In pain and need relief quickly, or simply looking for a way to stay warm in the coming cooler months?  The PureRelief XL-King Size Heating Pad may be just what you are looking for.  This pad offers heat therapy for pain relief and the managing of pain related symptoms.  It also offers a convenient way to promote stress relief and relaxation, while at the same time giving you the pleasurable warmth that your body may be craving.  This review will outline its features and benefits and will hopefully assist you in deciding whether or not this product would be a worthwhile investment for you.

PureRelief XL-King Size Heating Pad with Fast-Heating Technology Review

By: Pure Enrichment  

Size: 12 x 24 inches

Temperature settings: 6

Stand out point: 5 Year Warranty

Benefits of the Pure Relief XL King Size Heating Pad

This Pure Relief heating pad serves to provide pain relief to anyone experiencing any kind of discomfort, including minor aches and pains, muscle stiffness and tension, arthritis related pain, as well as any other type of tenderness.

Great about this particular product is the fact that it offers full-body relief.  Whereas some pads are meant solely for the back area, the size and nature of this pad allows users to use it wherever needed or desired.  The extra-large size allows for the use by everyone and on any area of the body, including the back, legs, arms, shoulders, and abdomen.

Additionally, unlike with some, this pad gives you the option of utilizing dry or moist heat for maximum comfort.  With multiple temperature settings, you can control how much heat you are applying to the affected area and can change it as needed.  For just a little tenderness, you may only need to utilize the low setting.  For those major problem areas, that prevent you from functioning normally, or how you would like to be able to function, perhaps the high setting would be more beneficial.

However, although this pad does, through increased blood flow caused by the heat, offer optimal pain relief, it can serve other functions as well.

Heat therapy has the capability to do wonders for relaxation and stress-relief.  The heat will assist in allowing you to decompress, ridding the body of tension causing stress that has the potential to tighten muscles and cause discomfort.  With the heat provided by this pad, you can combat tension before it even starts, while at the same time getting that extra bit of cozy warmth that is sure to satisfy.

How to Use the Heating Pad

To use this product, simply remove from its packaging and unroll.  After plugging it in, choose your optimal and preferred temperature setting and let the heat permeate through the affected area, soothing aches and pains. Always start using a low heat setting and work yourself up.

For dry heat, just plug in and use.  For moist heat, use a sponge or cloth to dampen first.  To store, roll it up to fit in the included storage bag until needed for another use.

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Features of the PureRelief XL-King Size Heating Pad

  • The extra-large size (12 X 24 inches) accommodates users of all sizes, as well as use on all body parts.
  • The pad is made of soft micromink-plush fibers for maximum comfort.
  • The pad is machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • The pad heats up quickly to provide for fast relief and enjoyment.
  • It gives the user an option of both dry and moist heat.
  • With the use of an LCD controller, this pad has the option of 6 different temperature settings including warm (105 degrees), low (112 degrees), medium low (119 degrees), medium (126 degrees), medium high (133 degrees), and high (140 degrees).
  • The pad comes equipped with a 2-hour auto shut-off to conserve energy and keep you safe.
  • The 9-foot cord gives you more flexibility of where you can use it.
  • It comes with a storage bag for easy storing and the convenience of portability.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • The pad comes in two colors, blue and charcoal gray.


What Does this Heating Pad Help With

This heating pad helps to prevent potential muscle aches and arthritis related symptoms.  It does this by focusing concentrated heat, at optimal, user-controlled temperatures, on affected body parts.

The 6-temperature options are able to provide needed moist or dry heat to manage many types of pain and muscle fatigue.

Additionally, because heat is a great, safe solution to stress-relief, the heat function may be used to simply provide comforting heat that will increase enjoyment and relaxation.  And because it provides heat, from low to high temperatures, it can also help with warming the body in cooler climates.

Who is This For?

This heating pad is intended for use by any individual needing a pain managing therapy.  Those experiencing discomfort in any part of the body, be it large or small, may benefit from the heat that this pad is able to adequately provide.

Additionally, as heat has been known to increase relaxation and contentment, anyone requiring or simply desiring relief from every day stress will also benefit.  It can also be used by those who are perpetually cold or are in cooler environments in order to warm the body to a more comfortable level.

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Who should not buy it

Anyone who has or has had any kind of sensitivity to heat or who has been instructed by their physician not to use heat therapy should not use this product.


Support and Warranty

For customer support and warranty information, the manufacturer may be contacted directly.

They don’t explain their 5 year warranty in detail, so I would contact them and get all the details before purchasing.

Shipping – The shipping weight of this product is 1.6 pounds and can be shipped anywhere within the continental U.S., Hawaii and Alaska, or APO/FPO.


Final Thoughts of the PureRelief XL-King Size Heating Pad

The PureRelief XL-King Size Heating Pad is a heating pad, through its large size and 6 temperature settings, can accommodate most people and most areas of the body.

Many consumers who supplied reviews stated general and vast contentment with its size and durability and expressed immense satisfaction with the varying temperature settings.  Additionally, many were pleased with the fact that they were provided with the moist or dry heat options.  If you too would benefit from heat therapy, perhaps this relatively low-cost heating pad is the one for you.