In this review, we evaluate the ‘Osaki OS-7075RC model OS-7075R Executive Zero Gravity, S-Track Deluxe Massage Chair, Synthetic Leather’ to help you decide whether this is the chair for you or not.

Osaki OS-7075RC Massage Chair Review

Model: Osaki OS-7075RC

3 Key Features:

  • Six massage auto-programs
  • 46 air bags
  • Zero gravity function

Colors: Black, Brown, Cream, Taupe


Benefits of the Osaki Massage Chair

Increases flexibility: One of the core functions of this massage chair is stretching. Stretching your muscles can help to loosen tight and tense muscles which might enhance your flexibility. The Thai massage function can stretch our spines and legs.

Eliminate headaches: This Osaki 7075RC massage chair also includes a head massaging piece which can provide relief to not only the back of your neck, but also to your temples. The air bag band placed around the forehead applies a mid to gentle squeeze – similar to the palms of a hand pressing down.

This motion helps reduce tension in your neck and head and it might mitigate the pain of migraines as well.

Improve blood flow: This Osaki massage chair helps to increase circulation throughout the body. This makes it easier for your body to absorb more nutrition. It also increases lymphatic circulation which clears toxins out of the massaged areas.

Heat treatment: This massage chair provides adequate heating option to speed up your pain relief process. Providing heat to your muscles can make them more relaxed.

Get rid of stress and fatigue: Massages help to reduce stress hormones in your body and can make your body feel calm and relaxed. This massage chair can directly target ‘tsubo points’ (stress points) on your neck and leave you feeling better instantly.

Endorphins are also known as feel good chemicals. When endorphin levels are high in your body, you feel happier and more positive. The Osaki Massage chair can increase the release of these feel good chemicals by reducing your muscle pain and anxiety.

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How to Use the Osaki OS-7075RC Massage Chair

After you sit on the chair and power it on, it should automatically scan your body so that the rollers can be aligned perfectly. Then, you can choose any of the preset programs given in the remote control.

Massage Presets and Styles:

  • Six massage auto-programs: Whole Body, Night Time, Neck and Shoulders, Stretching, Pelvis Swing and Weightless
  • Other preset programs include: Upper Back, Middle Back or Lower Back

You can also open the door of the remote control and use the manual modes to control the exact position of the rollers by using the up and down arrows. This mode also allows you to choose the width of the roller. You can choose the following types of massages:


Massage functions:

  • Kneading: circular motions
  • Rolling : mimics the motion of hands sliding or pressing the spine
  • Clapping : similar to the feeling of a palm patting
  • Tapping : mimics the feeling of fingers tapping along the spine

Then you can choose which position you want to stay in (straight or zero-gravity) and the intensity (low to high pressure) of the massage using the controller. You should note that you can also choose to do the massage on one body part only (for example your calves). Relax and enjoy the massage.


Features of the Osaki Massage Chair

Zero Gravity

This ‘weightless’ position is considered to be ideal for massages. By putting your legs in a position that is a little higher than your heart’s, this feature takes the weight off your upper body and decompresses your spine.

Ergonomic S-Track

This feature makes sure the massage chair properly aligns with your spine’s S-curve to give you the most effective massage. This massage chair also boasts an extra long vertical massage range (31 inch range) which allows it to reach the lower tailbone area.

Air Bags

With 46 air bags installed for the head, shoulders, arms, hands, calves, thighs and feet, Osaki OS-7075RC manages to cushion your entire body comfortably.

Infrared Body Scan Technology

This body scan technology, with the help of sensors, helps create unique and customized massage to suit your individual needs.

Intelligent Massage

This massage chair features pivoting arms which allow you to rest your arms comfortably regardless of the chair’s position. The calf and foot massage is also capable of adjusting according to the individual’s leg length to ensure that the air bags are concentrating on the correct areas.

Motor and Roller System

There are 13 independent motors throughout the chair to ensure a smooth and consistent massage. Each motor handles a single function and aims to improve the durability of the massage chair.

The 4 roller system of this massage chair runs in unison with an S-track 3D technology which maps your back and ensures an even amount of pressure from top to bottom.

Wireless Remote

The remote fits seamlessly in the arm-rest of this massage chair. If you want to, you can also take it out and place it in your lap during a massage. It is very easy to use.


Tech Specks

Who Should Use this Osaki Massage Chair?

This Osaki massage chair is suitable for people who like intense massages and/or who have knots in their muscles. Although this product is expensive, it can act like a masseuse in the comfort of your home and might end up saving you money in the long run.

Who shouldn’t use this Osaki Massage Chair?

As the massages offered by this chair are more intense in comparison to that of other massage chairs, it might not be suitable for people who’ve had back surgeries or for people who simply don’t like firm massages.

Pregnant women should be very cautious when using a massage chair as well. This product also shouldn’t be used by people who don’t like assembling items. People below the height of 5”2 or above the height of 6”5 might not receive the full benefits of this massage chair.

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Customer Support and Warranty

Although this massage chair was built in China, it offers warranty during the first three years of ownership. The company guarantees that if you find structural defects or flaws regarding workmanship in the products, your product will be replaced or repaired.

The warranty:

  • Includes parts costs and labour for the first year at no cost to the customer
  • Includes parts costs covered for the second year at no cost to the customer
  • Covers all parts, labour and framework of the chair
  • Covers structural framework on selected products carries an additional one year of warranty for a total three years

However, you must note that the warranty does not cover any shipping expenses incurred. It also doesn’t include the following:

  • Normal wear and tear including Velcro or zipper malfunction, or tears in any fabric covering by abuse
  • Intentionally or accidentally or physically damaged products
  • Physically damaged products through neglect: including stains, fluids, mould, water damage, animal damage, cuts, or burns
  • Unsanitary, damaged or soiled products


Final Thoughts

The Osaki OS-7075RC chair is a great deal if you are looking for massage chair that reduces your muscle pain and offers a great stretching option as well. This is the rolls roys of massage chairs so if you want the best of the best, this Osaki OS-7075RC is the one.

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