Knee pain can get in the way of your daily routine and sports activities, but it does not need to. You can take preventative or reactive measures to minimize your knee pain.

The McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges has been rated highly online, making it worth the consideration. Together we will take a closer look at why this brace might be the right solution for you.

McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges Review

Company: McDavid

Model: McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges  

3 Key Features:

  1. Hinges along the side
  2. Latex free material
  3. Velcro straps

Sizes: Available in sizes ranging from small to xx-large (measurements with the suggested size are provided when choosing a size)

Color: Black

Benefits of the McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges

Support: This knee brace offers maximum protection with moderate medial and lateral support to improve stability. The hinges are especially necessary to provide this type of high support feature.

Injury Prevention & Active Recovery: This is a great brace for those recovering from knee damage, including ligament tears. Furthermore, by wearing this brace during recovery, you can prevent more knee injuries.

High-Quality Material: The material features 100% latex free neoprene for thermal compression. It also has padding around the patella for added support.

Comfortable Fit: The brace contains slight weight hinges and velcro straps to keep it comfortably secured. Also, when measuring your knee, if your sizing appears to be at the top of the size range, McDavid suggests choosing the next larger size. The brace can fit either the right or left leg.

Suitable for High Impact Activities: This brace is great for athletes participating in high impact activities due to its optimal support and stability. The hinges will provide extra alignment and prevent your knee from hyperextending.

Pain Relief: The McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hingeshas added padding for patella support and pain relief. Also, as mentioned previously, the hinges will prevent hyperextension.

Protected Knee Movement: This brace helps provide stability by preventing hyperextension of your knee. The hinges are also cushioned to maintain a comfortable fit and feel.

Durable: This brace features durable fabric with its exterior layer of nylon. Also, the bound edges prevent skin irritation and the back panel of the brace provides moisture and heat management.


How to Use the McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges

Pain relief is almost here! Once you receive your brace, be sure to always read all information provided on the packaging before use.

Then, slide the brace on and around your knee and apply the velcro straps. This brace is quite simple and easy to put on!

It should feel comfortably snug around your leg, providing optimal support to your knee.

How Not to Use the McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges:

Do not try to fit into a brace that is either too tight or too loose, as this will not support your knee.

Do not use this for sports that are conducted in the water, such as swimming.


Features of the McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges

Hinges: The hinges provide support, stability, and alignment. They also function to prevent hyperextension of your knee.

Velcro Straps: The straps allow you to easily adjust the snugness of the brace.

High-Quality Material: This brace is great, especially due to its 100% neoprene latex free material. The outer nylon also gives it more durability.


  • Velcro straps
  • 100% neoprene latex free material
  • Hinges
  • Padding around the patella
  • Bound edges
  • Perforated back panel
  • Exterior nylon fabric


What Does the McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges Do?

The McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges provides optimal support and moderate stability and alignment for your knee. Its main purpose is to provide supported movement with the security of the side hinges so that you can feel confident when playing your sport, and more.

These are some of the benefits you can gain from using this sleeve:

  • Stability
  • Alignment
  • Moderate support
  • Pain relief
  • Movement prevention (such as hyperextension & flexion)
  • No need to readjust the brace


Who is the McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges for?

This brace is ideal for athletes and those searching for knee stability and alignment with their movements.

The goal of this brace is to help those dealing with knee injuries, such as:

  • Knee instability
  • Knee hyperextension
  • Sprains and tears of knee ligaments

So, if this describes you, then maybe this brace will help you ease that knee pain!


Who Should Not Buy It:

This is a high support knee brace with structure and stability.

Thus, if you do not require such support, then a less restrictive brace or sleeve may suit you better.


Product Pros

  • Durable
  • Provides support
  • Latex free
  • Anti-slip
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Velcro straps
  • Hinges


Product Cons

  • Only available in black
  • Hinges are visible along the side/slightly bulky


Customer Support and Warranty

McDavid seems to provide the consumers with a return. Their site is also easy to navigate and you can view the return instructions for more detail. 


Consumer Ratings

The majority of consumers seem to really be enjoying the benefits of this brace! There are positive and helpful reviews online.




Final Thoughts of The McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges

The McDavid 422 Knee Brace with Dual Disk Hinges is considered a top quality and worthy purchase according to many of its consumer reviews. It provides great stability and is durable.

Furthermore, it is an ideal brace to help you along your knee injury recovery.

If you are an active person that needs optimal support and stability, I would highly recommend this brace to you.