Are you looking for a pillow that can support your back and your belly at the same time? Something that will give you much needed support and be comfortable at the same time?

The Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow may be just what you’re looking for.

Pregnancy is hard on the body, to say the least. Your belly is swelling, your back aches all the time, your hands, legs and feet are puffy and swollen. And that’s just the beginning!

The extra weight from your precious bundle can take a toll on your body, and it only gets worse as you get further along.

This pillow is not just for pregnant women, it can help with back pain and other aches. If you have a rough time sleeping this body pillow might be your solution.

Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow Review

Model: Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow

3 Key Features

  1. The body pillow supports the back, belly and hips. It also aligning the spine, that can help with many health issues.
  2. Comfortable, durable body pillow that can help with better sleep.
  3. Removable cover that can easily be taken off and put on.

Size of Body Pillow: 51″ long

Made by: Leachco

Though there are many body pillows out there that state they offer support for the entire body, many do not, and some are not comfortable enough to use all night.

One of the best body pillows that we could find on the market is the Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow. This review will tell you the in’s and out’s of this body pillow.

Benefits of the Leachco Back N Belly Body Pillow

The benefits of using this total body pillow are numerous. Let`s talk about a few.

The one-of-a-kind shape is specifically designed to support the back, belly, and hips to help relieve aches and pains. For those who suffer with neck and back problems, the body pillow can help reduce the pain by placing the body into correct alignment. The firm support that the body pillow offers gives it users a better, more balanced sleep.

Our body requires rest to regain the energy and strength that it has used during the day for routine activities. By using this body pillow to promote a better sleep you can wake up feeling refreshed and restored, because a restive night can give you the energy you need to take on the day.

It gives expecting mothers the full body support that they need to achieve a comfortable sleeping position, whether lying on their back or side. Extra support is given to the head and neck to help prevent acid reflux and indigestion.

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How to Use the Body Pillow

There are so many ways to use the Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow that the makers actually suggest that you try experimenting with different positions to see which ones work the best for you.

The pillow can be used in literally any position that you wish to sleep in, including lying on your back, belly or either side. Simply adjust the pillow to where you need the support.

The Cover

The cover that comes on the pillow when you order it and any “extra” cases that you may purchase are all a Polyester/Cotton blend. They are all Pediatrician tested and approved. The pillow cover is made to fit perfectly with the body pillows dimensions.

The cover is a slip on case, so there are no stiff zippers to cause discomfort. The case slides off smoothly for easy exchange and wash.

What Does the Leachco Back n Belly Pillow Help With?

The Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow can help prevent sciatica, which is a nerve problem that stems from the lower back and causes pain in the hip, buttock, and leg of the effected side. Carpal Tunnel is another nerve problem that can be alleviated by sleeping with the right body alignment.

Post-surgical patients can also benefit from the support of the body pillow during recovery. Heartburn (especially that is caused by pregnancy) can be relieved by the body’s position while lying.

For those who are vulnerable to allergies, or are suffering from colds or flu, nasal congestion can be reduced or diminished by the use of this pillow. The extra head support will allow you to “prop up” for better breathing.

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Who Should Buy this Body Pillow

Expected mothers are the number one buyers of this pillow, but anyone who has neck, shoulder, back, hip, legs or knee issues can benefit from its use.

People with sleep can gain a better sleep due to the added support for the head that the pillow offers.

For those who have a psychological issue of sleeping alone or need to feel something close by to be comfortable enough to sleep, this body pillow is perfect to fill that void.

Who Should Not Buy It

The only reasons that we could find that someone should not buy this body pillow is if they have an allergy to cotton or polyester.

Pros and Cons


  • Made of Polyester 65%/Cotton 35%, it is soft, comfortable and breathable
  • Pillow dimensions are 51 x 33.5 x 8.8 inches, making it large enough for total body support
  • The pillow is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free, and BPA Free, so you and your baby are safe.
  • It is made in the U.S.A.
  • The pillow is light weight and easy to move
  • Comes with a pillow cover included


  • Allow extra space on the bed for pillow room
  • Limited cover color choice


Customer Support

We thought that since we could not find any major downfalls with the pillow itself, that here is where the issue would lay. Leachco’s customer support service is accommodative. The company, backs its product, and is more than happy to assist its customers.

If you have any questions or issues you can reach them here;

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Consumer Ratings

The customer ratings on the Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow are extremely high. Customers appreciate the value for the price, and the benefits of a better night sleep that using this pillow offers. We have found many customer reviews that attest to this fact and you canread some of them here.

Final Thoughts

The Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow deserves to have a “thumbs-up” ranking for its all-around comfort and support, great service, and perfect customer ratings and reviews. No other body pillow has matched the customer feedback that this body pillow has received. Therefore, we rate the Leachco Back and Belly Body Pillow with a FIVE STAR rating.

Have you tried the body pillow? We would love to hear what you have to say about it. Please leave a comment below.