Arthritis is a joint disorder that causes inflammation in the effected joint. Often found in joints of the hands, feet, ankles and elbows. Swelling, stiffness and pain are often symptoms of arthritis. The pain can vary in degree in accordance with the severity of the arthritis.

There is no known cure for rheumatoid or osteoarthritis, but, there are safe, natural remedies for arthritis pain.

These natural remedies can be extremely helpful for those who do not wish to take prescription or over-the-counter drugs that may cause other medical side effects. By reducing inflammation in the joints you can decrease pain and slow any damage to the joints.

Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain

Epsom Salt Soak

This mineral has been long known to alleviate swelling and stiffness when used as a soak. Along with its many other uses, the magnesium sulfate found in Epsom Salt reduces inflammation caused be arthritis and therefore, decreases the pain in the joints. A warm soak will relieve painful, stiff joints.

Herbal Extracts

There is a surprisingly long list of natural herbal remedies for arthritis. Many of which are not commonly known.

Apple, Avocado, Boswellia (Frankincense), Cajeput Oil, Camphor, Castor Oil, Cayenne Pepper, Eucalyptus, Ginger Root, Meadowsweet, Pine, Rosemary, St. John’s Wart, Stinging Nettle, Turmeric, White Willow Bark (used to make aspirin), Wintergreen Oil and Yucca Root are among the best.

The salicylates found in these herbs help fight inflammation and arthritis pain, and are a safe, natural alternative to prescribed medication.

Always ask your doctor for guidance if you are taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs, to check for possible interactions when combining herbal use with those drugs. Some herbs can counteract the effectiveness of some prescription medications, and most prescribed medications are actually derived from herbs.

Heating Pads

top 10 heating padsHeat can increase blood flow and circulation in the affected areas where arthritis has set in.

By increasing the blood and oxygen flow to these areas, the body can more easily access the components it needs to the injured joint, to begin the healing process.

Relieving arthritic pain largely depends upon regaining a good blood circulation to the effected joints.

Topical Treatments

Swollen, achy joints, especially in the hands and knuckles are a sign of an active flare-up. There are natural topical treatments and blends of essential oils that are specifically formulated to slow inflammation and ease pain.

Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lavender and Peppermint are great herbs to use to make a natural home remedy of robbing oils to combat the effects of arthritis pain. They contain the salicylates needed to reduce swelling in the joints. When made into a topical ointment these herbs are very gentle to the skin and have little to no harmful interaction with other medications.

There are many different types of arthritis, with different associated pains and effects on the body.

Inflammation, joint pain, and joint discomfort are symptoms that are always present regardless of the arthritis type. Finding a comfort measure that works is entirely up to the individual suffering from the ailment.

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