All expecting mothers find that the further along they get the harder it is to get sound rest. The growing tummy, the constant backaches, and indigestion just won’t allow them to any comfort while lying down. The good news for these mothers-to-be is that there is something that can help.

The oversized, Total Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow can offer full support whether you are in your first trimester or your third!

Oversized Total Body Pregnancy Review

Key Features:

  • Oversized body pillow for comfort
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Zippered cover included

Size of body pillow: 19 Inches Thick & 130 Inches Long (64 Inches each side)


Benefits of the Body Pillow

  • Maternity comfort – being pregnant can be uncomfortable, specially the last few months. With a oversized pillow you can get the support and comfort you are looking for.
  • Better sleep – with comfort comes better sleep. Use a oversized body pillow and enjoy better sleep.
  • Reduces pain in neck, back, hips, legs, and knees. Since the body pillow support your whole body and keep your spine straight you can get pain relief. If you suffer from neck or back pain a body pillow can help ease that pain. It gives full body support.
  • No built-up body heat.
  • Washable cover with zipper.

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How to Use the Oversized Maternity Pillow

The perfect design of the pillow will contour to your body to give you the ultimate support. Unlike regular body pillows that are straight and flat, this pillow conforms perfectly to your body.

The head of the pillow can easily be turned into a “U” shape to allow your head and neck to be in a comfortable position. The long midsections are ideal for support of the back or belly (supporting your front and back, whether you want to sleep on your left or right side).

Place one of the midsections of the pillow to your back and the other to your belly to get the needed support. The length of the pillow allows for it to also fit between your legs. This unique design will give hip, leg, and knee support.


The Cover

Starting May 15, 2014, the Oversized Body Pregnancy Pillowhas added a zippered cover that is easily removed for better care and washing. It has a 400 Thread Count Feel that is a 100% Super Soft Microfiber Polyester Shell & Fill.


 What Does the Oversized Body Pillow Help With?

The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is great for expecting mothers, but, it can also help those who suffer from a variety of issues with its body contour and supporting design. This pillow is perfect for someone who has any of the following ailments;

  • Indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux, GERD:

Indigestion issues can be alleviated by lying in the correct position. Acid reflux can be a large issue for expecting mothers, but this pillow helps you recline in a comfortable way that will reduce the heartburn and indigestion that is associated with pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy

Expecting mothers will go through a whole host of physical issues as the baby grows. By using the Oversized Body Pregnancy Pillow, she can lay on her side without having the baby’s weight pulling on her back. She can align her spine to ease aches and pains that are normal pregnancy related issues, for a better night sleep. Relieving stress and body aches can help the mom-to-be get more rest and have more energy to get her through the day.

  • Muscle Issues:

Muscle aches and cramps can be released when the body is not in a twisted or awkward position causing the muscle to relax.

  • Back Problems:

Reduce problems that generate pain due to misalignment of the spine. When the spine is in the correct alignment, and muscles are not compensating to adjust, aches and pains of the back can be relieved.

  • Headaches:

Pain associated with stress, neck muscles, and cervical spine misalignment can be reduced or completely relieved.

  • Sciatica:

The pain associated when the sciatic nerve is damaged or pinched can radiate acute pain from the lower back, though the buttocks, and down the leg. By placing a pillow between the legs as you lay can adjust the lower spine into a more aligned position and relieve the “pinch” to reduce or stop the pain.

  • Hip/ Pelvis/ Joint

There are many flat and thin bones that make up the pelvis area. A sprain, strain, fracture of the hip or joint can be excruciatingly painful. The right alignment while lying can make a large difference in the pain levels and can aide in the recovery of the injured hip.

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  • Leg pain/ spasms

Muscles that are painful or constantly spasm can be helped by lying in a position that does not slow or restrict blood flow to the affected area.  Greater blood flow will increase the oxygen and nutrients that the sore or cramping muscle needs, and carries away the toxins that have built up in the area.


Who Should Buy This Body Pillow

Anyone looking for a better night sleep. Whether you have health related problems or maternity issues that can be helped by sleeping in a better position, or not, everyone can benefit by using the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow.

Who Should Not Buy It:

Because this total body pillow has something to offer every user, there is no one who should not buy it.


Pros and Cons

Everything has its pro’s and con’s, and so does the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow.


  • Better support
  • Better spinal alignment
  • Contours to your body
  • Great for maternity use
  • Stays cool
  • Soft fabric
  • Washable cover
  • Durable zipper

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  • More expensive than the average department store brands
  • Space consuming


Customer Support

The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow is distributed by a company called BlowOutBedding / Web Linens Inc. If you have any questions regarding this product you can contact them here:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (888) 546-4940


Consumer Ratings

Users of this body pillow can’t seem to say enough about how much better they are sleeping. The Oversized Body Pregnancy Pillow has been receiving five star reviews online. The majority of the reviewers are expecting mothers and those who suffer from chronic pain.

Final Thoughts

There are many body pillows on the market that advertise their use for better maternity sleep support. This Total Body Pregnancy Pillow can give the total body support that you might be looking for. The Total Body Pregnancy Pillow deserves a thumbs-up rating for all around comfort and support. We rate the Total Body Pregnancy Pillow a five star product.

What`s your thoughts on this body pillow? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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