lumbar support pillow car driving

The truth is that your car is the last place you want to be sitting in when you have to sit for long periods of time, such as during a long commute in rush hour traffic.

The design of car seats are such that they do not provide good lumbar support unless you are lucky enough to have a car that automatically provides you with lumbar support at the flip of the switch.

Most of us have cars that have driver’s seats that are concave.  They force the lumbar spine to push out against the seat, violating the natural lumbar curvature the back is supposed to have. This means that, with long periods of sitting, pressure is put on the vertebral bodies and the back begins to hurt.
Fortunately, there are things that can be done to protect your back against the stresses of sitting in a car.

Lumbar Support Measures

Some people take care of the aching that comes with sitting in a car by putting a jacket or blanket behind their lumbar spine.  The blanket forms a sort of lumbar support that protects the back from being out of alignment.  The downside of shoving a jacket or blanket behind your back is that they tend to be lumpy so your back can hurt from being forced against the lumpiness of the fabric bundle.

Some people get around this by using a throw pillow or even a regular bed pillow and tuck this into the small of their back. This tends to be less lumpy but it can be too thick, putting increased pressure on the lumbar spine causing it to hyperextend.  This hyperextension can cause pain in the lumbar spine, defeating the purpose of putting a pillow there in the first place.  What you really need is a flat pillow that fits just in the small of your back without being too bulky.

Fortunately, they make specialized lumbar support cushions for use in the car.  They are usually one size fits all and can be free floating so you can adjust its location to suit the location of the pain in your back.  They are about the right size but, if not affixed to the seat itself, these types of cushions can be unstable and can slip out from behind your back while you are driving.

They make car cushion that have an elastic cord attached to them that can be affixed to the bucket seat of the driver’s seat so that the cushion stays in place and eases the tension off your back. You can buy these cushions online or at a large pharmacy.

The biggest advantages of using this type of cushion is that it protects your back from excessive strain, is just about the right size to cradle your back without hyperextending it, and won’t travel from the position you put it in because the elastic keeps it in its proper position while you drive.

The Solution

The best solution for back discomfort while driving is to purchase the car cushion with the elastic attachment.  You can drive for hours in complete comfort with a cushion to support your back perfectly without a risk of it falling out of the curve of your back while you are driving.