Are you looking for a recliner massage chair? Something to sit down in relax, recline and enjoy. In this article, we take a closer look at these massage chairs, so that you get a better idea of what to get.

What Is a Recliner Massage Chair?

When you think about massage, you think of someone delivering the sensations physically to your body. But what if we say there’s a type of chair which produces the same effect in the same manner if not better.

A recliner massage chair is a mechanized chair which delivers vibrations and kneading in a way to provide the same effect a massage does. They simulate the technique used by massagers to provide a high degree of tension and pain relief. The unique feature about a recliner massage chair is the fact that it doubles up as regular reclining chair.

They are designed as a choice over the regular massage because they offer the convenience of privacy and you can utilize it from the console of your home. They have grown in popularity today because of the added style, and they can be camouflaged in a design of a regular chair or living room seat. They are capable of delivering the patterns that massage therapists make to make the feeling as humanly as possible.


Why Choose a Recliner Massage Chair?

  • Health Benefits

The health reasons for a massage chair are quite broad. First, more people realize the healing power of a massage. Particularly true for people who experience regular pain, they have shown to manage pain through proper use. If you experience constant pain like lower back pain (which is the most common), neck, shoulders, they’ll ease the muscle stiffness; hence act as a remedy for your pain.

They improve the blood circulation in your body to boost your healing process in injured areas. The reasoning here is that more blood supply equals more nutrients and oxygen supply. This means that your body automatically heals itself naturally. Another health benefit comes from the release of the home endorphin which the body utilizes to fight stress and pain naturally. This healing is because massage sensations act to block pain from entering the nervous system.

  • Wholesome Wellness

We say a fulfilled life is to live a stress-free life. A massage chair relaxes your body resulting in de-stressing, and a calming effect is sent to the brain. Your sleep improves, and your mood stabilizes. Regular use of massage chairs has shown to promote the wellness of the person using it. The “feel good hormones” induce release from tension and anxiety, consequently helping you relax.


How do Recliner Massage Chairs Work?

Every design is different, but there’s a general way each manufacturer uses. That is by involving three crucial things, gears, motors, and rollers/airbags. Together, they either have a full or limited range of motion. The rollers humanize the chair by providing palpations following a particular path/pattern created by the machine. The gears aid in making the chair take multiple positions when in use by the touching a dial on the chair. The motor typically provides the energy for the rollers to work their magic.

What to Consider When Buying a Recliner Massage Chair

  • What do you stand to gain?

Are you looking to manage pain or get stress relief? Since most recliner massage chairs offer both benefits, it should be pretty easy to figure out which one you want.

  • Functions

How smooth are the operations? Which style does the massage chair use? You’ll find that they use more than one form, say shiatsu, Swedish, kneading or tapping. If you want to customize your sessions, you’ll need to make a consideration for the technique you are buying.

  • Type of recliner massage

There are usually two kinds; that is the S-track and the L-track. The differing feature is that the L-track follows the body’s frame through the spine to your hamstring and bottom. The S-track stops at the waist.

  • Budget

The most common factor is that massage chairs are upscale. Even if they are priced among the affordable ones, most brands dig deep into our pockets. The basic thing you should know however is that some brand names are as expensive as the name itself.  When you don’t consider the name, it’s logic that you can get what you are looking for in an affordably priced massage chair.

You might also take into consideration that going to a massage therapist on a regular basis, can get expensive. It’s not uncommon to pay around $80 for an hour massage including tip. Do that a couple of times a week and it adds up when you go to your massage therapist

  • Customer Support and Warranty

Does your manufacturer offer full returns for faulty products? Do they offer repair and maintenance to the massage chair you choose? And is the warranty guaranteed? These considerations will make your choice easier, so do your research to make an informed decision.


Our Favorite Recliner Chairs on the Market Today

You’ll want to check out these 13 massage chairs as you take the next steps to acquire your recliner massage chair. They are in no specific order but are definitely the best of Recliner Massage Chairs.

Kahuna Full Body Massage Chair LM6800

For full body massage, this is what you’ll want to look. It uses both air bags and rollers to give massage sensations from your neck to your feet. You will soothe your stiff muscles, get relief from acute pain and help your body improve its well-being while also improving immunity.

It is an L-track design which serves to provide deep feet massage. This Kahuna massage chair also inculcates body-scan technology to identify the parts you choose and two zero-gravity positions. You’ll also be impressed by the added Yoga stretching massage option.


Shiatsu Recliner Massage Chair BM-EC161 by Best Massage

This cool design is by Best Massage here they have included all the great features for a truly remarkable time. It includes an OPTO sensor device which identifies different positions of our body parts. For example, if there are more than one user, this massage chair can tell the difference between them.

With the Shiatsu BM-EC161 massage chair, you will receive wholesome wellness which includes healing of the body from pain, boosts immunity, promotes better sleep and helps you relax and de-stress.

It also incorporates different massage programs like the Relax, Recover, Extend and Refresh intelligent massages. A unique feature that will definitely win you over is the waist heat which proves useful to persons with back pains and other muscular pains.


Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 Massage Chair

The benefits garnered from this massage chair, are countless including deep core healing, pain and stress relief and the ultimate relaxation benefits.

It is a swivel-based massager with the BodyMap pro system, where you dial on the place you want to receive relief, and the chair identifies the message. Consequently, the Human Touch massage chair delivers the specific request.

With 5-auto programs, you’ll never run out of options for each session. It is a high-grade chair which incorporates heat for the lumbar region i.e. waistline and lower back. If you live in pain, it is time you manage what happens to your body with this massage chair.


Shiatsu Electric Recliner Massage Chair Full Body with Stretched Foot Rest and Heat EC-06C

Crafted to use power rollers for the massage, it is the best relaxing accessory. You can revitalize your body with the calming vibrations it sends to your body. This Shiatsu recliner chair is best suitable for providing release to tense muscles, reduce fatigue and revitalize the whole body.

It also has an Intelligent roller system with four massage programs.



INADA HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Recliner Massage Chair

This is the only massage chair that combines multiple massage options. It offers full body massage where it has vibrators and rollers to work the whole body into a state of alertness and full of energy. It also includes the lower body as you’ll find it features humanized revolving features for the toes and fingers.

You are set to benefit immensely if you want a non-invasive way to conduct your massage and feel good doing it. It involves deep penetrating stimulation to your heart, liver, kidney and other internal organs. It is a remedy for overall body wellness.

The Inada Recliner Massage chair has been referred to as one of the best on the market.


Final Words;

The recliner massage chair has evolved to become a competitive product in the health and lifestyle industries. The options vary because the techniques used differ among manufacturers. From the fashion design they use to the functions they include, there’s a recliner massage chair to fit your every need. However, because these are high-end products always know your manufacturer for the warranty and repair options. It is good to contact the manufacturer directly before acquiring one.

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