In this review, we evaluate the ‘ Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair’ to help you decide whether this is the chair for you or not.

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Review

Model: OS-4000

Company: Osaki

3 Key Features:

  • 48 Air bags
  • 6 Different Massage Styles
  • 6 Different Massage Auto Programs

Colors: Black, Brown, Charcoal, Cream



Benefits of the Osaki Massage Chair

Improve blood flow: This Osaki massage chair helps to increase circulation throughout the body. This makes it easier for your body to absorb more nutrition. It also increases lymphatic circulation which clears toxins out of the massaged areas.

Removal of muscle knots: The kneading circular motion of the rollers can help to remove muscle knots in your body and increase your comfort level.

Increases flexibility: Massaging your body helps loosen tight and tense muscles, which leads to enhanced flexibility.

Eliminate headaches: The tapping motion of the Osaki Massage chair can be really helpful when done along the length of the spine. This motion helps reduce tension in your upper back, neck and head. It might help to alleviate migraine pains as well.

Heat treatment: By providing adequate heating to your body, this massage chair helps to relieve pain much faster. The heat can also be useful during colder months to attain the cosy, warm comfort.

Increase your endorphin levels: Endorphins are also known as feel good chemicals. When endorphin levels are high in your body, you feel happier and more positive. The Osaki Massage chair can increase the release of these feel good chemicals by reducing your muscle pain and anxiety.

How to use the Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair 

After you sit on the OS-4000 massage chair and power it on, it should automatically adjust its leg extension part to cater to your height. If you feel the adjustment is still a bit off, you can lengthen it manually with its wireless remote controller.

Then you can choose which position you want to stay in – straight or zero-gravity using the controller. After this, you can choose any massage function and massage style from the various options listed in the controller and display.

Massage functions:

  • Kneading: circular motions
  • Rolling : mimics the motion of hands sliding or pressing the spine
  • Clapping : similar to the feeling of a palm patting
  • Tapping : mimics the feeling of fingers tapping along the spine

Massage Presets and Styles:

  • Six massage auto-programs: Healthcare, Demo, Smart, Therapy, Relax and Circulation
  • Six different massage styles: Shiatsu, pulse mode, Swedish, air bag massage, vibration and combo
  • Three different target massage groups: neck and shoulders, back and lumber, and lower body massage

Then, you can choose the duration of your massage from the 5-30 mins options in the auto-timer and relax as you feel your pain go away.

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Features of the Osaki OS-4000Massage Chair

Zero Gravity

This feature helps take the weight off of your upper body and helps to decompress your spine by taking your legs in a level that is a little higher than your heart. This position makes you feel weightless and is considered ideal for massages. Osaki OS-4000 offers 2 settings of zero gravity, i.e. you can recline to your optimum position by simply pushing a button.

Air Bags

With 48 extensive air bags, Osaki OS-4000 manages to cushion your entire body comfortably. These air bags are placed in a way that comforts you body from head to toe, giving you a full body massage.  They’ve been placed to pressure certain points of the body to give you maximum pain relief.

This model also offers five pressure settings, giving you the choice of increasing the intensity of the massage to suit your individual preferences. There are 10 air bags for your calves, 10 for your feet, 3 in the seat, 2 for your shoulders, 3 in the hips, 3 in the neck and 2 for your back.

Body Scan Technology

Probably one of the most popular characteristics of this model, the body scan technology helps create unique and customised massage to suit your individual needs. The chair is equipped with sensors all around, and according to the feedback received from the sensors, the chair adjusts its position and setting to provide maximum comfort.

The rollers as well as the chair’s width and height can be adjusted to maximise your comfort level.

Ergonomic S-Track

The Osaki OS-4000 features an ergonomic S-Track design in its massage chair which is made to properly align with your spine’s S curve. This design helps to posture your back to increase the effectiveness of the massage. It works in unison with the body scan technology to focus on problem areas like the shoulders, lumbar region and the neck.

Advanced Rollers

Osaki’s rollers have been constructed with soft materials to resemble the feel of the human thumb. This massage chair features a 30-inch-roller that can hug your entire back, all the way from the base of your neck to your lumbar area. The width of these rollers can also be adjusted to match your preferences.

Leg Extension

This feature is particularly useful for tall people. The leg rest has a sensor that provides you with a comfortable fit. This extension also massages your soles and your calves.

Wireless Remote

The Osaka OS-4000’s activity can be monitored through its LCD Display and its wireless remote. Its user-friendly design helps you see the pressure points and choose the type of massage you want manually with ease.


Who Should Use This Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair?

People who have several knots in their body muscles should use this product as it helps to effectively remove these knots and give your body some pain relief.

This Osaki massage chair might be especially useful for people, who have chronic back / shoulder pain or fibromyalgia but can’t afford regular visits to a massage therapist. This product might be expensive at first, but it could help you save money in the long run.

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Who Shouldn’t use This Osaki Massage Chair?

This massage chair shouldn’t be used by petite people as the pillow in the chair (not removable) might not be comfortable for them. It might also not be ideal for people who prefer very firm massages as they might find the cloth insert in the backrest to be soft. Pregnant women should be very cautious when using a massage chair as well.

People who don’t like assembling items and prefer their items pre-assembled should also not use this massage chair.


Customer Support and Warranty

Although this massage chair was built in China, it offers warranty during the first three years of ownership. The company guarantees that if you find structural defects or flaws regarding workmanship in the products, your product will be replaced or repaired.

The warranty:

  • Covers all parts, labour and framework of the chair
  • Includes parts costs and labour for the first year at no cost to the customer
  • Includes parts costs covered for the second year at no cost to the customer
  • Covers structural framework on selected products carries an additional one year of warranty for a total three years

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Final Thoughts

The Osaki OS-4000 massage chairis a great deal if you are looking for a massage chair that offers multiple massages styles and resembles the human touch.