Jogging injury.Is your knee pain keeping you from doing the things you love?

When your knee pain reaches a point where it factors into your daily routine, it may be time to consider some alternatives. Natural knee pain relief could be your answer to getting back to your regular routine.

It goes without say that if you have suffered an acute injury to the knee you should first visit your doctor. Tiers and other major injuries may require more than simple solutions to recover. An advanced treatment or surgery may be required correct this type of injury.

Chronic pain such as those associated with arthritis, joint degeneration, or other health issues can be relieved by some simple, natural pain remedies that you may not know about. Many of these natural ways to alleviate chronic knee pain can have you up and running again in no time.

The following contains some simple, natural knee pain relief methods that you can try at home.

Natural Knee Pain Relief – 5 Ways to Get Rid Of Knee Pain

1. Herbs

There are at least twenty different herbs that exist that can do amazing things to relieve knee pain. They can be made into topical treatments that can be applied to the skin, or made to be ingested (capsule form, tea, etc.) for pain relief.

2. Exercises

There are exercises that are designed specifically to strengthen the knee area. Because strengthening any lone part of the body is an effective way to prevent or avoid future injury and pain to that area, exercises that strengthen the knees without causing high impact to the joints are highly recommended.

3. Heat Application

Applying heat to a painful joint can be especially beneficial. Heat can improve circulation and blood flow to the area. Bring fresh oxygen and other needed nutrients to the site as it removes built-up toxins. Heating pads are an excellent way to apply a steady, yet controlled source of needed heat.

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 4. Pads & Braces

While a knee brace may be a temporary aide, it can most certainly help alleviate pain during movement, and prevent further injury to the knee. There are many braces and pads that are readily available on the market that are designed specifically for the knee. They are most helpful when used during activities where the knee will be under stress.

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5. Tai Chi

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese form of mind-body exercise. It has been shown to improve your balance and flexibility. In a study published by workers for Arthritis and Rheumatism, researchers have found that participating in tai chi is extremely helpful for people who suffer with osteoarthritis. It has been proven to reduce knee pain and increase the knee’s range of motion. It also teaches the mental discipline needed to help cope with chronic knee pain.


Natural knee pain relief treatments are a wonderful way to help alleviate chronic and acute pain. Finding the one that works best for you and your lifestyle is the key to helping you get back into your life. Try combining multiple methods for even more pain relief.

How do you ease your knee pain naturally? Please share with us in the comment section below.