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For those experiencing a great deal of neck tension, there are things you can do to relieve that tension.  You can get neck tension from an acute injury or from chronic wear and tear on the neck by sitting at a computer all day long.

For whatever reason you are experiencing neck tension, there are several natural ways to relieve your pain so that your neck feels soft and supple.

Here are some good neck tension pain relievers:

5 Ways of Neck Tension Relief

1. The Application of Heat

Heat can be applied to tense neck muscles. Heat increases the circulation to the muscles of the neck, improving the perception of pain and lessening the tension in the muscles.

Apply heat for 30 minutes at a time and make sure you use a covering between the heating pad and the skin so you don’t burn the skin from the heating pad. 

2. Using Yoga to Relieve Neck Tension

Yoga can be used to provide neck tension relief. It increases the flexibility of the muscles in the neck and decreases the pain of sore neck muscles.  Try doing simple yoga exercises, as the “downward facing dog at the wall” to relieve the tension in your neck.  This is a classic yoga pose that will improve your flexibility without being too hard on your muscle tension.

3. Acupressure for Neck Tension

You can use acupressure (or acupuncture) to relieve neck tension. This involves stimulating special acupressure points in various parts of the body that correspond to energy channels that become blocked, causing your muscle tension.  Be sure to see a qualified acupressure specialist or a qualified acupuncturist as they have the best skills to deal with your pain.

You can try to do it yourself if you feel qualified.  You need a sock and two tennis balls in order to do this technique. You put the balls inside the sock and place the balls between the neck and a hard surface to put pressure on the neck where it hurts.  Tennis balls are good for light pressure and balls like those used in lacrosse are good when you want to put firm pressure on the sore muscles of the neck.

4. Foam Rolling for Neck Tension

This is a technique that uses foam roles to ease the neck tension you are experiencing.  The foam rolls are applied to the sore areas of your neck and act to put pressure on the muscles.

The foam rolling technique can be used alone by placing the foam rolls between your sore neck and a hard surface.  You can also use the foam rolling technique with another person who applies foam rolls using their hands to put enough pressure on the neck muscles in order to ease your muscle tension.

5. The Application of Ice

You can apply ice to the affected area of neck muscle tension to decrease the inflammation of the muscles.  Ice can be used alone or can be alternated with heat to provide relief of both muscle spasm and muscle inflammation.  Be sure to put a cloth between the ice pack and the skin so you don’t freeze the skin when you apply the ice pack.

How do you best get, Neck Tension Relief? Share with us below.

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