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  • 4 Easy Ways to Improve Blood Circulation in the Legs

    4 Easy Ways to Improve Blood Circulation in the Legs

    Many serious medical problems begin with reduced blood circulation in the legs, and most circulation problems in the legs begin with today’s lifestyles.  Sitting all day is the worst thing possible to subject your legs to. The pressure on your buttocks reduces the blood flow […]

  • Natural Joint Pain Relief

    Natural Joint Pain Relief

    Joints are the workhorses of our bodies.  They enable us to move the way we need to when we go about our daily activities.  When joints become injured, or overused, joint pain is the result. The traditional medical methods for treating joint pain involve surgery, […]

  • Moist Heat Heating Pads Is It For You?

    When considering the use of a heating pad, one of the most important choices is that of moist vs dry heat.  The majority of heating pads provide dry heat, however, heating pads can also be used to provide moist heat. A moist heat heating pad […]

  • Different Types of Heating Pads

    There are many different types of heating pads available.  There are electric, chemical, and microwavable. Within these categories are moist and dry heat options, and disposable/reusable options. Hopefully this guide will help you select the proper heating pad for your needs.  You may even discover […]

  • Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief

    Home Treatment for Lower Back Pain

    If you are experiencing pain in your lower back, chances are that you are dreading having to go through all of the sitting and standing that are involved in a trip to the doctor’s office. In fact, many lower back pain sufferers can easily and […]

  • Benefits of Heating Pads for Treating Back Pain

    Benefits of Heating Pads for Treating Back Pain

    Heating pads are a versatile and effective method for treating all kinds of back pain.  They can be used as a single solution or can be combined with other treatment modalities to increase healing. In this article, we will be talking about heating pads for […]

  • Rugby Capsaicin 0.025% Cream – Is It for You?

    Capsaicin .025% cream by Rugby is a generic equivalent to Zostrix pain relieving cream. It is a topical analgesic cream to be used for pain caused by muscles and joints, such as simple backache, arthritis, sprains, strains, bruises and cramps.   How Does the Rugby […]


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