neck and shoulder pain reliefNeck pain, whether it be acute or chronic can be very debilitating.

Usually neck pain is due to muscle and ligamentous inflammation from overuse of the neck or from having the neck remain stagnant in the same position, such as when staring at a television screen or computer screen all day.

One of the best ways to handle this type of neck pain is to use a neck heating pad.  There are several different kinds of heating pads for the neck.  They can be used alone or alternated with ice to reduce inflammation and lessen spasm of the neck muscles.

Here are some neck heating pads you can consider.

Neck Heating Pad – 3 Great Alternatives

Regular Heating Pad

You can use a regular square heating pad that you purchase online for about $20 USD.  It often comes with three settings: low, medium, and high.  Some have padding so the coils aren’t directly on the skin, while others require that you put a cloth or towel between you and the skin of your neck so you won’t burn the skin.

You should set the heating pad to whatever level feels the most comfortable to you and aim to put the neck heating pad on for about thirty minutes.  The heating pad will heat up the skin and the muscles just beneath the skin.  They will ease the discomfort and will allow you to have less muscle stiffness so you have a greater range of motion of the neck.

Be sure to put the heating pad on for only about 30 minutes before letting the neck cool down naturally.  You can also put ice on the neck for thirty minutes before applying the heating pad to the neck again.


Pre-formed Neck Heating Pad

This is a special heating pad that drapes around your neck and shoulders. It is especially good for trapezius muscle pain. The trapezius muscle is a common cause of neck pain.  It begins at the base of the skull and extends out to the shoulders and down to the middle of the back.  If you buy a pre-formed neck heating pad, most of the trapezius muscle can be heated up.

The heating pad is electrical and can be set to low, medium, or high in some models, while other models allow you to set a specific temperature. Be sure to avoid the highest settings as they can easily burn the skin.  The advantage of this type of heating pad is that it fits exactly into the shape of your neck and covers all of the neck.

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Jade Heating Pads

You can purchase jade heating pads for the neck on the internet. They are a bit more costly than regular heating pads but off a special kind of heat known as far infrared ray heat or FIR heat.  The cost is about $100 USD.

Far Infrared Ray heat is stored in the jade discs imbedded in the neck heating pad.  It is a form of heat that is supposed to travel deeper into the muscles so that spasm and pain in the deep muscles of the neck can be relieved. If you have chronic neck pain, this type of neck heating pad is probably worth the investment.

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