Difficulty sleeping because you just can’t seem to find a comfortable position that will accommodate your neck and sensitive ears?  The Womfy, a pillow created with the natural shape of your head in mind, may provide some relief and allow you to fall asleep and sleep comfortably throughout the night.  This specialized pillow works by taking pressure off of your ears and neck to provide comfortable sleep for both back and side sleepers, letting you sleep and wake feeling rested and ready for your day, minus the pain from a stressful, restless night’s sleep.

The Womfy – Ear and Neck Pain Relief/Anti-Wrinkle/For Back and Side Sleepers Pillow Review

From: Womfy 

2 Different kinds: Medium soft, Medium Firm

Size: 18 x 6 x 22 inches

Removable pillowcase: Yes

Color: This pillow comes in a verity of colors, black, navy, purple, grey, pink and so on.


Benefits of the Womfy Pillow

There are several products on the market that claim to treat back pain, even back and neck pain, while sleeping.  However, this pillow, dubbed The Womfy, will assist in more comfortable sleep by supporting your ears and neck.  The ears, until now, have largely been an ignored body part.  Most don’t think about the discomfort that sensitive earlobes, ear piercings, ear buds, and ear holes can cause while trying to fall asleep and stay asleep on a traditional pillow.

Our heads arent’ square, and our pillows shouldn’t be either.  This pillow aligns the spine and neck while at the same time, keeping your head’s natural shape in mind.  It creates a way to sleep that won’t press on your face, mouth, or ears.

Because of the pillow’s curved shape, it can help alleviate tension build up in the neck, sinus, back, shoulders, face, jaw, and ears, as well as work to reduce wrinkles, morning lines, and pillow creases.  With The Womfy, restful sleep will be easier to achieve, making it easier to get through your day.


How to use the Side Sleeper Pillow

This pillow can be used when sleeping on your back or on your side.  Simply lay your head down within the contours of the curved pillow.  The patented ear holes will alleviate pressure caused by the use of earbuds or presence of piercings, holes, etc.  Sleep throughout the night with no ear, face, or neck discomfort and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Features of the Womfy

  • It is made of durable, comfortable materials with a memory and gel foam core.
  • The Womfy pillow, can be used by both back and side sleepers.
  • With an included 1-inch piece of foam that can be inserted into the cover, the height can be adjusted to accommodate different body sizes to ensure comfort and appropriate alignment.
  • The round, natural head shape contours around your head for optimal comfort.
  • The ear holes on both sides relieve pressure from ear lobes.
  • It is washable, hypoallergenic, and custom-made for each customer.
  • It can alleviate painful symptoms that disrupt sleep.
  • The pillow can alleviate unpleasant symptoms, such as tensions, sleep wrinkles, pillow creases, and morning lines.
  • It can decrease difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep.
  • It comes in two sizes, medium soft and medium firm, as well as a variety of colors.

What Does this Pillow Help With?

The Womfy helps decrease and alleviate ear and neck pain associated with poor spine alignment, sensitive earlobes, ear holes, and piercings.  It relieves the pressure put on the face, head, and ears in order to allow for more relaxed, satisfying sleep.  It lays your head in a more natural position aligning your head, neck, and spine, for a sleep that won’t compress the face and cause discomfort.

With this product, the pain that you were before forced to just deal with, you now have relief.  It allows you to sleep throughout the night, uninterrupted, at least due to problems related to pain caused by misalignment and neck, face and ear discomfort, to wake up feeling as though you rested well and thoroughly.  Additionally, not only do you sleep with no pain, you will wake free of pain as well.

Who Is This For?

This Womfy pillow is intended for use by back and side sleepers who are plagued by uncomfortable sleep because of ear sensitivity or pressure put on the face from sleeping on traditional square pillows.  Those suffering from tension in the face, head, neck, shoulders, or upper back may feel some relief with the use of this innovative pillow.  Additionally, those who wish to wake up without those annoying lines all over the face caused by creases in the pillow will be satisfied with the decreasing of morning lines due to the pillow’s curved shape.


Who should not buy it

This pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers.  Those who regularly sleep on their stomachs may not benefit from the use of this product, as the intended aligning of the spine, which then leads to better sleep, would not occur if sleeping on your stomach on this product.


Support and Warranty

Customer support and warranty information may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer directly at 646-484-6921 or brendonblake@hotmail.com.

Shipping – The manufacturer will ship this product to you within two days of receiving your order.


Final Thoughts of the Womfy Side Sleeper Pillow

If you are a back or side sleeper, whether currently experiencing pain or not, The Womfy pillow may benefit you.  Unlike traditional pillows, the shape and curves of this pillow accommodate your head’s natural shape.  It’s great for relieving symptoms related to ear sensitivity, whether from piercings, surgery, etc., allowing for comfortable, extended sleep.

Whether suffering from ear or neck tenderness, according to reviews, this pillow will ease the pain.  Those that did provide reviews raved about its shape and support that it provides, stating that both sizes (depending on your firmness preference) worked great.  Others expressed great satisfaction regarding its relieving of pressure and discomfort.  One even went on to say that the daily throbbing every morning upon waking up from constant pressure put on her ear piercings throughout the night was alleviated completely.  Another attested that her headaches that she had been experiencing every day because of neck pain caused while sleeping had ceased.

Generally, this product has been well received by consumers thus far.  Depending on your needs, this pillow may be one worth giving a try.