfort.  Those who need or desire an easy, durable, and reliable way of treating pain and discomfort may experience relief with the use of this product.  Additionally, anyone desiring a warm, relaxing way to melt away all of the day’s stress will benefit from this mat.  At the end of the day we all have things that we would like to leave behind or forget about, at least temporarily.  This mat will help make that happen.


Who should not buy it?

Anyone not comfortable with heat or vibrating massage therapy should not use this product.  Additionally, for those who do have specific sensitivities, your physician should be consulted before using this product.


Support and warranty

For customer service and warranty questions or concerns, you may contact the manufacturer directly or Amazon’s customer service team at warrantyquestions@amazon.com.


This product may be shipped within the U.S. and to select countries outside of the U.S.  This item must be shipped separately from other items in your order.

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Final Thoughts on Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-Motor Massage Standard Mat with Heat

Whether you have been experiencing discomfort, general or pinpointed, or simply want a way to increase your level of relaxation, the Relaxzen 60-2907P04 10-motor massage standard mat with heat may be the product for you.

With its lumbar heat therapy and full body vibrating massage capability, any pain, tension, or discomfort will be significantly decreased, if not completely eliminated.  It is flexible and easy to use, and with the choice of different colors and ordering options, you are assured the ability to find the perfect one for you.

Most users who provided comments and reviews expressed satisfaction with the heat and massage options, being greatly impressed with the option to focus on a specific area or allow for full body treatment.  The main concern, however, is it length.  If you are tall you may not receive the full benefits, as this pad does not come in varying lengths.  Overall, though, this product may be worth investing in.