We all wish to remain healthy and active in our lives. It’s an aspiration we pursue with passion in the hope that nothing puts our progress in jeopardy. However, our lives remain unpredictable. It’s like a balancing act of knowing what we can and cannot control. Our health most of all is an unbalanced equation of our decisions, habits, and circumstances.

We are aware of the struggles you go through to make it better and that’s why we have identified a great solution from HealthyLine. Their FIR/Far-Infrared Tourmaline stones heat and energy shoulder pad is your answer to wholesome health and happiness. Yes, you can have it all.

From: HealthyLine healthy line shoulder tourmaline

Model: Far infrared heat shoulder pad

Length: 40″

Width: 20″

Weight: 10 pounds

How Will This FIR Heat Shoulder Pad Benefit You?

First, it utilizes tourmaline stones for deep, heat penetration therapy. The tourmaline stone is what some people refer to as the magic stone of the rainbow. It is known to emit negative Ions and Far-Infrared rays that produce healing and therapeutic effects to our bodies.

If you want to regain back an active life, choose this type of heat therapy. Having to sit all day in pain is not part of the life you want. You will immediately start feeling revitalized from your muscles to your internal organs and even your skin. The heat from the shoulder gently penetrates your skin to reach deeply to every cell in your body.

Pain relief – Alleviation of pain is the primary focus of this shoulder pad, and it works to restore your physical wellness.

Relieve tension – It gains attribution for relieving the tension in your muscles and joints just after increasing your body temperature. The fatigue and numbness from a long day of work slowly dissipate as it sends waves of energy to your nervous system. This sensation blocks your pain, and you feel calm and peaceful.

Better sleep – If you had sleep problems before using this heat therapy shoulder pad, you may notice that your sleep comes much easier.

Faster healingThe shoulder and back FIR heating pad, operates in the rehabilitation of injuries and reduces the time you take to heal. This is because the negative ions improve your immunity by boosting regeneration of your blood cells. It increases the blood circulation to your body so that all your organs receive more oxygen.

Detoxify – You will notice that even your breathing is smooth and steady as more oxygen equal an active lung and a relaxed mind. Expanded blood vessels also let your body detoxify as any malignant cells wave away from the system; hence diseases do not get a hold of you easy.

Better skin – When it comes to your skin, the waves released instantly reactivate your sebaceous cells to start releasing toxins through your skin cells as you sweat. The essence here is all the more enhanced as the energy acts as a cleanser for all the abuse we take our skin through numerous cosmetic applications. Blocked pores are now able to get rid of clogged dirt, as it serves to restore your natural body working conditions. Some see their skin getting better in days. Some users indicate that liver spots and wrinkles stop have a bearing on them after a few uses.

How to Safely Use this HealthyLine Heated Shoulder Pad

The functionality of this FIR/Far-Infrared Shoulder pad is that you can carefully wrap it around shoulders all the way across your chest. With the adjustable straps, you can securely wear it as you could your half coat.

You get to choose the temperature for your therapy with a small remote control that comes with it. If you want to wear it through longer periods of time, it provides for low-temperature setting so that you stay warm and peaceful.

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Features and Performance of the FIR Shoulder Wrap

Negative Ion – This Far infrared tourmaline heating wrap, is tailored with high-quality, strong materials with 1500 negative ions to provide the optimum comfort when using it. The remote control attaches to the pad and enables easy use since you can operate just by touch. The buttons on the remote are large for easy recognition through feeling.

LED Controller  – You will be impressed by the LED temperature indicator since the numbers are clear and easy to read. It automatically shuts off after twelve hours of use. This setting is to prevent overheating of the body to critical levels if you sleep on a high-temperature setting.

Adjustable heavy duty shoulder pad – It has one size fits most measuring 32x20x1.2 inches. We believe that you can always customize your fit by adjusting the straps. It has a compact yet robust design you can lie on it without damage. It conforms to your frame so that you won’t feel any strain leaning on it. Your back remains upright while it works to relieve you off back and shoulder soreness steadily.

Tourmaline stone – It comes with 335 pieces of 1″ tourmaline stones.

This heated shoulder pad is also a durable piece. It has been waterproofed with an Eleusine cloth. It is resistant to depreciation from numerous uses. The material is heat sensitive to detect any overheating and auto-shut off automatically.

It also bears a thermal insulation layer that blocks any heat from being conducted downwards. It has a reliable construction that shields you from any mishandling that may occur. Note that it also detects the presence of magnets in your surrounding since magnets hinder its performance.

Who Benefits from Using this FIR Heating Wrap?

Pain relief in general, especially if you have back issues this FIR wrap might help.

Some see reduction in depression and anxiety when using the product.

If you have undergone surgery and are afraid of scaring or you are already trying to get rid of one, you have all the healing gaining towards you.

Always consult your doctor before using a FIR heating pad like this one.

When you can’t seem to get enough sleep, the relaxation capabilities of this pad will bring your mind peace, so that you can sleep better every night.

If you happen to experience serious cramping during menstruation, this product serves to bring you more come and comfort. By working into your muscles and nervous system, you can surely have better days.

For all our senior friends and relatives who have constant lower back pain and knee soreness, you stand to gain the most. This system will improve your movement since the pain and numbness, slowly lifts with each use.

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Who may not use the heated stone shoulder pad?

Unfortunately, with all the health benefits it carries, it cannot be safely used by everyone. These persons include children and pregnant women. If you wear a heart pacemaker, this product is also unsafe for you. Also, if you have had bypass surgery, are using blood thinners. It is critical that you always check in with your doctor if you have doubts and questions.


Pros and Cons


  • Many healthy benefits
  • Helps with fat loss
  • Can help with emotional problems
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Negative Ions with tourmaline stones
  • Heavy duty
  • You can lie on it


  • Some thinks it’s too heavy
  • Mostly used for back, shoulder and chest. If you want something that treats other areas of your body you might want to go with a heating pad or heating mat.


Customer Support and Warranty

HealthLine has a 45-day free trial if you are for some reason not happy with the product you can return it in the same condition and get your money back.  They also have a 1 year warranty.

All this is made possible by meeting their user-friendly requirements, so they can help you meet your exceptional requirements. They also have a functional website for quick support, to help you answer all your doubts and questions.

Final Words of the Far Infrared Heating Shoulder Wrap

You stand to gain health and happiness through the heated shoulder pad. The added technology makes it more efficient and hygienic. It has been authenticated and proved to work as more people seek to acquire this technology to manage their pain and regain control of their lives. Every health aspiration you have equals a HealthLine tourmaline stones heated shoulder pad.


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