lumbar treatment

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to injury your lumbar spinal area.  You can lift something too heavy, sustain a fall, or just twist your back a certain way.

The pain can be excruciating.  Fortunately, there can be lumbar back pain treatment available for you that can get you back on your feet without pain.

Home Remedies

The first thing you’ll want to do after a back injury is to rest, preferably with an ice pack on your back.  Ice can be in the form of a purchased ice pack of a purchased ice pack or even a bag of ice or frozen peas from your freezer.  Make sure you put a cloth between the ice source and the back so you don’t freeze your skin.

Put the ice on for about thirty minutes at a time and then allow another thirty minutes of rest before applying the ice again.  Do this for about twenty four hours.  Ice has the effect of decreasing swelling and inflammation in your back so that the muscles and ligaments won’t swell.  Ice lessens the amount of time you will be in pain from your back injury and is lumbar back pain treatment that is cheap and easy to use.

After ice is applied for 24-48 hours, you can apply heat to the affected area or you can alternate ice and heat.  Heat is soothing to the back and it also relieves muscle spasm.  Be sure to have a cloth covering on your heating pad and keep the heating pad on for thirty minutes at a time so you don’t burn your back.


Lumbar back pain treatment can also include medications you can take. Over the counter pain remedies can be used along with ice and heat therapy to ease the pain and inflammation of your back injury.  The main medications you will want to use are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications or NSAIDs.

NSAIDs include medications like naproxen (marketed as Anaprox or Naprosyn) and ibuprofen (marketed as Advil or Motrin).  These medications act to reduce inflammation in the muscles and ligaments in your back and also relieve pain.

You can use acetaminophen (marketed as Tylenol) but this only treats the pain of the low back but does nothing for the inflammation.  If you are using NSAID therapy, be sure to take the medication with food so it doesn’t upset your stomach and contact your doctor if they upset your stomach. Always consult a doctor before taking any medication.

Seeing a Specialist

Some people choose to seek the advice of a chiropractor for pain relief.  Chiropractors can adjust your back so that the bones are lined up correctly.  Often, a back injury is nothing more than the vertebrae twisting out of place and an adjustment can correct the problem.  The chiropractor is a good choice if you are just experiencing low back pain and don’t have pain down your leg.

If you have unrelenting back pain or pain that radiates down your leg, you might have to see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in back pain.  They can give you lumbar back pain treatment that includes the possibility of surgery to correct more severe problem with your back.

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